How to Use a Funnel to Promote an Offer
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How to Use a Funnel to Promote an Offer


So this is primarily for beginners, however, even if you’ve been in the Affiliate Marketing world, it may still be helpful. I’m going to simplify this as best as I can for those just getting started.

No matter what offer you’re promoting, this information remains the same. An offer is an offer in the case of Affiliate Marketing. So let’s start from the top with your offer…

When you drive people to your offer and you convert them to a sale, you get paid a commission, right? Conversion = PAYDAY. That means your goal is to make a sale (cha-ching!).

In order for this to happen, you’ve gotta get traffic. Makes sense. There are 3 main ways to get trafficpaid, earned, brokered. I won’t go into detail in this video/blog, but know you have options that can all work if you do them the right way (I will teach more on that in another post).

The first thing to understand about getting that conversion is that you’ve gotta provide your audience a reason to buy YOUR offer instead of someone else’s (who is selling the same thing).

But how?

Great question. And it’s way easier than it sounds.

You’ve gotta differentiate yourself and build an offer that makes them feel they are getting amazing value, more than just the offer you’re promoting. We call this the offer stack, which I will go into more in a bit.

So let’s say you have an ad you’re running on Facebook. When they click on that ad, they land on your BRIDGE PAGE.

Your bridge page bridges the gap for your customer. It is the page between your ad and the sales page and helps a ton with conversions because it helps your customers understand WHY they need what you’re promoting and entices them to buy (which is the obvious next step).

Once they click and put in their email address (which helps build your biggest business asset → your list), they’re then directed to the affiliate offer.

If the person signs up, you get paid. If they don’t, well, you don’t either.

From that point you will create email sequences but we aren’t going to get into that here.

Your bridge page includes (from top to bottom of the page):

  • Logo
  • Hook (attention grabbing headline)
  • Short video explaining what they’ll get from you in addition to the offer you’re sharing
  • CTA below video
  • Testimonials (it’s okay if you don’t have this yet) 
  • Countdown clock to create urgency

Make sure this is clear:

  • List out the bonuses (here’s what you’re going to get from me)
  • Add in value per bonus > this becomes the perceived value to the customer
  • Combine your bonuses + affiliate offer they’re wanting — what is the value of all of that, and what are they actually getting it for (cost)

Give them instructions to get your bonuses: Send me your receipt to [insert → your email address] and I will send you all of your bonuses.

This is a great reason to have ClickFunnels if you don’t already → this is all built out, you just have to add in the copy exactly where they show you. You can sign up here.

If you’re thinking, Hey! What about the lead magnet?? I took that out of this example to show you that you can get started right now without one. The lead magnet is a fantastic tool and I recommend it, but the fastest way to start is to create a bridge page and find an offer and GO!

For more information, make sure you jump into the video below at about 12 minutes to get the last piece of this message.

Chat soon.