This Year’s Knowledge Broker Blueprint Is Going to Be Epic!
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This Year’s Knowledge Broker Blueprint Is Going to Be Epic!

KBB Knowledge Broker Blueprint

This Year’s Knowledge Broker Blueprint Is Going to Be Epic!

Today, I’m so excited to talk to you about something very special. Over the past several days, the listeners of the Performance Marketer Podcast had the opportunity to listen to 4 half-hour snippets from an incredible Livecast that actually broke the internet last year.

kbb 2.0

What do you get when you put Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunson in a room together? You get one of the best business courses of all time!

Last year, this magnificent trio created a mastermind and the massive momentum they generated with their Livecast literally crashed their website. I was there and it was unbelievable – the cart just broke! I have never seen anything like that in my life!

That being said, I’m 100% certain that this year’s offer is going to be even bigger.

On February 27th, Tony, Dean, and Russell will join once again to present their brand new offer – The Knowledge Brokers Blueprint Course. And this year’s KBB Course is going to be epic! 

Their offer is going to be limited to a very short window though and you don’t want to miss it! That’s why I’ve created a VIP waiting list for you to join that will notify you as soon as the registration window opens.

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The Power of Self-Education

There is a way to bring meaningful change to people’s lives while still making a ton of money in the process. That is the core message of what Tony, Russell, and Dean are trying to get across.

In recent years, we were able to witness a massive change in the way people choose to educate themselves.

“People are realizing they would rather learn from a non-professional doer than a professional teacher” – Dean Graziosi

The self-education movement is on the rise and it’s giving a major boost to the knowledge industry. So much so that experts predict it will start generating a billion dollars per day by 2025. That is an amazing opportunity for everyone who is willing to ride the wave!

KBB Course aims to provide you with the tools and the skills to get in the game early and position yourself in a rapidly expanding industry. The traditional education system is flawed, limited and it’s simply not delivering anymore. 

That’s why the future of knowledge-sharing is in books, courses, coaching… All of these educational mediums are going to blossom in the next 5 years. But the one thing that will take the game to an entirely new level is masterminds.


Masterminds Are the Future of the Knowledge Industry

There are plenty of benefits and on-the-nose advantages to masterminds that only speak to the fact that they’re truly the next big thing in education.

Masterminds are fueled by the power of community.

Whether you’re organizing live workshops or streaming sessions, you’re able to leverage key benefits of learning and teaching in a group setting.


Masterminds are very simple to organize.

The only thing you have to do is gather a group of people excited to learn and share about a particular topic in one place, whether it’s a virtual or a real-life event.


The exchange of knowledge in a mastermind is highly efficient.

You’re working on resolving relevant issues in a way that people can apply new ideas, approaches, and techniques to see instant results.


Masterminds help share the burden of knowing.

Just because you’re the person that organized the mastermind it doesn’t mean you should have all the answers.


There are several ways of offering new value through masterminds.

You can also be a reporter and combine knowledge from multiple experts to create something that’s valuable to a segment of the population. Another way you can contribute is to become a knowledge broker and bring people to other people’s masterminds while gaining your expert status in the process over time.


Ultimately, masterminds are a way for you to add value right now and you don’t need anything to get started.

“Resources are never the problem – it’s just resourcefulness.” – Tony Robbins

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Starting a Business in the Knowledge Industry

Tony, Dean, and Russell have all had incredible success with their businesses because they share a particular skill. They are able to easily identify patterns that allow them to optimize their offers and products. With the KBB course, they put their heads together and used that same approach in order to create the ultimate guide for making it in the knowledge industry of tomorrow.

Their last year’s mastermind was structured to guide you through all intricate steps of creating your own knowledge-sharing business. It covered every single aspect of the process including:

– How to extract and build your offer

– How to market your offer (aka. how to sell without selling)

– How to expand and improve your offer

You got all of that and you also got access to their software that is supporting you through each and every step of the process. The MindMint Software allows you to do all sorts of amazing things like create events, build up your website, and extract your agenda, all while automating tons of annoying, chore-like processes.

“You don’t have to be at the end of the road… You just have to be a little bit ahead of all the people that you’re trying to serve” – Russell Brunson.

Russell is completely right – you don’t need permission to start teaching!

I hope you enjoyed all the KBB content I’ve shared over the past couple of days. Sink your teeth into it, study it and listen to it multiple times – because it works!

Once again, on February 27th, Tony, Dean, and Russell will hold a webcast to share their brand new offer called The Knowledge Brokers Blueprint Course. 

Since this offer is going to be available for a limited time only, make sure you don’t miss it! Sign up for my VIP waiting list and I will notify you as soon as the registration window opens.


👉 Click here to join my KBB VIP waiting list!

Remember, by signing up with my link above, you’ll also get my irresistible $39,119 Bonus Package for free! You might want to hurry though – the first 20 people to buy get up to $4,500 cashback for a plane ticket to New York!