Leave Your Comfort Zone With Larry Long Jr, Motivational Speaker
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Leave Your Comfort Zone With Larry Long Jr, Motivational Speaker

Eric Beer Larry Long Jr leave comfort zone positive mindset

Leave Your Comfort Zone With Larry Long Jr, Motivational Speaker

Are you ready for some positive energy?!

I had the pleasure to chat with motivational speaker Larry Long Jr, an old friend of mine who played college baseball with me at the University of Maryland.

Back then, we competed against each other. If we hadn’t, we could have been best friends since we have similar personalities – we both empathize and want to help people. Bonus: We are talkers – we could talk all day long!

And Larry has found a way to make money out of these traits. As a transformational speaker and a mindset coach, he helps massive companies unlock their employees’ full potential and impact lives for the positive.

Or as Larry likes to put that…

“When we were in school, I used to get in trouble for running my mouth. Now I get paychecks for running my mouth.”

And today, he is a treat for us!

Tune in and find out why it is so important to be surrounded by good people, how to succeed in anything you do, and what the winning mindset and mamba mentality mean.

Let’s dive in!


Power of Surrounding Yourself with Positive People


Those who know Larry know how warm his heart is. I was lucky to meet him at college, where we played baseball together. And I can tell you one thing for sure – boy, he has such a strong personality! 

Larry is one of the most positive persons I know and just being around him makes you a better person. In a time of negative people, internet bullies, and cynics ready to judge and mock everything you do, it’s crucial to be around people like Larry. 

“We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

Surround yourself with people that you like and that are influential and positive. At the end of the day, you’re not stuck even with your family, let alone somebody who brings negative energy to you.

That’s why I often talk about masterminds, conferences, and other events I attend and pay just to be in the same room with people who can inspire me and bring positivity to my life. 

I often just need somebody to trigger something inside my brain. Like, I talked to someone and came up with an idea, although that person said nothing helpful. But the idea would have never come out if I’d not had that conversation. To me, that’s a value.

I’ve probably spent up to half a million dollars on different coaches in the last three years. 

These people open up the door to seeing inside things you would never see on your own that fast-track your success. I chose that way instead of sitting there trying to figure out how to do something on my own and keeping doing it but never reaching the goal.

I’m so blessed I can invest in myself that way – it’s the best money spent. And the ROI is not just monetary. It can be seen in many different ways – it’s also about being happy, spending time with your family, being able to do things you like… 

You just got to figure how you’re going to measure it. 


Larry’s Keys to Success 


When you ask Larry what the keys to success are, he replies that you don’t need any mysterious powers. You just need: 

– skill

– will

– hard work

– believing in yourself

See, almost all of the items are related to mentality. You build up skills by learning, but the bottom line is that even acquiring new skills depends on your will, your belief in yourself, and how hard you work on that. 

This applies to all fields, not only business. Knowing Larry and his attitude as a baseball player, I’m not surprised he’s successful in mindset coaching. He’d be equally successful in whatever he committed to. 

It’s not about the field he’s working in, but about the framework of how he became a good baseball player and a good person – readiness to work hard and commitment never to give up.

“Never give up, and you’ll never lose.” – Larry Long Jr

Kobe Bryant called that mamba mentality – constantly trying to be the best version of yourself. It’s a constant quest to try to be better today than you were yesterday.

Or as Larry said during our chat: 

“That’s a really good life, at least for me. That’s living my best life. When I’m looking to level up, it’s like, Larry, you’re good, but we’ll make it great. Hey, Larry, you’re great, but we’ll make it wonderful!”


You Can Do More Than You Think


Sam M. Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart Stores, believed in people more than they believed in themselves. He was convinced they could do things that they didn’t even think they could. 

I sincerely believe that we don’t use all our potential.

People put up walls and ceilings to themselves and get into these boxes. It’s because they just don’t know any different until they get outside. But a lot of people never get out of their boxes, which is sad. 

I repeated many times in the Performance Marketer podcast – if you took the same path that I did, you would be equally as successful. It’s a skill set – I wasn’t born with the knowledge to generate leads or buy media online. 

