How to Turn Your Story Into a Business? | Interview With Bryan Dulaney
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How to Turn Your Story Into a Business? | Interview With Bryan Dulaney

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How to Turn Your Story Into a Business? | Interview With Bryan Dulaney

My guest today is Bryan Dulaney, one of the Top 1% of all marketers in the world.

There is a good reason I can say Bryan is a miracle.

Eighteen years ago, he died.

But God had a different plan for Bryan, which included bringing him back to life with a specific purpose: help others share their stories by sharing his.

Bryan didn’t waste his second chance at life, and since then, he has been on a mission to fulfill his God-given purpose of serving others, building legacies, and raising up Legacy Builders.

Since 2006, not only has Bryan helped his business and his partners earn over $300 million in online revenue but more importantly, he’s supported building legacies that impact millions of people’s lives around the globe.

He’s recently published The Entrepreneur Evangelist, the book he was preparing for 15 years. That has been a perfect reason to ask him to join us in the Performance Marketer podcast. 

I’m sure you’ll enjoy the interview as I did while we were chatting about his book, his mission, and how he helps other people figure out what they are good at and build their legacies.

So, tune in and find out how Bryan started his journey, where he found his first business coach, and which movie inspired him to launch a campaign he made at least $5m from.

Let’s dive in!


Son, You’re a Living Miracle!


Back in 2003, Bryan woke up in a white hospital room, and a doctor started freaking out: He’s alive! He’s alive! 

Bryan was actually in a coma for about eight hours. The night before, he had drunk way too much with his friends from a college fraternity. Even the doctor called his parents and told them that their son would probably be dead or brain dead for life. 

 But Bryan pulled through, although he was only one shot from death!

“Son, you’re a living miracle!” the doctor told him, as he had no medical explanation for how a patient with such a severe condition stayed alive.

God had a purpose for his life. And Bryan spent the next two years trying to figure out what that was. 

It was during Spiritual Emphasis Week at his college (a specific week that focuses on the spiritual growth of students through different conferences and activities) when he realized what he was called to do – to share his story and help other people share theirs.

The revelation came in 2005 when he wasn’t even in business yet. Back then, Bryan had no clue how to help other people tell their stories.

But during his 15-year evolving journey, he’s figured out how to help people discover their purpose and how to help experts get their message out and launch their expertise. That’s his business and the core message of his recently published book – the Entrepreneur Evangelist. 

“What I do in business also serves a spiritual purpose,” he says. “When I figured out that what I do in business is in alignment with my spiritual calling, my business took off like a rocket!”


Are They Really Gonna Pay Me for This?!


Bryan started learning about affiliate marketing in 2006 when he was working on his master’s degree at Liberty University. He joined a 30-day challenge where people were taught to make their first dollar online. 

Seven days after buying his first domain name, Bryan made his first sale – a seminar for the bucks as an affiliate. He was like, Is this real? Are they really gonna pay me for this?! 

After doing some maths, he calculated he could make a quarter million bucks a year if he did the same thing every day, once a day. It seemed too easy. 

And he was hooked!

Bryan started going deeper into the matter – studying, reading everything he could get his hands on, buying course after course. He learned very early that self-education is the key.

“I have a second-degree black belt in taekwondo. I didn’t get it by watching YouTube videos. I had a sensei,” he says.


You Need a Sensei


He realized that he needed to find a coach. He ended up finding a guy from Australia who had a big family and was making six figures a month. The guy had an affiliate income and a service income. 

Bryan managed to talk him into becoming his coach, although he didn’t do that at the time. It cost $5,000. And the first campaign Bryan launched got him $10,000 in commissions and $20,000 in sales… in just three days.

See, this is why the self-education industry is predicted to explode to $1bn per day by 2025. People realize that they need to find someone who has specialized knowledge and hire them to get the same result.

That’s what Bryan’s agency does today and what his book is really about – helping people to realize what their unique stories (their superpowers) are and then helping them build a business.


Willy Wonka Helped Bryan Make More Than $5m 


Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971 musical fantasy film) inspired Bryan and his wife to launch a marketing campaign that generated millions of dollars.

In the movie, Willy Wonka (a chocolate factory owner) announces that he has hidden five Golden Tickets in chocolate Wonka Bars. Finders of the tickets will receive a factory tour and a lifetime supply of chocolate. 

Bryan uses the same concept, but he is the owner of a profit factory. Finders of his five golden tickets win a private, 1-on-1 consultation with Bryan, where he maps out Everlasting Funnel to help the ticket winner reach 7-figures within 12 months. That consultation typically costs $15,000. 

Wonka Bars, in this case, are free USB drives loaded with 7 and 8 figure funnels (pages, ads, emails, and scripts Bryan used to grow his business and detailed video training with his campaign strategies). The free USBs are followed by bump offers (for instance, a 60-minute strategy session with his wife) which people pay for.

Bryan and his wife made a cool marketing video to promote the campaign and catch the audience’s attention. He had a full Willy Wonka costume and makeup, and his wife was dressed like an Oompa Loompa. 

They delivered over 6000 units of the USB drive and made at least $5m from the campaign. 

But what’s the best part? 

Although the campaign was launched in 2016, people are still ordering Bryan’s USB drives. There are even people who bought two or more drives to increase their chances of winning a golden ticket! 

It’s December 2021, and the Dulaneys are still getting paid!

I hope you get an idea about the value of the interview with Bryan.

He generously shares golden nuggets. If you want to find out how choosing God’s path helped him improve his relationships with his family and take his business to the next level, make sure to watch the full episode here.

– Contact Bryan Dulaney at or

– Get Bryan Dulaney’s new book for FREE!

If you have any questions or you want to suggest a topic for the podcast, shoot me a message on social media or in my text community (917-636-1998) and let me know!

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I’m looking forward to hearing from you! 

See you next week!

