How to Beat Cancer Daily With Chris Wark (Chris Beat Cancer)
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How to Beat Cancer Daily With Chris Wark (Chris Beat Cancer)

How to Beat Cancer Daily With Chris Wark (Chris Beat Cancer) - with Eric Beer

How to Beat Cancer Daily With Chris Wark (Chris Beat Cancer)

This week on the Performance Marketer Podcast, I’m joined by a very special guest. Chris Wark is a public speaker, an author, and a health coach, sharing his life story to provide hope to all those who feel like there is none.

Just short of 17 years ago, Chris was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer. What came after was a period of excruciating fear and agonizing hopelessness.

Desperately searching for ways to cope, he threw himself into exploring the practices of healthy living. By making a radical change to his diet and lifestyle, Chris managed to beat cancer – without ever undergoing chemotherapy!

He decided to share his story to support other cancer patients and continues to do so to this day. Chris recently published his second book called Beat Cancer Daily, and with it, he aims to empower people to overcome the biggest obstacles and survive life’s most difficult storms.

The topic of cancer hits very close to home for me. I lost my mom to melanoma cancer, my grandpa to lung cancer, and even today, I have several friends fighting the big fight against this horrible disease.

If you’re going through an incredibly difficult period in your life, I sincerely hope our conversation provides you with some comfort.


How Chris Beat Cancer With Healthy Living and Dieting


For everyone out there, getting diagnosed with cancer is a uniquely horrifying experience. And the younger you are, the harder it hits you. 

Chris was only 26 when he first learned the devastating news about his illness, and as he described it, it was as if someone split his life in two with an ax. 

Up until that point, everything seemed to be going great. But the diagnoses, accompanied by pretty invasive surgery, only to be followed up with the news that the cancer had already spread… It completely turned his life upside down.

The thought of leaving his parents and wife behind tortured him every single day. Being a devout Christian, he turned to prayer, hoping to find solace.

One day, an answer to his prayers came in the form of a book. It was written by George Malkmus, a reverent who managed to cure himself of cancer by changing his diet.

Not only did Chris make a radical change to his diet and eating habits, but he also aimed to learn everything he could about healthy living. He knew this was the right thing for him to do, and he stuck with it.

With each month of testing, he got further proof his new lifestyle was working, and after five years, he finally got the “all clear” from his oncologist – Chris Beat Cancer!

Check out the full video to get more details about his emotional journey!


You CAN Make Money Doing What You Love


Six and a half years from his first diagnosis, Chris started a blog that later inspired a book of the same name. He realized that many people were going through the same experience he did, and helping ease their pain became his biggest passion.

“As an entrepreneur, you have to be willing to work for free.” – Chris Wark

One of the most significant factors that allowed Chris to become a full-time health coach is his mindset. He didn’t let himself get bogged down by worrying about the money aspect – his only goal was to serve people.

When you’re operating purely from a place of passion, you don’t need anything else.

Adding value to people’s lives is crucial to becoming an entrepreneur, regardless of the industry. And as long as you can do that and you’re willing to put in the work – the money WILL follow.


How to Beat Cancer Daily


Chris’ latest book is called Beat Cancer Daily, and it’s dedicated to people who are going through the biggest trials of their life. It offers compassion, perspective, and help to anyone looking to better themselves by overcoming obstacles life throws their way.

“It’s 365 days – one page per day of inspiration, encouragement, and action steps to survive and thrive.” – Chris Wark

When you’re in the eye of the storm, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose perspective. To help you persevere, Chris offers a reframing technique by reminding that even the darkest challenges can be blessings in disguise. And if you genuinely believe you will come out the other side a better person – nothing can dampen your spirit!

Having Chris on the show has been a wonderful experience. His story really blew me away, and I’m happy to help him get his message out there.

Thank you for tuning in, and I hope you found this episode helpful.

Keep fighting!


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Read Full Transcript

Eric Beer 0:00
What's up? What's up Performance Marketers? Today, I have a special treat for you. I'm bringing on a friend of mine, Chris Wark, who is an author. And Chris wrote a book years ago called Chris Beat Cancer. And that is very close to home for me, where, for me, I lost my mom to melanoma cancer. My grandfather passed away from lung cancer. I have a few friends right now they're dealing with cancer. And so I thought that it would be good to bring Chris on to talk about what he's done, and hopefully can inspire somebody to get past this in a good way. And Chris has just launched his new book, Beat Cancer Daily. So we're going to talk about that, and how he beat cancer with a diet. So stick around. And we'll be right back, after this intro.