But I ended up getting the privilege to be around some brilliant people and learn some things over the years, which I used to reach the point where I’m at. If you did that, you would have been equally successful. 


Do You Want It?


If I spent some time with you, just to show you what I know, I have no doubt you’d be able to do the same. The only question would be: DO YOU WANT IT? 

This is the general framework – it applies to everything, not only to online marketing or media arbitrage. You need to be passionate about something, focus on it, and put the work into it. There’s no doubt that you would be successful. 

What’s the most beautiful, it doesn’t matter how old you are and what happened in the past. You can decide today that you can make a difference and change. I’m not trying to talk you into doing something irresponsible like quitting your job immediately.

I’m just saying that many people have skills, but they lack the will. Have you recognized yourself in this line? 

There are a ton of opportunities knocking on your door. 

The question is: Are you going to open it?

If you find value in Larry’s messages, make sure to watch the full episode here, he has a lot of golden nuggets to share!

If you have any questions or you want to suggest a topic for the podcast, shoot me a message on social media or in my text community (917-636-1998) and let me know!

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Visit Larry Long Jr’s website

Follow Larry on Instagram, connect with him on LinkedIn, and subscribe to his YouTube Channel.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you! 

See you next week!

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Read Full Transcript

Eric Beer 00:00
Welcome to the Performance Marketer podcast. Today, I'm bringing on an old friend of mine who played college baseball with me, Larry Long Jr. Larry and I met, Jeez, all the way back in like before the 2000s were in college. Like I said, we were on the same Maryland baseball team. And he, he was a player, really good player. He played outfield. So, crazy enough, we competed against each other, which was, you know, intense. Like when you're there and you're competing against somebody for a spot, your focus is on you, right? Like, Larry and I had these personalities, we were like, you know, if we met outside of baseball, we would probably be like best friends. Right? Because we're both similar in like belief systems and at the heart. You know, we care about people, right? We empathize. We want to help people, right? We both feel that way. And we're out there, we’re talkers. So, we could talk all day, hence why I was on. But when you compete against each other, it's intense, right? And it's not as much fun, you know. And we went through that a lot. So, I got to know Larry really well, more than most people. Because of all the outfielders I know them the best because I spent the most time with them. And we're competing for spots. And yeah, Larry was player man. Mad respect for the kid. He was fastest is anything like, like, like lightning? Right? He started, he's reading a book called Jolt. It's probably because of how fast he was my guess? Or maybe for some other reason, but for me, it was he was lightning fast. So, yeah, but in any event, he's coming on today. We're gonna talk, he's just the positive energy he brings to the table. He's a motivational speaker, he talks all around the world helps like, like massive companies like Salesforce. Just, he is a treat today for us. So, with that said, let's, let's dive in and talk to Larry.

I spent the last 17 years building my eight-figure performance business without using any of my own money, working with some of the most brilliant direct response marketers in the world today. Now I’m looking for entrepreneurs to join my affiliate army built on ethics, transparency, and good old hard work. Join me to change the perception of how people view the greatest business in the world, affiliate marketing, and follow along as I learn, apply, and share performance marketing strategies, working with some of the brightest people on the planet. My name is Eric Beer, and welcome to the Performance Marketer podcast.

I want to hear about you. I want to hear like I love you. I love your energy. I miss you, man. I really do. Like it's so good to like, See you out there. I can't imagine how many people you're just impacting. With. You're just the you have a warm heart. I can tell it's like sincere. It's authentic. Because I know you I know who you are. Right? I know you from playing baseball together. So, it's no like, turn the camera on. And then Oh, there's the Larry, like you're being you. And that's and I love that and I love you know, you've always had a strong personality. But now you're using it to your advantage, which I love. And there's no doubt you're making an impact on people. I don't know, if you're monetizing it. That's a whole other conversation that we can help you with at some point. But why don't we like dive in? And you tell us a little about who Larry long is, you know, just as a person and then we could dive into like what you're doing and then maybe you can share some gold nuggets with with the audience. Now all these performance marketers these entrepreneurs listening to you, so we can Yeah, dive in. So, yeah, top 10