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Read Full Transcript

Bryan Dulaney 00:00
What I do in business is in alignment with my spiritual calling. When I figured that out, this was in 2016. But when I figured that out, I had that realization that what I’m doing spiritually, is what I’m doing in business, my business took off like a rocket.

Eric Beer 00:14
I spent the last 17 years building my eight-figure performance business without using any of my own money, working with some of the most brilliant direct response marketers in the world today. Now I’m looking for entrepreneurs to join my affiliate army built on ethics, transparency, and good old hard work. Join me to change the perception of how people view the greatest business in the world, affiliate marketing, and follow along as I learn, apply, and share performance marketing strategies, working with some of the brightest people on the planet. My name is Eric Beer, and welcome to the Performance Marketer Podcast.

Welcome, Brian, it’s good to have you on the show.

Bryan Dulaney 00:58
Great to be here, man.

Eric Beer 01:00
Yeah. Tell me a little bit about you. Talk to me.

Bryan Dulaney 01:03
Yeah. So, this whole journey started for me back in 2006. And I was at Liberty University, working on my master’s degree. Really, just because I was not sure what I was going to do with my career. So, I was just extending my student debt. And I was like, Man, I don’t want to get a job. I don’t want to be stuck in that box. I had a marketing degree at the time, and almost a minor in pastoral studies. And I kind of… I was learning at that time… This is 2006. It’s a while ago. But I was learning about affiliate marketing, and I joined a 30-day challenge to make your first dollar online. And that’s what really pulled me into this whole world of marketing online. And seven days in from buying my first domain name, I made my first sale. And it was a seminar for the bucks as an affiliate. That first sale, you know, it’s like, it’s exciting, but it’s also like, Is this real? Right? Like, Are they really gonna pay me for this?!

Eric Beer 01:58
Totally. Totally. Right? You didn’t do anything! You’re like, It was too easy.

Bryan Dulaney 02:03
Yeah, it was too easy. I was like, Man, if I can do this every day, once a day, I can make a quarter million bucks a year! I just start doing some math. Right, right. And like, I worked a couple, maybe an hour on this, like, you know, this is too easy, you know. And so, what that did was… It gave me belief, but it made me drive and go deeper in. And so, I just started studying everything I could get my hands on. I bought course after course. And then I really… you know what I realized really early on is that I have a second-degree black belt in taekwondo, and I realized, you know, I didn’t get my second-degree black belt in taekwondo by watching YouTube videos, right? Like, I had a sensei. And so, I was like, you know, what, I need to find someone who has the results I want, the lifestyle I want too, and I need to just hire them to coach me. Right? And I ended up finding this guy out of Australia. And he had what I wanted. Like he had a big family. And he had affiliate income, and they also had a service income. Right? So, he had both and he was making multiple, six figures a month. You know, $200k, $300k, $500k a month and fluctuated. And I was like, Man, can you just teach me? And the guy didn’t even have a coaching program at the time. He was like, Dude, I don’t do that. He was like, I just promote stuff and I do services for businesses. And I was like, Well, what would it cost for me to get a couple of hours of your time? Like, I know you can guide me. You do this every day, you know. And so, I hired him and talked him into it after I just kept hammering him. And, and it was a stretch for me. I mean, I was, in my master’s degree, living on student loans, and I was working part-time as a personal trainer on the side. And it was $5000. So, I was like, OK, this is gonna be, there’s gonna be a stretch for me, but I know, it’ll get me around where I want to be. And literally, I launched a campaign that did 10,000 in commissions, 20,000 in sales, 10,000 in commissions in three days. Wow, I was like, man, like, I’m done with this education, Bs like this. I just, I just made more in three days, and my teachers make all month. So, funny. I know. And then I and then I. So, I then I stopped that altogether. I figured, you know, this doesn’t make any sense to just be learning and taking tests and writing papers. And I literally got to a point where I started outsourcing it to India, like, I’m just gonna outsource my degree, like, come

Eric Beer 04:17
on, you know, are you serious?

Bryan Dulaney 04:19
I thought that was gonna be a good idea. I was like, you know, maybe I could just outsource the whole thing. Right?

Eric Beer 04:23
Did you think you needed a degree back then? And it was right, just right. He wasn’t even the learning part of it was just the paper to be able to show to somebody to hire you. Right, exactly. So, exactly how silly is ours. And I think it’s genius, though, that like the entrepreneur and us like, well, let me go to Fiverr and find somebody that can actually do this for me. Yeah, it’s great. Yeah,

Bryan Dulaney 04:42
I have people writing papers for me in India for 250 bucks. I’m like, Oh, this is easy. And then you’re like, This doesn’t make sense. It’s what any entrepreneur would do is right, you know, find the right people to do the job for you.

Eric Beer 04:55
That’s hilarious. All right. So, that’s 2006. So, what does that’s 15 years ago. Yeah. Wow. All right. So, then so then what happened?

