Identifying Your Ideal Customer to Build Your Army
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Identifying Your Ideal Customer to Build Your Army

Hey guys, what’s up?


Let’s discuss avatars…

No, not the tall, blue aliens. I’m talking about your ideal customer!

I’ll give you a personal example to get your wheels turning. 

I was on a call with a friend recently who was helping me really nail down my avatar. She was asking me a ton of questions to niche further and further down and I found myself getting frustrated, because I didn’t know the answers!

What kind of car do they drive?
Where do they shop?
Where do they travel?
What movies do they like to watch?

I mean, I had no idea! I know I want to work with people that are driven, focused, committed to bettering themselves and serving the world, people that are coachable and willing to believe in themselves and the process I will take them on to succeed… But my wife shops for me (I don’t know where!), and she books most of the travel for our family, and a lot of our movie decisions come from my kids…

She could feel my mind spinning, and she stopped me.

Eric, I’m going to give you a little bit of a cheat here. The person you are targeting is the YOU that existed 5, 10, 15 years ago, before your success. Your avatar is YOU.

 And the lightbulb went off.

This made so much sense to me! And it made me laugh as I realized that discovering my ideal client was so much easier than I made it out to be, plus the idea of working with myself back then sounded awful! I was a mess trying to figure everything out on my own. 🙂 

How many times have you done that in your life – over-complicated something only to look back and laugh at how simple it could have been if you could have just stepped back for a moment. 

You’re human… it happens!

So once I understood that, I was able to gain clarity on what it was I wanted to share and how to share it. 

The me before my success was similar to the me that existed now – determined, driven, a sponge for knowledge, dedicated to family, friends and serving others, on fire to make a difference, open to possibilities, willing to take risks. The difference was my ego had me thinking I needed to know how to do everything, which left me feeling defeated at times. I was working so hard to figure all the pieces out on my own, it left little time to really focus on the pieces I was great at, the things that I loved about business!

When I stopped pushing so hard with the “one-man show” and learned the power of asking for support and allowing myself to receive it, my business took off and the rest is history.

Has it been easy? Not at all. Has it been worth it? A million times over, yes!

And now that I have nailed my niche and the ONE person I desire to focus my efforts on I can say with confidence and certainty…

I am ready to BUILD an Affiliate Army!

I am excited to work with people interested in creating a profitable online business in the Affiliate Marketing world. I have scaled my business into the 9-figures and I am committed to teaching others how to do the same. 

I had all of these limiting beliefs in the past like, I need to know how to do tech, write copy, design… I need to have a ton of money to invest upfront… I need to have a product to sell…

I now know that NONE of that is true, and I want to show people like YOU how to do it! I’m looking for people hungry for more in their lives, that are willing to put in the work to learn and take action on the dreams. Because we’ve all heard the saying, your dreams don’t work unless you do and I am here to say, it’s absolutely true!

If this resonates with you, than you may just be the person I am looking for so let’s talk and see if we’re a fit. I will be upfront in that this business is not for everyone. While anyone can learn Affiliate Marketing, it takes a committed person to execute and succeed. And while I believe you can do it, you’ve gotta believe it too or it simply won’t work.

My hope is that over time, I’ll have hundreds, thousands of people in this community, all making big money and changing people’s lives in the process. My goal is to create a movement where we’re all supporting one another however we can so that we all rise! I want to see us collaborating, sharing ideas, offering our knowledge and expertise. This is for positive people with abundant mindsets ready to do something different to have something better. 

Is that you?

I look forward to hearing from you.