I spent the last 17 years building my eight-figure performance business without using any of my own money, working with some of the most brilliant direct response marketers in the world today. Now I'm looking for entrepreneurs to join my affiliate army, built on ethics, transparency, and good old hard work. Join me to change the perception of how people view the greatest business in the world, affiliate marketing, and follow along, as I learn, apply, and share performance marketing strategies, working with some of the brightest people on the planet. My name is Eric Beer, and welcome to the Performance Marketer Podcast.

We've got Chris Wark here, ladies and gentlemen, author, speaker, and health coach. Welcome, Chris, good to have you on!

Chris Wark 1:51
Good to be with you. We haven't seen each other in person and a little while. I was in 2019. Do we see each other in 2020? Or not? I guess we haven't.

Eric Beer 2:00
I don't think so. I haven't seen many people 2020 I think COVID hit in March. I haven't gone anywhere since about you. You traveling at all?

Chris Wark 2:10
No, no, I've got one. I've got one speaking event. Well, I have some TV stuff to do in Atlanta, in November. But yeah, I haven't really traveled. I mean, you know, we I usually do travel and speak throughout the year. But this year, it was weird for everybody. So...

Eric Beer 2:25
All right, cool. Well, before we get into your new book, why don't you tell us a little bit about you, as a person, your family, where you live all that good jazz?

Chris Wark 2:34
Yes. My name is Chris Wark. I am 43 years old. In December, I will be a 17-year stage three colon cancer survivor. And I was diagnosed for those of you that don't want to do the math, I was diagnosed at age 26. And it was a total shock. Of course, it's a shock at any age, but especially when you're a young adult young person. And my story is, is a little bit different. Because I was a typical cancer patient in the beginning. And by typical, I mean I had no idea what cancer was. And I had never even had I'd say I was almost a typical because I didn't even have any friends or family members who'd gone through it. Now most of us have had somebody close to us go through cancer. So we have sort of this firsthand experience of what treatment is like and all that but I didn't even have that. So I get a diagnosis. I've been having abdominal pain. for the better part of a year it would come and go It was just random pain, aching kind of weird pain. Sometimes it was a sharp little twinge of pain. And eventually, I had a colonoscopy because doctors just they couldn't figure it out. And that's when they found a golf ball-sized tumor in my large intestine. Now, young adult colon cancer is one of the fastest-growing cancers not fastest-growing in your body. I mean, fastest-growing in our population. Yeah, because colon cancer, like many cancers, is a dietary cancer. And just today, I read there is a new recommendation that they move colon cancer screening from age 50 to age 45. Because so many young adults are getting colon cancer, and they want to catch it early. And if you catch it early enough, now I was 26 they still want to cut mine. But if you catch it early enough, you have a polyp, they can snip off this polyp, and that polyp will never become a tumor. So colon cancer screening is one of those that actually does prevent the disease. But again, for young people, they're not getting screened. And a lot of people don't get screened either. So I was an anomaly, being extra young and getting it and so as soon as I was diagnosed, they said, Look, we got to get you into surgery right away and get this thing out of you before it spreads and kills you. And I was like, okay, it was a couple days before Christmas, you know? And I'm like This sucks. Yeah. I mean, I life was going pretty great. I was a real estate investor, I had accumulated 35 rental properties. In about a two year period, I was a musician writing songs playing shows like planning a tour. You know, it's like things were going great in my life, and I've been married for two years to a woman I dated for six years, like, you know, everything was looking up. And then I got this diagnosis, and it just sort of wrecked my entire life plan. And so I postponed the surgery about a week I had it on December 30, they cut me open, took out a third of my large intestine. When I woke up, they said, It's worse than we thought we were hoping you would be stage two, which means the tumor is smaller, basically, and has not spread. And if you're stage two, they cut it out, they zip you up, send you home, see you later. If you're stage three, you need chemo. So the tumor, cancer had spread to my lymph nodes surrounding lymph nodes, they cut out everything they could see. But you know, cancer cells are microscopic, you can have a