Bryan Dulaney 05:03
Yeah, so I, you know what after that after that it was like, as an affiliate because that’s what I wasn’t an affiliate selling people stuff because I didn’t have anything to fulfill. Right. So, I, I became an affiliate of a bunch of other stuff. So, I was promoting free trial stuff, you know, weight loss offers Colon Cleanse offers. I was also promoting high ticket software’s like $2,000 software, making like a 50% commission on it, or monthly recurring continuity on it. So, what I did is I just went really deep on promoting other people’s stuff, to the point where I got to get my income to between $3,000 to $5,000 a day, every day on autopilot, and I was golfing half, you know, three days a week. And I was awesome. I ended up actually partnering with a guy in Aspen, Colorado, who built a huge portfolio. Huge, basically, yeah, portfolio of real estate properties and hotels and all type of stuff. And he was ready to retire. But he’s like, I want to I, he’s like, I still want to be like, I want to try this. He wants to try affiliate marketing. And I met him on an event. He’s like, Hey, man, why don’t you just do what you do? And I just fund everything you do. I was like, that’s a good idea. Let’s do that. That’s, that’s no risk on my part. I’ve already funded myself. So, now I’ll just bring you in as a partner, you fund it, and we’ll just make all the profits together. And so I did more of that for the next literally, for the next like two years, I just really focused on affiliate marketing. But also, I started to do some service business too. Which wasn’t solicited on my behalf, I actually found a product that was a water ionizer kind of like, it’s kinda like a water purifier, right? But better, I hit him up and I was like, Hey, can I sell your stuff and you pay me a commission? And then the machines were like, I don’t know $4000 like, well, you can buy him for $2000 by 10 at a time 20 at a time and then resell them. I was like That’s hogwash not doing that. I’m gonna send you got I’m gonna send you customers and you’re paying me Commission’s like, what do you think? What do you think this is? You know? And mind you. This is like 2008. Right? So, 2007 2008 ish. And he’s like, he just couldn’t wrap his head around it because his whole model was you buy a machine for me for $2000 he saw for $4000 and, and he’s like, he was like, just scratching his head. And he goes, Well, we don’t have that set up. It sounds amazing. He’s like, but can you help me dominate my competition, he helped me completely crush for all my keywords, paid traffic SEO. And once again, I can do that mind you, like I’ve never had a client up into this point in time. So, I’d go back to my mentor again, he helped me draft up a contract and proposal and actually landed my first client. And so I started doing affiliate marketing, but also started serving people on the side. That was more agency on the side. Yes, an agency. Correct.

Eric Beer 07:36
Nice. So, you called somebody direct? You wanted you to buy that? Where are you getting your deals before you were calling up direct just to know. So

Bryan Dulaney 07:44
before I went to networks, like never blue and shoot, convert to media, right? Dude, I was all over the board. I was I was on tons. I mean, I probably had 10 or 15 different networks that I was was a part of. And then I’d also do stuff through Clickbank at the time, like, so. That was more internet marketing stuff, though. Right. So, that was more like internet marketing launches. So, I was doing internet marketing launches. And then I was also doing the free trial stuff. And obviously, the free trial stuff was a lot easier to sell. But yeah, so all the all the free trial stuff was never blue convert to media. And remember, half of its anymore.

Eric Beer 08:24
He totally right. So, just anybody listening, like affiliate networks, they go out, they get the deals, and then they bring them. So, it makes it easier for people like us to go and just do what we do, instead of having to, you know, build a team of sales and things of that nature, just so they get it, which is really cool. Because the idea, like generate some cash flow. Once you start generate some cash flow with the affiliate side. Now you’re making money, like you said, you spent an hour and you were making all this money for however long, it’s not. I guess it’s evergreen, but it doesn’t last forever. Deals always end at some point. But now you have cash flow, now you can start to build your business, instead of having to go and ask somebody to give you $5 million, and give up 75% of your company. You know, that’s the beauty of what you figured out really early and what we’re all living in. But so cool. So, now you start this agency, and now you’re you’re taking your genius and you’re helping other people. Right, and this is 2008. So, you know, get us to where you’re at you writing a book,

Bryan Dulaney 09:26
right? So, I Yeah, so this book, so back in 2003 I had a near death experience was in a coma for eight hours. Woke up with with three doctors coming to my bedside singing he’s alive, right so no, you know, so I was in a white hospital, you know, white bed, White Room white everything. White people with white lab coats, right? coming in. They’re like He’s alive. He’s alive. Like they’re freaking out. Because they didn’t think I was going to be lit though. It’s going to live. And so what doctor? So, I was in I was in a coma. for about eight hours, the night before I was in, I was pledging to be in a fraternity. And it was it was basically like it was big brother night. And so it was really dramatic, really intense emotionally and we drank way too much. Let’s just put it that way. So, I will hook my complete system was completely overrun with Alchemy, my blood alcohol levels, point three, nine. And just so you know what that I mean point four I was dead. So, I was one shot from death. The doctor even called my parents the night before I was like, Hey, your son’s gonna probably be dead or brain dead for life. That’s what he they. So, they that’s what they call it and said on the phone. Oh, and my parents were like, cancel, I don’t believe that like and they started praying immediately for my protection. And then they drove across the street now. It was like a six hour drive for them. So, you can imagine how you know how, with the state of mind that they were in, right? Oh, my God as a parent as a parent, right? I mean, think about it, right? And so they got over there, and then I will end up working up well, the doctor was like, son, you’re living miracle. Like in my 30 years of being Doctor, I’ve never seen anyone with your severe condition live. We had to be even able to comprehend what I’m saying. Right? And that’s when he told me my block was point three, nine. He’s like, listen, there’s no explanation for this. God has purpose for your life. You need to figure out what that is. But But I don’t have any explanation. There’s no medical explanation what happened here. So, what happened was my I consumed about a fifth of vodka, just to give everyone a little frame, about a fifth of vodka and about 2030 minutes, max 30 minutes. So, I imagined crashing a bottle of vodka in 30 minutes. Right? I don’t know how I did that. A while I did that. I don’t know. It ended up becoming like a major situation at the university. Obviously. This fraternity got shut down for a year, people got kicked out of school. I mean, it was it was a it was a whole ordeal. And and I was just grateful to be alive. And then. So, what happened was my I drove back to campus with my dad. And there was this little tiny hole in the wall Church on the side like probably could fit 20 people in it had it had a you know, the you know, those old school churches like you know, tiny little churches in the south. And this is a you know, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the Signs of God as a planet purpose for life. And I’ll and my dad’s like, Hey, I think this is for you is the second time this message has come across today I think you need to start paying attention. And and I took that to heart and I started I really started to seek, you know, why was my life spare? Why was I saved? Why was I brought back to life. And I went on a journey to really figure out what that was. And it took me two years. I was at Liberty I transferred to two schools actually transferred to Clearwater Christian College, down in Florida here in Sarris Clearwater. And then I transferred up to Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. And it was during Spiritual Emphasis Week, which is basically like, a week of like conferences from pastors and missionaries, and nonprofit organization, they all basically come in and like, pour into us. They just imagine it’s like, you know, fucking live on steroids, you know, you know, like, it’s just one whole week dedicated to spiritual things. And it was that week that my eyes were opened to what I was called, like, what, what my purpose was what I was called to do. And I read, I read all about that in the book. But from that week, then God put it on my heart that I was meant to, he wanted me to put a certain specific framework that I went that I had to go through inside of the book, and that I was supposed to publish that book in the future. And it was the most important book that I like, I had to publish this first before I published anything else. That was that was what I was, that’s what was made known to me or main revealed to me your hand. You know, it took me over 15 years to finally publish this thing. But you know, looking back, it’s like, if I would have published it a decade ago, or or five years after I had received that, that that revelation, it wouldn’t have been ready. You know what I mean? Like, a lot of a lot of times we think, Oh, I just want to like launch this thing and crush this out. And then realize that if I would have done that, when I was given the prompting, I call it promptings. So, if I was, if I wrote the book, when I was given the prompting, the book would be like a chapter or two chapters. Right? It was like, I had to go on a journey. And it was over 15 years that made up this book,