Larry Long Jr 03:42
That sounds like a plan. I appreciate it. Very appreciate you having me man. And great to see it. I've been so fortunate. I look back through my career from University of Maryland and working at Accenture DOING IT consulting, going to minor league spring training and they said hit the road Jack. Thank you for coming out. God bless you and good night. Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord. Everything happens for a reason, man. I moved to Raleigh, North Carolina, because I was tired of doing the consulting I wasn't passionate about I was I was taking jobs away from the United States and sending them overseas and I just I couldn't get I couldn't get excited about that. Now the money was good relatively. But, uh, right here in the heart. I said this can't be God's plan for me. I moved to Raleigh opened up an indoor baseball softball Academy. You talked about impact. I've got kids that I worked with when they were eight years old. hitting me up on LinkedIn coach Larry, I still never forget, head down I on the ball, hard luck. All the stuff that goes Kalina rest, and that is just the basics, but it's the basics of baseball on the diamond, but more importantly the basics of life and that I can't tell you how much that warms my heart. Now, unfortunately, we ran out of money when you got more money going out the back door than you have coming in the front door. 10,000 square feet. Oh, the Bank of mom and pop along. They said we love you there. We love you. So, we're gonna let you set this down. You're not like the big banks, you're not too big to fail. And that was just, it was a learning experience. I had to borrow money from grandma mom and my parents to pay my rent, pay my pay, pay all my bills. Luckily, I don't know if you remember Cory Richardson. He hits the Carolina. He was my roommate, my landlord at the time. And he just had so much grace. So, much mercy. He helped me out a ton. Yeah, even though he's a turkey. I got nothing but love for him.

Eric Beer 05:45
How did you? How'd you meet him? One of the Summer

Larry Long Jr 05:48
League story summer in 1999, playing a wood bat league in the coastal plains League. It's crazy. I was living with a host family. And Cory invited me to church. And after church they went to I think was Bojangles. I remember calling home to my parents. I said, Mom, dang, they go to Bojangles after church, I'm like this dude. And after that summer, we stayed in touch. And Cory was just he was a blessing. He's the one who got me in touch with my my business partner. He said, Hey, look at this business plan. This guy for my Men's baseball league is looking for investors. Do you want to go in and invest? I looked at the business plan. I said, No, I'm not trying to invest. I want to be a part of this. So, I met the gentleman, Jason angel. I said, Hey, everyone's got a number. What's your number? He gave me a number. I looked at my 401k retirement, I looked at my mom, dad and grandma, mom. Next thing you know, I'm in Raleigh, North Carolina open indoor baseball Academy. And that was all she wrote. But when it failed, Cory was there. He helped me find a job. He supported me. It's just it's amazing. I've worked with him three times, two times since the baseball Academy failed. And it's just when you talk about good peeps. He's good pizza. And that's I try to surround myself, I think Jim Rohn says you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. So, you know how that is. If you're current with your with some of those negative nancies, we had on some of those teams, those negative Nellies, I'm not gonna say any names, but you're probably gonna be negative as well. On your face, you know exactly what I mean. It's crazy, just how many parallels there are. And the more things change, the more things stay the same. And

