The Secret All Marketers Need to Know When Promoting an Offer
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The Secret All Marketers Need to Know When Promoting an Offer


It’s the Summer here in New York, which means it’s beautiful! It also means that school’s out, people are more relaxed, and there’s more room for quality time with your family. As funny as it sounds, it also feels more acceptable to create more time for yourself. At least that’s how I feel!

I don’t know why we wait for the Summer though. Isn’t life all about creating memories with your loved ones and enjoying your life? I think so. Of course, working comes with that so finding something you love to do with people you enjoy working with is a major bonus. 

Which leads me to the video I made for you (and this post). I was having a conversation with a friend today who is extremely smart and an unbelievable marketer. Whenever I talk to him about any product or business idea (which I have a lot of!) he’s got so many amazing ways of making the business work and he always provides a ton of value. He’s got examples, he’s got case studies, all at his fingertips. He can tell me 10 different things about what we can or should do as well as what won’t work. 

He’s brilliant! But when it comes to himself, he gets stuck.

How many of you can relate to that?

Going through this process with him today got me thinking about how I do business and choose products to promote to my different audiences. And it hit me. 

This is something I have struggled with my whole life, career-wise! 

Have you ever found yourself looking at new business opportunities and wondering:

Where should I invest?

  • Which products are the right products for my particular audience?
  • What can I offer them that provides enough value that they’ll want to continue buying from me?
  • How can I set myself apart?
  • How can I be sure this is the right product for me to promote?

These are common questions in business, sure. But these are definitely questions that come up in the Affiliate Marketing world, like I’m in! It can be tough to make decisions about your business when you are so deep in it. 

The key is to know your audience and who it is you’re targeting.

Think about it. If you’re a dentist, your audience is obvious. People with teeth! Or if your target is weight loss, you’re targeting people looking to lose weight. Chiropractors? People with back issues are an easy one. The list goes on.

But then there’s us: the marketers themselves.

And when it comes to Affiliate Marketing, we are promoting other people’s products using our skills to get them into the marketplace. Over the years what I have found to be the most valuable piece of this business is understanding people and giving them what they want (while also providing what you know they need). But to do that, you’ve got to know your audience. And well!

Bottom line: It’s not what you’re selling, it’s who you’re selling to.

How many of you can relate to that?

What are their pain points? Desires? Fears? What keeps them up at night? How can what you are promoting solve their problem?

Once you know this, you will be able to choose offers to promote to your audience easily – or if you’re like some marketers, you’ll be able to create your own products with your ideal client (your ‘avatar’) in mind. 

When you know WHO you’re speaking to and WHAT they want, creating solutions (or finding them by way of affiliate offers) becomes simple! And so does creating content around those things that feels relatable to your audience.

I see this part skipped or loosely looked at way too often. The truth is, if you’re like my friend (or me!) then you know you are really good at what you do! But focusing on the ONE thing that will move the needle the farthest can be challenging when your wheels are turning a hundred miles a minute.

Instead of trying to help everyone, focus on your ONE person. When you do that, you will begin to attract that person and those like him/her. Pretty soon, you’ll have a loyal audience excited to consume your content and buy your products, services, or whatever you’re promoting (affiliate or otherwise).

I promise it’s not complicated, and it’s worth the time to invest in understanding your audience. The results are invaluable, for you and your business and the people you are choosing to serve.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Comment below and let me know if this resonates with you. I’d love to hear what obstacles you’re up against as you build your business so that I can provide my insight and help you find the answers faster based on my decades of experience working with people in the marketing space.

I appreciate you a ton. Chat soon.

Eric Beer