Eric Beer 14:20
all these experiences that you’ve gone through the pain, there’s figuring out how to get over it, Tony, that’s that’s, I did not know that, man. That’s wild. So, you had you had a second chance at life ultimately. Right? That’s right. So, now you start this thing on the internet world. And now your your books been 15 years in the making? Of just That’s right. Killing it. Pain. Awesome. Wow. So, So you finally wrote it? Right? You finally, when did you when did it get published?

Bryan Dulaney 14:48
So we got it published a couple months ago. So, it just went live in November? Actually, November is when it went live for the first time.

Eric Beer 14:56
Wow. Yeah, that’s exciting. Yeah. It’s really exciting. So, what’s the main theme of the book? What? Tell me tell me tell me what it’s about, like why? So, why would someone want to buy it?

Bryan Dulaney 15:08
I would say the main theme is, is around when when I received the prompting for my purpose, spiritual purpose, it was to help to share my story and help other people share theirs. And that’s really like all I got right now, mind you, this is this. The revelation that I received was back in 2005. So, I wasn’t even in business yet. Right? So, I really had no clue how to help other people to tell their story. Right? And then, and then as you evolve as I evolve over the years, I mean, that’s, that’s, that’s my business now, right? It’s like I help experts tell their story, get their message out, launch their expertise, right. The core of the message in this book is really helping people to what I would say there’s a framework that I had to go through, as it related to my relationship with God, my relationship with my dad, and my relationship with an intimate partner. And I was guided on how to handle those situations. And what happened from those handling those situations, I believe God’s way was, it unlocked a new level for me, like, you can always handle things in two different ways, right, you can like go this route, or you go this route. And, and one route can be dead, like damaging. And the other route can be like the higher road, right. And so in all those situations, like my relationship with my dad, and then my relation with an intimate partner, I had to go through it was it was very interesting, but it was a very, it was the exact same framework, the same process, but, but by choosing God’s path, I say, it really unlocked a lot of doors for me, like, it opened up so much more opportunities for me, because I handled the situation of those relationships in a specific way. Right. Now, beyond that, I would say, you know, because because I feel that, like for me, like I had, I had a lot of I was harboring a lot of anger or bitterness and frustration with my dad and like the way he was choosing to shelve my life. And that was holding me back like, that was holding my connectedness with with God back. Because I had this I was angry at my dad. Right. So, I was like, it was almost like I was I was, I imagined, like being like, chained in a room and being like, and being locked from the outside. And although not being aware that it was being locked, there was even locked in the first place. That’s ultimately how I felt looking back at going through that specific process, which I share in the book. It’s almost like being released from that room of bondage. And it just like, it just releases, like my dad and I had after that, after we handled our relationship that way. We like our whole relationship opened up, like it began to flourish. And my dad and I, after that had an amazing, you know, relationship. That was that was healthy, right? Same thing with my intimate partner. I mean, I found out my intimate partner was like cheating on me. And God, God had taken me through a process of showing me Hey, listen, this is you have to go through the same process you went through with your dad. And because I chose that path, instead of like, kicking her out to the curb, and like just completely, leaving her behind. God showed me how to handle that relationship differently. And in a way that was honoring and so and then, and then a lot more other doors open. I truly believe because I handled it a different way. I would say God’s way, right. But the really the big thing is, is like helping people discover their purpose, like what is your purpose? And what is your beyond? beyond your physical purpose here, but what’s your like, your spiritual purpose? What’s your soul’s purpose? Rather, we all have we all have a spirit, you know, we all have a soul. So, you know, what is the spiritual assignment that you have here? A lot of people never figure that out. Right? And I think that, you know, if you don’t know that, you know, for me, like, you know, what I do in business is also serves a spiritual purpose. There’s a spiritual purpose that’s in business. That’s the same that’s in the spiritual world. So, it’s like I’m, what I’ve come to the conclusion is that what I do in business is in alignment with my spiritual calling. And I’ll tell you, man, when I figured that out, this was in 2016. But when I figured that out, I when I had that realization that what I’m doing spiritually, is what I’m doing in business. My business took off like a rocket like before, I was I always felt like, while Spiritual things are for Sunday, or they’re further over here, like maybe later in life, once I crush it in business, I’ll go and invest and do things spiritually. When I realized that they’re both the same, they’re both one in the same. Yeah, my business took off, like literally like a rocket. I mean, I, we went, it went from a trajectory, let’s say the trajectory was like this. Well, it went massive. It just went straight up, you know, after I had that resolve, because think about it, before I had the resolve. I was being pulled in different directions like, well, am I what I’m doing over here as it relates to, you know, helping people on their, with their businesses on the internet? How is that related to spiritual things? Right. So, I had this constant pool back and forth, of like, oh, well, you know, I’m supposed to be God has me God saved me from death and I have a spiritual calling, but I’m not. But I felt like I wasn’t doing it up until 2016. Coming, looking back, like looking after 2016 and forward, I mean, I can’t tell you that my growth has been dramatic. And so I, you know, I think it’s important to look back and see, like lessons in your career. And for me, that’s like, one of the big Telltales is like, looking at those major moments that everything changes. And for me, that’s, that was definitely one of them. Really