Eric Beer 07:32
yeah, totally, totally. I, I couldn't agree more. You know, it's just like, it's all mindset. It's all belief. It's all around just believing in yourself, right? Putting yourself around good people, to your point of like, when you publish, it's like, when people say bad things about you, it's hard to not take offense, but then you got to think about it as, don't even listen to that person. Like that person must be such a bad place to be saying that, that like you almost feel bad for that person. Right. But you just surround yourself with with people that you like, and that are influential and positive. And if somebody has any negative energy to you, yeah, like, like, the like, just listen to it. Let's let's agree to not see each other ever. Yeah, like, thank you. They Good luck. If something changes, I love to talk to you. But yeah, I mean, at the end of the day, you're stuck with your family, but everybody else, and even family, right? But like at the end of the day, like if someone's going to try to bring you down, life's hard. Everything's hard. Baseball is hard. Right? We struggled. I mean, I, I take so much from that into like, what we do from just the adversity that we had to deal with even like, you know, we have a week where we go for seven, oh, for nine. And now like, you're in your mind, like, oh man to get my average up to 340. I gotta go six for eight. It's like, alright, well, that's putting a lot of pressure on you. And are you likely getting go six for eight? Probably not, maybe it's happened before, right? But like, if you're gonna go and expect that, and then all of a sudden, your first batch, you get out the next at bat, how much you're gonna put on yourself. And then if you put pressure on yourself, and you're not in the right state of mind, you're not being you. And if you're not being you, then you can't perform. Right. It's like staying within yourself. So, it's like, you know, I used to do it where like, I would actually say, Okay, for the next 15 minutes, I need to do X, give myself a little bit of like, cushion. So, if you start off then if it doesn't work out, right next 75 But it was always positive was always like, it's possible, right? Like, as much as like, even if it wasn't, it was like, in my own mindset. I believed it. And if I believe it, then it's true. You know,

Larry Long Jr 09:50
you you mentioned something earlier, Eric, that stuck with me. You said that you're out here hustling and grinding and I remember you as a player, you had the same mentality and there's no Mystery. There's, there's no, there's no mysteries when it comes to success when you work hard, and you have skill and you have will, and you stay on that grind and like you said, you believe in yourself. There's a song by McFadden and Whitehead ain't no stopping us now. You can't stop. You can't stop that. Like, you just can't. I think there's a saying, stopping. Oh, I don't know. Maybe give you the mic.

Eric Beer 10:27
I love it. I love it. I love it. That's great.

Larry Long Jr 10:30
There's a quote that says there's no stopping a man or a woman that will never give up. And if you have that in your heart, where you'll never give up, you can't lose. You can never lose.

Eric Beer 10:42
Totally, totally. So, tell me like, what do you what do you what do you focus on now? What are you doing?

Larry Long Jr 10:47
Oh, what am I not doing? I'm rocking the mic. So, beer back when we were in school. I used to get in trouble for running my mouth. Now. It's so amazing. I get paychecks for running my mouth. I just emceed an event at Salesforce last week where I got to introduce Coach Prime, Neon Deion Sanders, Arsene Wenger in the English Premier League, Ryan Serhant Million Dollar Listing New York, but I'm an MC. I'm a motivational inspirational transformational speaker. I just co-authored a book. So, I'm officially an author, with just Austin then I've got my solo book project. The name of the book is Jolt. I don't know what crazy cat came up with that name Jolt. But I like it's gonna be coming out in March, April of next year. 2022. And I've just been so blessed. I get to impact folks’ lives for the positive. And in return my family, we're in a very comfortable situation.

Eric Beer 11:45
That's so great, man. I mean, I love your energy. And there's no doubt you just been with positive energy and people, people just are better people being around you. Right? It's just as simple as that. And, you know, I'm lucky to know you. I'm lucky to to have you here. I'm glad that we're connecting here. This is awesome, man. I so

Larry Long Jr 12:06
it takes what it takes one to know one Come on, man. Don't make me blush. Don't make a loss.

Eric Beer 12:11
It was the best was the best. Yeah, I missed those days a little bit. I saw them in the our Terps made the World Series. I like I visited Washington DC a few years back, hit up Swope, he, he gave he gave my family a little tour around the facility. They add a lot of stuff, man. Like, it's real deal. Real Deal. It's awesome. And then, you know, like, we're chatting. And he's like, Yo, the players. They like what we had, he's like, yeah, like, this is a real deal. And I'm thinking to myself, dude, we would have been there, but you're talking about, like, you can't tell me you know what I mean? Like, your mindset, like, you can't tell me those ballplayers are better than us like that. That's a hard thing to like, except, you know, like, as an athlete, even if they are you just the mindset is like you have you have to think you're the best, or you're not going to be able to succeed, right? Because everybody's trying to bring you down and like, it was just funny how he was like, saying that, and I was like, Yeah, okay.