billion cancer cells in about a centimeter, you know, I mean, it's so they know the cells have spread. And not only that cancer cells, they start spreading for almost from day one, before you have a lesion. lump or a bump that's even big enough to detect. Yeah, this is for any cancer cells leave that primary tumor site and start circulating through your body. That's kind of scary, right? But here's the thing. Your immune system is designed to identify and eliminate cancer cells. That's its job, right? It's not just there to kill viruses and bacteria, your natural killer cells and T cells. They are designed to kill cancer cells. That's what they do. Yep. So most of the most of he most humans, almost all humans, really. I don't think anyone with an education in oncology would argue with this have cancer cells in their bodies circulating that their immune system takes care of. So but something goes wrong. And I'll get to that. Something goes wrong. Cancer cells start, they set up a tumor site starts growing, and your immune system doesn't take care of it. Yep. That's the difference between someone with tumors and no tumors. It's essentially their immune system. So that's a sidebar. I didn't know any of this. But they said, you're going to need nine to 12 months of chemotherapy, after surgery. And so I'm like, oh, man, like this is a pretty heavy blow. Yeah, sure. Because we've all seen chemo patients out in the world, right? I mean, it's like, oh, you can just tell this person is suffering, just based on their physical state? Yeah. And it was scary. And I was thinking about like, what am I? What am I going to become? You know, what is cancer treatment going to do to me? What's it going to turn me into? Because you're gonna turn me into what I've seen out there in the world. And that's terrifying. Sure. So a couple of things happen in the hospital. The first thing that happened was the very first meal. They served me after cutting out a third of my large intestine, also known as the colon. Do you know what it was? Eric? Do you remember? I don't. We've talked about this. The very first meal was a sloppy joe. which I know is I know, that's what you order anytime you go out to eat worse. Yes. It's like, you know, if it's not on the menu, make me one special. Right? So yeah, Sloppy Joe. I mean, this is like, the worst cafeteria food you can think of. They don't serve in restaurants because nobody wants one. The only place that you can get a sloppy joe is as far as I knew. Summer Camp, the military, definitely a prison. And surprise, if you have cancer, and you're in the hospital, you're going to get a sloppy joe, special treat. So, you know, I had a background in health. And when I say that my mom was always into healthy stuff. And I worked at a wild oats which got bought out by Whole Foods or worked at a health food store for about a year in college. It's like I knew what organic food was. I knew about wheatgrass and juicing and stuff like that. I wasn't eating it, you know, but I definitely knew what it was. And so I knew there was a world of health food, healthy living, healthy, hippie type people. Right. And it was very strange to me that they would be serving such terrible food to a sick person. The second thing that happened in the hospital was the day they told me I could go home my surgeon comes in he's doing his rounds comes in to check on me. We had a conversation at some point in the conversation I said, Hey, is there any food I need to avoid? Because I was thinking, like, I don't want to eat like the wrong thing. Like screw this up, right? Everything you eat is going through the tube, right? It's a big tube mouth to anus. It's a tube. They cut the tube section out of the tube and soda back together. Yeah, so I you know, it's hot sauce a problem, or you know, or Doritos too sharp? And his answer was, no, just don't lift anything heavier than a beer. And that was it. All the nutritional advice I got from my surgeon. So the wheels are turning right. I'm like, man, like, this just doesn't add up. Why is there such a big disconnect between Healthy Living health, food, nutrition, and health care? Right? You think they would be like this? Yeah. And when I say like this, for your podcast listeners, I just laced my fingers together. I'll try not to make any gestures, unexplained gestures. So I go home from surgery, I'm recovering on the couch, sleeping on the couch, you know, trying to get off the pain pills. And you know, as I sobered up, I was really started thinking seriously about my life and my future. And, and I just thought, like I said earlier, like, what, what am I going to become like, what is going to become of me? How many birthdays do I have left? Like, what is my life story going to be? Am I just a passenger on this train? You know what I mean? And just a victim of fate.