Eric Beer 20:28
cool. That’s powerful stuff, man. Like, I don’t even know that, but that’s, uh, yeah, that’s pretty crazy. So, it’s funny, like some things that I I, when I first got into this industry, from an a bearish or not, but you know, I started playing around and you know, listening to Russell on his, his podcast and started like, doing some research on the, the self-education space. And I came across this video with like, Ooba dooba, like this, this guy, just up like Willy Wonka. And I’ll never forget it. I just like, I was like, This is amazing. Like, this is the kind of stuff that I want to do. I want to do something that’s like, creative, fun, have fun with work. And I don’t know if anybody you know, they probably don’t even know about it. You can go Google it, I would imagine, right? Yeah. Brian did a really cool marketing video I think you did with your wife. Right? And just up is Willy Wonka. And you hold position your business in a certain way and and had fun with it. How did that campaign do

Bryan Dulaney 21:35
it? Well, man, yeah, it jet we generated several million dollars from that campaign, at least 5 million at least sold over 6000 units of the USB drive. It’s called free golden ticket for anyone who’s listening. But yeah, I really give a lot of cards, my wife so my wife, I was sitting down one day in my office at my house in LA when I was living in La Jolla. Now I was like, hey, like, I want to give away some of our best, best performing campaigns and show people under the hood about what it takes to build seven and eight figure campaigns. Right. And I was like, but I want to have something I can ship where they have to wait to get it. And I want to have like winners. And my boys. My wife just like free golden ticket. I’m like, What are you talking about free golden ticket. She’s like Willy Wonka, the chocolate bar. I’m like, Yeah, I still have no clue what you’re like, What do you want now? So, she, she had written a thesis on this, like, during her master’s degree. So, she had a lot of intimate knowledge of this movie. Right? I had no clue. Like, I watched Willy Wonka back in the day, but right, you know, not in my 30s Right. So, uh, probably tears, probably a teenager when that movie came out, you know? Or before that, right? He must have been way younger than that. It was probably way under that. Yeah, I probably was a teenager when I actually got around to watching it. But so she broke it down. She’s like, Girl, look, we’ll give it what he’s like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, they had five golden ticket holders. And they came into the Chocolate Factory. She’s like, we can have a profit factory. We can have five people to come in and they can win a day with you, which is normally $15,000, they can win that. So, there’s like a high ticket thing that they that people can win for free. And then from there, we could like you know, build out a campaign for them for free. Like the winner, the winning ticket holder will win, just like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Right? Yeah. But it really stemmed from that initial conversation. Oh, another question, I think is very important I asked was, I said, What can we create that’s gonna stand out like a sore thumb and get everybody’s attention? Right. And I mean, that’s really ultimately what you have to think about when it comes to marketing campaigns. Because there’s, we’re constantly scrolling by it. We’re scroll as us we’re in a scrolling world, right? Like, you’re on Facebook, on Instagram, you’re scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, and things are moving a mile a minute. So, if you don’t stand out and catch, capture attention, tone, right, then you’re just gonna get you’re just gonna get passed by. Right. So, we went all out. I mean, we did. I got full costume. My wife did my makeup. She dressed like an Oompa Loompa. We multiplied her through to video effects. She had like literally like spandex that she had to measure like her arms and her leg. Like she didn’t measure everything out. It was it was pretty awesome. But it’d be an

Eric Beer 24:11
impression on me. I’ll tell you maybe, yeah, for me. The outcome was

Bryan Dulaney 24:15
great. But what I think looking back on that campaign, we launched it in like 2016 was another thing I want people to see it was that I wanted some of the see that campaign and say I want that creativity on my business. Yeah, right. And I think it did exactly that. I mean, I just had I just had I mean I have consistently here people that come across my my like that I sit down with for a full day to map out their stuff. They would they have they most of them have bought my golden ticket. And like the guy had met last week literally on Friday. He bought two because he’s gone through I tried a second time a year later to see if I could win again. That’s how I do that’s how it works. You can just buy as many tickets as you want. That’s the system Yeah, but

Eric Beer 25:00
people are buying it today right now. Nope. Yep, that is you’re still buying it. See? That’s something explain that to people explain how you worked on some in 2016. And right now we’re in December of 2021. And you’re still getting paid.

Bryan Dulaney 25:13
People are buying it. Yep, that is well, and we created it like a funnel. So, it’s like a free plus shipping offer, right? Where we put all we put some of our seven and eight figure campaigns on it on a USB drive, where people can plug it into their computer, and they can download our funnels. But beyond that, they could see behind the scenes, they can see like, the funnels, the pages, the scripts that go with it, like there’s a lot more plus video training to go with. And so it wasn’t like just like, oh, yeah, here download these funnels, it was actually explaining the campaigns from a high level, right? And then how to use them for their business. With the free golden ticket, we had, you know, we have a bump offer where you can add an order to the cart before they check out, they get 37 bucks. And then there’s an upsell for I think it’s 397, which is a 60 Minute strategy session with my wife. So, that’s like, that’s an upsell. Now, I will tell you, when we first launched the campaign, we had that price at 197. And it was converting at the first couple 1000 buyers, we were converting 10% or 10% of everybody who’s buying a free golden ticket was buying that at 197. So, the point where just it just became overwhelming. Yeah, because those can’t those calls have to be, they have to be they have to deliver true value, right? I mean, you’ve got like, That’s the promise, the promise is delivering value. So, people are paying 197 bucks. So, that’s when I decided, OK, we need to slow the roll here. We need to slow this down. Because what happened was we running into a problem of scale, right? Because I was like, OK, I was like, This is great remote, we can move 100 USBs a day. But the problem was, we’d have 10 calls to do every day. Right? I was like, Listen, my wife can’t do 10 calls a day. I’m not trying to stress out my wife, which she was even my wife at the time. She was just my girlfriend.