Larry Long Jr 13:15
Well, it's funny, you mentioned that because Erica, I invested in myself, I launched my business full time in March, I invested in a coach in June. And looking back at it, that's the best investment I've made, because of the accountability because of that belief in me. And just that reassurance that hey, you're gonna go through some slumps, you, you've been through some slumps, and on the baseball diamond, so you better get used to it, but it's not. It's really how you react to it. Keeping that happy, medium, man, the results that we're getting. I mean, I go to World Series every day I wake up, and it's just a, it's thrilling. I mean, I think Kobe called it the mamba mentality, where you're always looking to uplevel and take it to that next that next step. It's just that's a, that's a really good life, at least for me. That's living my best life. When I'm looking to level up. It's like, Larry, you're good. But what will make it great. Hey, Larry, you're great, but we'll make it wonderful.

Eric Beer 14:17
100% 100% Dude, if I told you, if you asked me five years ago about coaching and, and working with people out of billing, man, you're you're crazy, right? If I tell you in the last three years, and just like, top of my head, I probably spent between like 304 $100,000 on coaches right now. And ha maybe even more, maybe up to half a million. And it's powerful. It's not only not only the accountability side of things, right? It's um, it opens up the door to Seeing inside things that you would never see that fast track your success, depending on the type of coach that you look at, right, there's the mindset coach, then there's the coach that may help you with building your business. And there, you know, whatever it is, the whole point of it is you're going with somebody, and if you're choosing to work with someone, the way I pick it is I like to look at who they are as a person, I like to look at the results they've had, and where I want to be, right. And then who's a part of it. And those three things alone are like, to me, fast tracking your success in like, it's the best money spent. Right? Instead of like, sitting there trying to figure it out your whole, and like, you just keep doing it, you keep doing it, you keep doing it, you're like, I'm gonna get to it, I'm gonna and you never do, right. So, like, I'm so I'm so blessed that I was able to do that. The ROI is not just monetary. Right? It's, it's, it's also being happy. It's also, you know, with your family, and that that's powerful. But I mean, you definitely do see an ROI in a lot of different ways. You just got to figure how you're gonna measure it. I was talking before I got on the call with you. And someone asked me about, like, hopping on stage. And, you know, I was telling him about a bunch of stuff you do, and how you're like, you get out in front of like, 1000s of people, and, and they were like, Oh, you, you know, you got to do that it'd be you know, be so scary. And now like, I was like, Listen, man, if there's one thing that like you could look at with your life, it's if you're not putting yourself in uncomfortable situations, then you're likely not growing. And you're, you're not meeting your full potential as much as you don't want to. And I fall into that, that bucket sometimes, right? Sometimes I get lazy and like, I don't want to do it. And I'm like, you know, and I know, like, I know, I'm not I could look myself in the mirror and know, I know how hard I work, right? So, like, depending on what I'm doing, like, I know, like, you can't fool yourself, you could fool anybody else. Like, you know what I'm saying? And it was like, the thing is, is just like, the way you get out and do all these things, and you're just keep pushing yourself is just, you know, it's just, it's admirable. I love like everything about it, man, like, the day. But to your point what you just said earlier, right? Like, we played at a high level of baseball in college, right? We play with some of the best in the country. A lot of them went on to be like, some of the top players in the MLB. Right. And, to your point, it's, there's no secret. Like, I'm not surprised that you're successful. It doesn't surprise me one bit. Right? It's just, it's sort of the say it's like, it's the framework of how you became a good person, how you became a good baseball player. And you could always say, Oh, how they, you could see it. Right? You could see, and I could tell you, if you if you named me 10 people what you're not going to do right now. I can tell you without you telling me if we catch up with like, who is successful and who isn't. I just guesstimate, you know, because you kind of know, you know, like, it's hard work. Again, there's no like, like, and just not giving up. It's like that attitude, you know, and it leaves clues

Larry Long Jr 18:26
and hope for either leaving clues that hey, you're going to be successful in whatever you do. Or, huh,

good luck. You're wrong.

