Step by Step Process on How to Arbitrage Media
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Step by Step Process on How to Arbitrage Media

Let me tell you a little about media arbitrage. Here’s a quick snapshot of how it works:

Let’s say you take an offer where you’re getting paid $10 a sale. You go out into the marketplace and you offer $8 a sale on that same offer. You can either get an affiliate to run it for you, or you can run traffic yourself.

If you get affiliates to run it for you, for every thousand that you get, you are going to make $10,000 a day. If you’re paying $8 on that sale to all of your affiliates, then you are going to pay out $8,000 a day. That means that you, in your arbitrage, just generated $2,000 (for yourself) on one offer. Read that again. Yes, I said ONE offer. Now imagine if you did that every day for 30 days, that one offer will make you $60,000 a month.

Is your head spinning yet? Stay with me… I promise this is way easier than it sounds.

The truth is, you don’t even have to have a huge crazy offer to make good money. It just has to work!

Now, the other way you can do it is you can go out and buy media or use earned media and drive traffic to that affiliate offer. And then from that point on, the beauty of it is that you make all $10. However, same as you’re paying $8 for an affiliate to run it, you’re going to have an allowable to spend up to that $8. So if you can spend $8 own the media, control the media and generate traffic where you’re building your own lists, well then that’s better than an affiliate who’s running traffic for you (unless you’re letting them drive traffic to your lead page).

To be clear, it’s not likely that they’re going to do that. Most are going to want to get paid on that lead sign-up so you’ve just got to know what’s going to work best for you.

Let me put it into perspective for you…

When you drive traffic to your lead page, you are generating a list (this is your biggest business asset). But even if you choose to do the same thing with the allowable of $8, you are taking a bigger risk – which I am all for! More risk = more reward when it works, which is why your goal is to figure out how to do it the right way (this is something I teach all my clients so they can avoid the mistakes I made when I first started out!).

Now let’s say you have a $10 per sale offer and you’re generating a $5 sign-up + making $5 from the sale, you’re already making 50%. It’s a home run! If you can do that a thousand times a day at $10 per sale and you’re paying out $5, you made $10,000 and spent $5,000 to get traffic, plus you are scaling your list of people you will sell to.

When you start promoting your offers in your emails to your growing list, your $5,000 a month continues to increase based on your offers and lists and all of a sudden, you are 30 days in with multiple offers generating $5,000+ per offer and you’re making tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars – all on other people’s products/services.

How cool is that?

Something to note: not all deals provide a recurring payout. ClickFunnels does, which is great! But that’s not always the case. Either way, you are always looking for more deals and building those relationships so when the time comes, you’re ready to promote.

I would suggest that when you do find an offer that provides a recurring payout, focus there. In that scenario you’re generating sign-ups and making money month after month, so this can become a great source of residual income for you. Overtime this can become the cashflow you need to fund whatever else you want to do, which is exactly what I use Affiliate Marketing for.

Yes, I enjoy making money and collaborating with people to promote offers I believe in, but Affiliate Marketing is such a great tool to earn cashflow to pay my employees, invest in personal growth, hire experts to help me scale my businesses. There is no limit to what’s possible. It allows me to work and focus on other projects outside of other people’s offers, building my personal brand or whatever I choose. That’s what’s available to you too!

Think of it like this…

Real estate. A broker gets a listing, right? They go and find a buyer. If they do it themselves, they get all the commission. If they have another broker do the work for them, they have to pay out some of the commission to the other broker. They keep finding houses to list to keep their business moving and income coming in; it’s the same with Affiliate Marketing. The difference is…

The internet is open 24/7 and your opportunity to make money while you sleep online is very real! I am proof… I get paid at all hours of the day/night, without actively being in the business at those moments.

When you set yourself up to drive traffic the right way, and promote offers that people want, while selling to your list without being sleazy, the money comes in and you create the freedom to do whatever you want.

The types of traffic matter, just as your quality of leads matter. All of that is learned and possible for anyone to be successful with. If you want to learn more, I’m happy to chat with you and see if Affiliate Marketing is the right fit for your goals. You can schedule a FREE discovery session here.

What I love so much about this business is that you can scale QUICKLY! Yes, if you’re new there’s a learning curve, like anything. But you don’t have to do it alone. There is so much information out there to help teach you how it’s done, or you can invest in a coach to help get you set up and skip sifting through all the noise to find the right info. I do it with my clients all the time, and when they take action and do the work, they get results.

If you want to learn more, I post videos on my YouTube channel, and post info on Instagram and Facebook as well. Feel free to reach out to me, I love helping people create financial and time freedom in their lives using Affiliate Marketing. This business has literally changed my life.

Chat soon.