Eric Beer 26:57
That’s funny. Yeah, man. Yeah, you don’t overwhelm her. But I mean, the genius of it, right, you create this awesome marketing campaign to attract a certain type of person, they come in, they want your stuff, because of the success you’ve had. Now you’re just gifting it to them. And this USB, you bump them on some offer to get some some revenue there. And then on the back-end, you start to ascend them up, have a phone call, and then the phone call, I would imagine goes into some

Bryan Dulaney 27:24
goes into our agents coaching, what we, what we got was we went from so the average cart value, statistically is 50 to 55 bucks, so it never dropped below 50. It was always between that 50 to $55 range. So, we’re where are we can spend where we’re spending 15 to 25 bucks a buyer? Obviously that makes sense, right? I mean, I would even propose because of our business model, that I could spend up to 55 bucks total, to sell a USB drive for 995. And so a lot of people really don’t understand that concept of break a break even funnel, because I talked to so many people, and they just don’t understand this concept, right? But at the end of the day, you’re trying to you’re trying to figure out, OK, where do I breakeven where I profit? And then how do I scale? Right? Yeah. So, for us, it’s like, OK, I’ll spend, you know, I’ll spend, you know, 1520 25 bucks, that was the range is like, Good, better and best that will run ad campaigns like, OK, good, better best is like good would be, you know, let’s say, let’s call it 20 bucks a lead or 25 bucks a lead better would be 2020. So, 25 would be good. 25 Or sorry, 25 would be good. 20 would be better, and then 15 would be best. And that’s when you know I’m incentivizing the team with all types of you know, profit sharing stuff, when we’re hitting those lower numbers, right. But the mind the concept here is giveaway some of your best stuff, a buyer is worth 40 times more than a lead. So, I could have just gave it I could have just given all this away for like, give me your name and email, download these funnels. Right. And in fact, a lot of people ask like, what why can’t I just download this now? Like, well, that’s not that’s not how this campaigns designed campaigns designed for you to wait for you to like potentially be a winning ticket holder. Right. And I think what’s cool is that most of the people that came in to do that actually, one also went into our agency at some capacity. Like they got so much value from that free day, which they would have paid $15,000 for, they got so much value that they they move forward in some way, shape or form. Right. And the

Eric Beer 29:27
best thing about you, I think what you bring to the table that’s really attractive for someone who’s going to work with you, is you understand the expert space you understand how to create funnels, you understand how to create the flow, the ascension, but you also understand the front-end media buying which is something that people don’t really get like you’re even now you’re talking about, you know, 25 2015 and people some people like What the hell’s he talking about? Ultimately, what you’re saying is that’s the money it costs to acquire a customer for you in your funnel, right so right you know, just To simplify it, if you bought 1000 clicks at, you know, $1, he spent $1,000. And from those 1000 clicks that landed on his page, what’s the conversion rate? What happened when they signed up and went through the funnel? And what you’re doing is ultimately just averaging it out to say, OK, cost me $25. On average, you might have gotten three buyers, one of them may have paid 397. Right in that scenario. So, it’s just, I think, people, when you start talking about the numbers, people go, like, What are you talking about? It’s like, I love the numbers. That’s my favorite part of this business, because it’s all math. Right? Like, there’s no favoritism here. Like, when I do deals with people, they’re like, oh, pay me a little, like, I’ll pay you what the value of your traffic is worth. Right? Right. It’s as simple as that, you know, like, right. I’m not, I like you, I’d love to do business with you. But if it doesn’t back out, then I can’t I can’t, you know, right. And that’s like something that I think that you’re really, really good at, that I think just resonates to me on watching what you do when you’re able to not only help people with designing and building the process of like your value ladder, but then you’re able to help execute on now bringing in customers, which is what people are begging for all the time. Right? With this book. Like, I know you’ve helped some people in the inner circle get to their their million million dollars, or like, Are there examples like that in the book that you talk about, on ways that

Bryan Dulaney 31:21
there are some? Yeah, there are some Yeah, there are some that it’s more focused on helping you take your story, your expertise, and like, get out to the world. I don’t I don’t I didn’t spend a ton of time going into case studies of like, that’s my next book. My next book is about about all of that. But this book is really about how do you turn your story in or your message into a business that blesses other people, you got to first figure out what that what that unique story that you have is, and then that your expertise is as well, right? So, that’s why people that’s why self education is exploding, right to a billion a day by 2025. Right? It’s because people are realizing that they need to find people who have specialized knowledge, and then go and hire them to get the same result that they’ve been they’ve been able to produce, right? And the idea with what

Eric Beer 32:07
your businesses, right is there are people out in the world that don’t realize that they have this knowledge, you’re helping them to realize they have this this special, special superpower of some sort, and then you just focus on that, and all the things you do can help them build a business. Right? That’s what your agency does today. So, like to get under the hood just a little bit, right? Yeah, it’s the same way you kind of describe how you created Willy Wonka can like from, from my perspective, tell me how you use this book for you to build your business so people can understand how you’re taking some of this knowledge that you have. And that’s this is this is to attract a certain type of person to come in. Right? This is the top of your funnel, right? Like the free plus shipping. It’s one ohana, like the gorilla, right. And then they come in and then there’s going to be I would imagine some back-end with the end goal to get them into your agency once you qualify who the right people are that you want to work with. And I imagine this 1000s of people who want to work with you, so you got to like, right, figure out who you want to work with. Right, right. But um, let’s get under the hood of that. Tell me like you’re in the genius of you on how you go about that.