Eric Beer 18:36
Totally. Totally. Totally. So, that's awesome, man. So, are you are you coaching at all? Are you doing anything where you're helping people out? Have you rolled that out?

I am. And it's

Larry Long Jr 18:46
crazy. Because that wasn't my intention. My intention was to speak. But when I speak organization say hey, when you leave, we're gonna fall right back into where we were before you came. How can we keep this Larry Long Jr. Train? How can we keep this thing rolling? So, I've been really fortunate I work with a company called HootSuite. I trained their sales leaders across the globe. Some of their sales reps. Been working with some international teams. It's an I love that one on one coaching. It's just like in baseball. I mean, when we had small we have small workouts, small group workouts, just the impact for you to be able to see someone progress and someone's confidence, someone's belief in themselves. And then they put in action they get results you you're talking about production and performance. It's just amazing. It's like wow, I played a small part in this they executed on it. Boom mind blown,

Eric Beer 19:46
yet totally. Founder of Walmart Sam Walton. I was doing something with one of the like the surveys where you know which famous entrepreneur Are you and I was like, diving into like each of their personalities and Sam Walton because he resonated with me in a way that I believe that you have the same thing, which is, Sam Walton, believed in people more than they believe in themselves, believe that they can do things that they didn't even think they could do, which I'm a big believer in. And I believe that you are as well, because people have these, these walls that they put up, right? The ceilings that they put up, they get into these boxes. And it's just they don't know any different. And until, like, they get outside that and some people, some people do it and get out of it, but a lot of people never get out of it. And it said to me, because, you know, I always say like, like the stuff that I do. Right? If you took the same path that I took, you would be equally as successful. Because it's a skill set. It this isn't I wasn't born with knowing how to generate leads or buy media online, or like it just I me, right at the core on me. And then I ended up getting the privilege to be around some really smart people and learn some things over the years, that now helped me to now to the point where I'm at, and I'm successful, right? If you did that, you would have been the same. Like that same time, if I sat and spent some time with you, just to show you what I know, I have no doubt in my mind, you'd be it the question would be, do you want it? Is it because you need to be passionate about it, to put the work in. And if you're passionate about it, there's no doubt in my mind that you would be successful. Because, I mean, it's just, it's like you said it's the framework like is at the core, whatever you focus on, you're going to be good at, you're going to make an impact on people's lives on forever, forever. But what the beauty is, and you have a responsibility, I believe I believe you all kind of have responsibility in this day and age is to try to like, catch some of your greatness in a bottle. And put that online so that you last forever, your legacy lasts forever. And like you can you can hit people that you may not see, you know, Hootsuite meeting, right? It's like, you're you're you're impacting people you don't even realize, and that's where it's like that that's global, that's powerful. But I totally agree with you like on like the, the coaching and the younger kids. That's, that's fun, because you get to see them grow in a different way than the entrepreneurs. But it's it's relatively the same thing. If you think about it, when we're working with people like, Rh, right? Like, I'm 45 now, right? She's 45. But it's like, I feel like a kid I honestly feel like I like I'm now I'm so I feel like I'm I'm still at college, you know, and like, I still mentally am like, immature in so many ways. And I just feel like, there's so many people out there that we could talk to that think that it's like, Oh, you're 45 and you just it's where you're at, no, you can decide today that you can make a difference and change. You. I'm not saying you go and quit your job like right now. And like, irresponsibly, like, do something silly if you married with kids. But there's, if you want it if you could do it, right. It's just there's a process. In the

Larry Long Jr 23:18
words with a great Les Brown. Are you hungry? So, many people have this skill, but they lack the will the opportunity is there and it's knocking? Are you going to answer the door?

