Wanna Make $10k/month in Passive Income?
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Wanna Make $10k/month in Passive Income?

Did you know you can be an affiliate for literally any offer? It’s true. And today I am going to show you the strategy to use to generate revenue for whatever offers you choose to promote.

First things first, choose an offer you want to drive traffic to. For this example I’m going to use <a href=”http://bit.ly/2YRvfjI”>ClickFunnels</a>. So you decide you want to promote their 14-Day FREE Trial, with a goal of getting 100 people to sign-up because you want to be able to get that new convertible you’ve been dreaming of driving when the sun’s out.

So you go to ClickFunnels and you create your lead magnet page.

What’s that?

Your lead magnet page is the funnel you are driving traffic to in order to collect an email address. You can also opt to collect a phone number or Facebook account, but I prefer an email address (remember, list building = your biggest business asset). To get them to give you this information, you are going to be providing them something of value FREE. This could be a checklist, an eBook, whatever you want! When they give you their information, you send them the free gift. Everybody wins!

The 4 categories for these types of “gifts” that we focus on in the online world are written, spoken, physical, other. I have a ton of ideas in each category that would work, which I am happy to share with you. But that’s for another post.

So back to the funnel… They give you their information and once they hit submit, they’re taken to another page. The next page is called your bridge page. This helps you to bridge the gap between what your audience already knows about the offer and a deeper dive into the affiliate offers selling points in order for them to make an informed buying decision (which takes the to the next page).

Your bridge page includes information about the product, a short video talking about the product and why they need it like the benefits, how it will help them (solve a pain point and bring them closer to their desires). The good news is that you are not actually creating much here. You will take all of this information from the affiliate offer you’re promoting and just copy it into your page. After all, you are promoting their product/service, you should be using their selling points (which they’ve likely already tested to ensure they work to get the sale).

From there, you want to differentiate yourself from everyone else running the same offer. This is where your bonuses come in and create a higher perceived value for your audience. You tell your audience that when you sign-up (in this case) for ClickFunnels, you will also get (your bonuses) at no additional change, valued at (attach a monetary value to each bonus being offered).

<i>You want to be sure that your bonuses align with the offer you’re promoting to create an offer stack that appeals to the audience in a way that they can’t say no. </i>

It could be a cool t-shirt, email swipe files, software, free access to something you love that would benefit them, a free ticket to your live event, a +1 to a masterclass you’re teaching… whatever you want to create, it’s completely up to you.

So now you’ve enticed them to want the primary offer + your bonuses and they buy! Nice work! What happens now?

You get paid on the affiliate offer they bough, you’ve collected their email address (to build your list) and you’re providing value with your offer stack to help move them along. Amazing, right?

What I love about recurring payment offers, like with ClickFunnels, is that as long as you have a paying customer, you will receive recurring revenue. This comes down to the lifetime value of a customer. With offers like CF, their job is to keep the user engaged and continuously paying for ClickFunnels and when they do this successfully, you keep making money on an offer you sold ONE-TIME. All of a sudden, the affiliate you’re promoting is doing the work for you, and you can keep moving forward to find new offers to promote while you get paid in the process.

So what happens if they don’t sign-up with your affiliate offer?

It’s not the end of the world.

You captured their email address with your lead magnet, so now it’s your job to build the relationship using an email sequence. You’ll be providing value, as well as showing them other affiliate offers that relate to the content you’re including in your emails. The key here is VALUE and allowing your audience to get to know you.

Remember, people BUY from people they <i>know, like and trust. </i>

You know the movie, Meet The Fockers when the dad says to his daughters boyfriend, <i>“If I can’t trust you, Greg than I’ll have no choice but to put you back outside the circle and once you’re out, you’re out and there’s no coming back.”</i>

It’s like that.

Break their trust and you’ll be exiled from their potential buying circle.

Provide value. Be transparent. Show up consistently. Let them be the HERO, you are simply the guide leading them to their desires using your offers as a tool to get what they want.

You can even create a cheat sheet for yourself based on the type of people you are marketing to, and what they would want. So for me, I work with online entrepreneurs (or aspiring to be). My niche is affiliate marketing, and the offers I choose align with providing a tool to solve my audiences pain points. When I promote ClickFunnels, like the One Funnel Away Challenge, the offer stack I created included a t-shirt, access to a FREE private Facebook group, daily videos + Q&amp;A on the challenge assignments, and more! Everything I added to the affiliate offer was set to provide VALUE, period.

Something I don’t see many people doing that I do is that I create an additional page to monetize the traffic.

So you have: 1) lead page → 2) bridge page → 3) affiliate offer → *bonus page* 4) thank you page. It could be, “Thank You for visiting!” with links to drive traffic to search engines, etc. When people click, I get paid on a revenue share (which I am happy to give you if you want it). Basically I create widgets and put relevant keywords on my Thank You page, based on my partnership with a platform that has access to a ton of advertisers all over the world.

When a user clicks on that keyword, it will take them to a search engine results page. It’s called a serp. That click is worth something (monetarily) to me as an affiliate. There’s advertisers that are buying ads on Bing and with my deal with Bing, I get a percentage of whatever they’re paying as a bounty. This allows you to make a few more bucks on the back-end. Typically we’ll generate, depending on the category, anywhere from $200 per thousand all the way up to like $1,500 per thousand, which would mean it’s about 20 cents, RPI to a dollar-fifty RPI revenue per impression.

I could go down the rabbit hole there, but I don’t want to lose you. But that’s essentially free money that a lot of people are leaving on the table.

I just gave you a recipe for you to make millions and millions of dollars. Go after it. Go Hunt. If you want help from me, <a href=”http://bit.ly/2wyZj7t”>let’s chat.</a>

My goal is to build an Affiliate Army and help others create the freedom I’ve created, running a profitable business without tech skills, a ton of money or experience. These people will be the ones I give my ideas to (because I have a million ideas a day!) so that together we can partner to scale all of our businesses, making more impact in the world and generating more income in the process.

I hope this was helpful.

Chat soon.