Bryan Dulaney 33:16
Yeah, so first of all, the the message I say is probably the one of the most important messages that I’ve ever shared. I do feel that the message contained within the pages of this book allows to like unlock, like when Russell asked me to share with the inner circle, what’s the secret to my success? Because I’ve helped more people than almost anyone in the entire community create million to $10 million funnels, right. I said, I said exactly what’s in the pages of the book is what I shared with with Russell’s, you know, inner circle. So, the way that I thought about this book is first of all, you know, I have a lot of accomplishments, so I didn’t need to like Oh, Amazon bestselling author, like, to me that’s not as valuable. Then, you know, I’ve had Tony Robbins say that I’m the top 1% of all markers of philosophers in the world, like, I have that plus, I have a lot of other results to back it up. So, to me, if you’re starting, you don’t have a lot of credibility, you don’t have a lot of results for other people, then you might want to go get that Amazon Best Selling Author or New York Times bestselling author, whatever it might be right. For me, I didn’t think about this book that way. I thought about it from the perspective of if I can get a have a funnel that can have an average cart value of say 50 to 55 bucks, then I can buy traffic and spend 20 to 40 bucks per buyer to buy my book. And then I knew once they bought the book and the other stuff that comes with it, like my audio book, and then I have an upsell for a call with my with my wife. I knew that they would they would get to know me on a much deeper level, I guess in a way that I’ve never shared before. Right. So, you Knowing that would happen, then it would be an obvious choice that people would say, OK, if I want help watching my expertise online, then Brian and his team are the guys that could help me. Does that make sense?

Eric Beer 35:13
Yeah, of course. 100%. No, that totally makes sense to me. I mean, listen, all you need to do is let people just get to know you. If they get to know you, and they, they recognize your brilliance, I mean, you’re gonna have to turn people away, you’re only one person yet. Work with too many people. Right? So, it’s like, the idea of putting all of your genius into this book, getting somebody to buy it, consume it, read about it is a is a smart thing to do. And then, you know, if you’re able to then get them on to a call, and you qualify them through Stephanie, and then Stephanie is like, alright, Brian, this is somebody that makes sense. We think that you could, you could take this person to the next level, you know, I would imagine, like, that type of person. I mean, it’s not like a cheap thing to buy from you. But by buying your package you’re taking, you know, you only charge 100,000 200,005, whatever you charge, I don’t know what you charge. Yeah, you’re delivering a 5x 10x 20x for the people. So, it sounds like Oh, brown, do you charge? Oh, I charge a half million dollars. You know, people are like, what are you crazy? Like, right? Who, who the hell pays that? Right. But then somebody read your book, they start to see some of the things that you’ve done, they start to understand. And then you’re like, Oh, well, you know, someone else who just paid that $500,000 just made $20 million in the last 24 months. You’re like, Oh, wait $500,000 for $20 million? Would

Bryan Dulaney 36:38
I trade that exact? Yeah. And for us, like Yeah, it goes from it goes from so it goes from the book, and then the audio book, that’s the front-end, we have to bump offers, actually. And then they somewhat award winning funnels and scripts, right. So, they got that that’s a bonus. That’s another pre checkout bump. And then from there, it goes to the call, and then there and then from there, it goes to you know, thank you for your order. And then we have a thank you page webinar, which then explains the concept of doing it yourself versus hiring the best of the best to help you like, and I break that whole concept down. Because I think a lot of people, I think a lot of people fail and struggle, because they try to do it all themselves. And I mean, we see tons of people coming into the market, but we see a very small, we just look at Clickfunnels, there’s less than 1% of the entire community has ever generated over a million bucks in gross revenue, which is a bad number, you got to think about why is that happening? You know, like Russell said, it’s not about it’s not about water howl. It’s about who’s in your corner helping you like he’s like I didn’t build Click Funnels by myself, I got over 200 employees. Right. And so it’s that mindset that a lot of people don’t have. So, yeah, so then from us, then it goes into like a $15,000, you know, Strategy Session day where we’re mapping everything else out for them. And then from there, we’ll build something, whether it’s a shed or a dream house, which is totally different. You know, everyone’s different, right? Someone might be $25,000 Build someone might be a one and a half million dollar build, like we close the other day. I mean, you know, they’re all over the board.

Eric Beer 38:04
You know, weren’t you like in the top 10 for one of your affiliate programs? And like that, yeah, certainly that

Bryan Dulaney 38:09
Yeah. With Tony with Tony and Dean. Yeah, top 10 Twice. Yeah, Dean and Tony,

Eric Beer 38:13
they have this program that they run every year. And then they have contests with all these different affiliates that come and they are looking for people to drive traffic to their webinar. At least that was the first year and the second year was all around a challenge. And all of us affiliates, were all competing to get people there and the top 10 People who drove the most customers for them, they then invited at an all paid expense trip to Fiji so that you can have a mastermind with Tony and Dean, and I believe you made that two years in a row. Is that correct?

Bryan Dulaney 38:43
That’s correct. Yeah. Yeah. So, we so the way I looked at it was, it was really the carrot was Tony, right, getting Tony’s brain on your business hanging out at his resort in Fiji, right. So, I said, you know, how much is that? Would that be worth is like I said, I probably pay $100,000 for that. So, you know, I was like, OK, let’s throw 100 granite as and, and see how this goes right? And ended up ended up placing number five, first year. And then the second year place. Number four, amazing. And the second year was a lot more competitive, because not everybody knew my strategy going and I shared my strategy, which I probably shouldn’t have with a bunch of the affiliates in the second year. And then they all came with my strategy, knowing it. And then they also came with bigger budgets. So, year two was actually was actually a lot more stressful than the first one.