Eric Beer 23:33
So yeah, so it's like, but that's the thing, right? So, when we talk about it in I was trying to think about you had a brand because one of the most important things is what I'm learning, which is really frustrating with this world that we're living in right now. Because the people that win tend to be the loudest. And the people that are the loudest aren't necessarily the most valuable. Right? Like people, people that don't know how to get themselves out there. Like, I don't even know how to get myself I'm just kind of like pumping, pumping content out there. And there's people that are way better than I am, right, that are like getting followers. And you know, they're not even, they're not even drinking their own Kool Aid. They're just coaching people, you know, and like not doing what they're trying to coach your name, really haven't had any success or you see, like, someone that's coaching you who's like 12 like, Dude, get some experience before you like, start, you know, that's the whole point of this is that you want us to go through it first, you know, to get it done. So, you know that stuff is there. But you know, the whole idea of performance marketing. To me, the way I think about it is similar to like, when we play baseball we perform, right like everybody in this world is a performance marketer. It's not necessary marketer but your work on performance, whether it's with your family or your work, right. You know, I don't care if you're getting paid you still need to perform Right. If you are in a business, every every owner of a business is an up is a performance marketer, right? Because you need to market your business, and you need to have some ROI. Or, like you said, like, if the baseball Academy is sorry, man, there's not enough money coming in. So, it doesn't work, you know. So, it's all around just being results driven. And I love it. I think it's great. Like you now we were talking about earlier, which is one of the hardest things like, when you're building your business, and you're going out there and you're looking for people, the number one thing you need to do is you need to build an avatar, right? Like, people, I was just doing a video earlier this week around like traffic. And people are always like, how do you get traffic? How do you get leads? And it's like, I'm like, Well, who are you targeting? To know, I don't know, I'm like, well, then you can find them. Okay, I can't help you. If he, if you don't know who you're looking for. And when I mean, like, who I'm talking about, like, the more you know, like, the more you can dial in to build, like that core group of people, those people that we want, we were talking earlier about, like, you know, temperature of leads, and, you know, we have like the fanatics, we have the people that are just satisfied. And then we have the people that are really upset and not satisfied. And from from a front end of customer acquisition, we're looking for the people that are not satisfied, right. But from the position of, alright, now I got to build up my, my community, my world, my audience, I'm trying to create fanatics, like, I want that person that's going to, I might not even have the best product out in the marketplace, but they're still paying for it. Because they want to be in my community in my world, because of the value that we're bringing to the table is just not just the software. Right? It's not just that it's it's everything, it's the people helping each other. It's like, there's just like, the overall like, aura of of what it's about, right. And, you know, you're if you're in there, and you have a lot of people that are like you, right, that's, that's the powerful thing, it's just hard to figure it out. And what I figured out, I can give you a little like, what, at least my little trick that I and it's not everything, but one of the things that I it took me a little while to figure out was when you're trying to build your, your avatar, and your target market. One of there's, there's a few things you need to do it. One of the things that I learned was, you're ultimately looking for an earlier version of yourself before you had success. Right? So, it's like, it's pretty wild. But then you start like, wait a second, you start thinking about yourself. And it's the craziest thing, you start learning things about yourself, that you've been living with your whole life, but you never really take the time to sit down and think about it. And now like you're trying to build out like this, this avatar and you're thinking about like, what would I do? Like you have the answers. It's almost like you just need somebody to just pull it out of your head. It's, it's, that's part of like, what what I love about these masterminds is, you know, I'll go to them, and I'll talk to somebody, I'll come up with an idea that and that person said nothing to me, that was helpful, other than triggering something inside my brain that was able to wherever, wherever it was deep, deep, deep down inside would never have come out if I'd not have that conversation. Right. So, like, to me, that's a value. Because if that doesn't happen, then everything that going forward, if I if I go and execute on that idea, and then it works would never have happened. Right. And that all stems from that one conversation. My avatar,

Larry Long Jr 28:45
my ICP is software sales company. So, like Salesforce, Gong and beers, like there's a bunch of software companies, but VMware, I do some CPG stuff with folks. But mostly when

Eric Beer 28:59
you're doing that, are you going in, you're going in personally and doing all this?

Yeah, you go.

Larry Long Jr 29:07
They asked me to speak for 45 to 60 minutes.