Eric Beer 39:33
And just just so people understand this, like, you would have paid $100,000 to be in a mastermind with Tony. But on the $100,000 that you spent, there was a return on that investment. It wasn’t Yeah, you just put $100,000 in there, right? You actually ended up getting paid to go and hang out with Tony, because of all the things that you built in that program. So, I can’t stand that like that’s the genius of what you did.

Bryan Dulaney 39:59
Well, so The first year yeah, we’ve profited $100,000 on commissions from from Tony as an affiliate. So, really, Tony paid us $100,000 to go to Fiji. And then beyond that we have, you know, we had Matt, we have a mastermind, we have an agency. So, we made several million dollars, by, by, by by those two vehicles as well, on top of the affiliate Commission’s right. And really, it wasn’t really about wasn’t about the affiliate commissions. For me it was about it was about attracting a higher level audience that resonates with Tony, right. So, it was, it was a perfect campaign to support like, I don’t do a lot of those campaigns nowadays. But it was it was really a great campaign of support, because Tony, it just attracts to such a high a high quality person,

Eric Beer 40:41
right. And just so so. So, we understand the genius of a Brian did, right? He, he attracts entrepreneurs interested in Tony and Dean’s program, he captures information, he builds his database on these people, he then sends them over to a partner that is not competing with him, right? It complements his business, they go they get value. So, the customer is happy. He’s getting paid, Brian’s happy. Now he has a customer, that a potential customer for his real business on the back-end. That’s not even his business. That whole thing of you going to Tony, you making $100,000, that’s not like you said, you don’t care about that. Because what happens is on the back-end of that is where now you work, you nurture these people. And then some of these people end up joining your mastermind or joining your agency. And that’s your core business. And then all starts from an affiliate program. Right? If you think about it, and same thing, it’s like that front-end is the same as you doing your willy wonka or your books, just so everybody understands all that. But

Bryan Dulaney 41:38
Exactly, you nailed it. I mean, that’s exactly. So, I thought about going into, like, if I can just break even, I already knew I would make it up in the back-end, because we have a back-end, right. And one of the things that I always recommend like, and I say, I would like to say this because I’ve talked about a lot of front-end campaigns. But I mean, for like a good decade, I mastered and really dialed in the back-end. Yeah, to get to a place to be able to start rolling out a ton of these front-end offers. Right? You know, and I think a lot of people try to do it the other way. They try to like throw a bunch of front-end low ticket offers out and then not really have a back-end in place. That’s not the way I did it. I was really obsessed about the on the high ticket back-end dial that in produce results repeatedly. And then once that was fleshed out and reproduced, like I could reproduce those results, then it was OK, now it’s time to… Now I want to attract more people. So, now I’m going to throw out a book. I’m gonna throw out a webinar. I’m gonna throw out a challenge. I’m gonna support Tony and Dean, right? I mean, from the first event… We threw a three-day event which we paid $150,000 for. So, think about it this way. Tony paid us $100,000 commissions for as an affiliate. So, we’re now… $150,000 on event, we’re 50k in the hole. But what happened was, I knew we’d make it up in the back-end, right? Because I’m doing this long enough. So, we had 239 people show up. And then from that, we had 69 people apply for our $25k mastermind. And then a handful people apply for $100k partner profit partnership, right?

Eric Beer 43:00
So, a million bucks.

Bryan Dulaney 43:01
It’s like, yeah. I do the math, right? It’s, you know, over 2 million bucks, just from one small, you know, three-day event. But those… all those people would have never been in the room if they didn’t buy Tony and Dean’s program through us.

Eric Beer 43:12
That’s correct. Right. So, it all starts from you just being an affiliate. Unbelievable. Genius, man. Well, yeah, I’m glad you got that across. So, I’m glad we got it on tape. Brian, you are awesome. Anybody that gets to work with you, I believe is lucky. So, thanks for your time. Yeah, if anybody wants to pay him for his time on the show, you can give me your bank account number right now if you want. I’m just kidding. Listen, how do people work with you? How would they get in touch with you?

Bryan Dulaney 43:41
So, is probably the best place for people to go. It’s easiest to pronounce.

Eric Beer 43:53 All right, we’ll put that down on the screen here. And how can they buy the book?

Bryan Dulaney 43:59
If you go to, you’ll see a link there to buy it. So, everything is there from Perfect Funnel System or directly you could go to So, the book is called Entrepreneur Evangelist, right? And I am certainly an evangelist of entrepreneurship. I love entrepreneurship. You could also go to You know, I was… One of my partners, who I started a mastermind with back in 2015, was like, Man, you’re an entrepreneur evangelist! And I was like, That’s a good name! I should buy that domain name. So, I bought the domain name and ended up calling in the book that.

Eric Beer 44:39
I love it. That’s awesome. And you’re giving it away for free. Right free.

Bryan Dulaney 44:43
It’s free. All we ask is you cover the shipping and handling cost to get it to you anywhere in the country or anywhere in the world.

Eric Beer 44:49
That’s awesome. Well, man, listen, I appreciate you taking the time to be here and to tell us a little bit about you and the genius you have. I know you have another baby on the way, so I want to wish you luck with that. And keep us posted on boy or girl when you find out. And we got a follow-up and you tell us all about it if you have a partner, or real… Brian, you’re awesome, man! Thank you so much. I’ve learned a great ton from you. And, you know, I think it’s a treat that you came on today. So, I appreciate you.

Bryan Dulaney 45:19
Awesome. You’re welcome. And it’s always my pleasure to be with you.

Eric Beer 45:23
Alright, buddy. Be good!

Would you like to learn how I built my business using other people’s money? If so, then join my 21-day challenge at I look forward to meeting you and welcome you into my family. And remember, results don’t lie, but the people who don’t have any do. Thanks for listening.