Eric Beer 29:11
And do you have like a framework that you leave with of what to say like, keep what you give them and how to like, implement and all the things that you're talking about? No. I

Larry Long Jr 29:22
mean, that's that's the whole thing. I'm the motivational guy that gets them thinking, and I'll be honest, 10% of the folks in the audience's actually take what I'm talking about and do something with it, or the majority attempt the other 10 Or there's another 10% It doesn't matter what I would say they just don't give a damn they're they're so far gone. And then that 80% is kind of like yeah, that's good, but I'm in my comfort zone. This guy here go mess up my comfort zone.

Eric Beer 29:52
Totally, totally. It's It's same as like cold, warm, hot. It's just like the people that are just not worth your time. Doesn't matter. Those people that could be course but like, Dude, my feelings are like, I don't want to convince you to help yourself. Like, if you don't want to help yourself, there's just enough people here, you just got to find them, of like, the people that are dying to be around you that like, are like, there's just it, they're dripping at the mouth to be around you because they know that it's going to be impactful. And the results they can get. They're going to work hard to get it. Like when you're when you're talking to them, and you're telling them whatever it is to get them to be. I mean, an end result like what's the result you're getting for these people to be more more successful? Like, you know, prospecting, like what do you what is what is the end result you're you're looking to get your audience,

Larry Long Jr 30:40
it's really taking, taking their personal and their professional game to that next level, meeting them wherever they are. So, what one of the exercises I do, Eric is I look at eight buckets, faith, family, friends, fun, fitness, finance, philanthropy career, and I asked folks, where are you at right now? And you made a comment earlier that you can't for yourself. So, scale of one to 10 Where are you at? You don't have to share with anyone but you can't fool yourself. Hey, for your top three priorities. What can you do right now? That will take you from a six to an eight? What can you do to take you from a nine to a 9.5? And then are you committed to actually doing that? Or are you faking the funk? Kinda like me? I saw my doctor, he said, You got to stop eating fried foods. Well, I'm not committed to it. I like Bojangles chicken in business. So, I'm not gonna fake the funk. I'm gonna be like, hey, that ain't my thing. Nutrition. That ain't my jam. But I'm with my family. I'm committed to it. Totally. You married? Yeah. Married two kids. 12 year old son, Larry long. The third. I'll never forget his name. Trey, Trey. He plays baseball, soccer and Ultimate Frisbee.

Eric Beer 31:53
Nice. That's awesome. Wow.

Larry Long Jr 31:55
And then eight year old daughter, Lucia. She's a gymnast. And an artist. She's a she's our creative one. Just in her own little world. Just content with life. Man, we've been so blessed. My wife and I we've been married. 15 years. We're trying to catch up down. Wow. Ali Baba. Yeah, my wife's from Argentina. We we have been really, really blessed.

Eric Beer 32:19
That's awesome. That's so nice. Well, where can people find you? Like social channels? They sign up to join the newsletter. Like what do you got that? Yeah,

Larry Long Jr 32:29
website Larry Long Jr. That's larrylongjr.com. And then my jam is LinkedIn. That's kind of the play bot. The Sandbox. The place that I live in learn long Jr. I got the smile for a mile got the gold Mike. I thought I was getting a platinum. My wife said baby I love you. But your she said she said it'll match the bat. But I said rose gold. I said look platinum to me.

Eric Beer 32:58
Hey, man, whatever you think it is. Don't let anybody tell you different. That's awesome. That's so I'll send you one. I'll go get you a platinum one. Yeah, whoo. That's awesome. Well, listen, man. I'm so psyched that we caught up. I'd love to see in person. Maybe when I get down to Maryland, you know ash. That's one of Ashley schools that she she's thinking about

Larry Long Jr 33:20
it man. Let me know when you're down here in enemy territory. I'm surrounded by Tar Heels Wolfpack and Blue Devils. And they don't have nothing. They got no love for the Turks.

Eric Beer 33:31
Oh, yeah. Well, you get well, that's a medium. We'll meet in Maryland. We'll get we'll get the crew. Well in anyway, Larry, dude. So, nice to talk to you. Let's stay in touch. And keep keep keep impacting people, man keeping you.

You know. Well. Thank you, Eric. I appreciate you hosting me, man. All right, buddy. Take care.

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