Eric Beer 11:33
It certainly makes you think and start to live in the moment and appreciate the things you have when a lot of people take it for granted. Right? So it's all in it's like, almost like a gift if you can get past it to live your life to the fullest each day. Right?

Chris Wark 11:49
That's right, a lot of cancer patients call it a gift and a blessing, not right away. But after some time has passed, even if they're still sick, you will hear cancer patients call it a gift and a blessing. Because what happens is this cancer diagnosis, it basically just, it's sort of like it's just sort of like a giant axe that just like chopped your life in half. And, and what it does is it separates the essential from everything else, everything just stops, everything stops, and you just realize, like what's really important, and all the things that we think are important that we care about that we chase after. You know, I like to say, people that don't have cancer, care about everything, right. But the cancer patient only cares about one thing that's getting Well, everything else doesn't matter anymore, right? You know, family matters, of course. But it was just like I all of a sudden it was like, I don't care about anything else. I just want to live. Yeah, I just want to live. And I couldn't bear the thought of my parents. I'm an only child of my parents, and my wife putting me in the ground. It was so painful for me just to imagine the pain that they would go through, right? I'm a pretty big deal to those three people. a pretty big deal to those three people. So you know, I'm just like the idea of poisoning my way back back to health doesn't make sense to me. Right? I don't get it. It doesn't make sense. I don't have a piece about it. I don't understand it. And I'm afraid of it. Right. It's something in my core is saying like, beware, like this is dangerous. Yeah. And so I prayed about it. I'm a Christian, and my wife and I are believers. And we just prayed as a God, if there's another way besides chemotherapy, show me. This doesn't make sense. It doesn't feel right. I don't have peace about it. I'm scared. Help. And two days later, I got a book. And this book was sent to me from a guy who knew my dad and this guy lives in Alaska. I'm in Tennessee. And the book is written by another guy who had healed his own colon cancer with nutrition. without surgery, no chemo and radiation, no medical treatments, and I start reading it. I'm like, "Oh, my gosh, this is amazing. This guy's story is amazing." He healed and in that book, he was making the case. That which I had not really heard before, that most cancers are caused by our diet and lifestyle. And I'm like, What, really? The eye doctor didn't say anything about this? Right? And he also talked about, he was a former pastor, and he had seen a lot of family members and church members, his own mother diagnosed with cancer and go through treatment, suffer and die. And then when he was diagnosed, he thought to himself, his name's George Malkmus. He thought, Well, I'm not doing that. And he happened to have a friend who was a health nut type of guy who said, you need to go back to the Garden of Eden. Just eat raw fruits and vegetables. And you juice carrots, drink a bunch of carrot juice, and just does what you need to do. And by the way, this was in like 1977 or something. And that's what he did. He got well, and then he had spent, you know, the rest of his life as a sort of health evangelist guy. And so I, you know, I'm reading a story. And I mean, I'm crying on the couch reading this guy's story, because I knew it was an answer to prayer. I knew like, this is it, I asked for something this showed up. This is it, this is what I have to do. I know now what I have to do. And I had this really powerful revelation, which was the way you're living is killing you. I was like, Oh, wait a second. Okay. All right. If the way I'm living is killing me if I've contributed to this disease through ignorance, right? Yeah, and some and just unhealthy lifestyle choices and factors I didn't understand. I can contribute to my health, into my wellness into my recovery by changing my life by making different choices every day than I have been. And that was exciting. It was empowering. And I was like, let's do this. Right. It's like when you first learn about maybe starting your own business, right? Or an internet business, I had a light bulb comes on, you're like, Oh, this is possible. Like, I could do this too. This is really exciting. Like, I'm doing this thing, like, I'm gonna do that. So that's as an entrepreneur, right? I was in real estate. So I was already kind of wired that way where I believed in myself, and I am a person who takes responsibility for my own actions. And so it was like, This is tailor made for me. This is exactly what I need to do. So I dove right in man overnight, converted to raw food, raw fruits and vegetables, raw food diet, this was not cool or hip in January 2004. By the way, this was a fringe weirdo diet that only sick people followed. Okay. It was mainly like a cancer patient diet. And like not I even say that, like the fringe alternative. cancer patient diet, right? Yeah. So I didn't know anyone else that had ever eaten this way. I'd never even thought about eating this way. I'd never heard of the raw food diet until I read this book. So but I was like, I love this. I love this idea. What if I just got totally back to nature only ate organic fruits and vegetables straight from the earth unadulterated. What would happen in my body if I did that, because I've never eaten this way. And these are all you know, your, the food you eat is fuel for your body. And so like, I'm going to change my fuel. Yeah. So I bought a juicer and started juicing carrots, drinking carrot juice, 64 ounces of carrot juice every day, sort of making giant salads, fruit smoothies, fresh fruit, nuts and seeds. Just cramming every vegetable I could into my body, I basically went from eating one to two servings of fruits and vegetables per day, which is like a banana. And then like, some fried french fries. So those count, you know, I went from that to eating between 15 and 20 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Well, believe me, crazy stuff happens in your body when you do this. And it's all good. So I was so excited about, you know this answer to prayer and this sort of strategy for radical health, restoration. And, unfortunately, most of the people around me, my wife, lots of family members thought I lost my mind. And what I was doing was not well received by those people, and they were trying to talk me out of it. And they were telling me you got to do chemo, you gotta do what the doctor says, like, you know, I know somebody that did alternative therapies and they died. Right? And I'm like, Oh, well, I don't know. I just, you know, then I'm starting to doubt myself.

Eric Beer 18:47
Sure. that's a huge decision.

Chris Wark 18:49
Yeah. Yeah. And so things got much harder real quick, because I was like, oh, nobody, nobody supporting my decision. Everyone's telling me I'm making a mistake, and I'm wrong. Now, what am I going to do? And the only person that supported me, in the beginning, was my mom, because earlier like it's like I said, she had a background. And it has always been really interested in health and nutrition and natural living and that kind of stuff. Turns out my mom had a huge library of books, stacks, and stacks of books on a raw food diet, alternative cancer therapies, natural hygiene, natural living like this is crazy. I can't believe it.

Eric Beer 19:33
She had read them already?

Chris Wark 19:35

Eric Beer 19:36

Chris Wark 19:36
She had read them since the 1970s. We had, you know, just my mom's a voracious reader. And she just picked up all just book after book after book after book, you know, books about Apple Cider Vinegar books about rebounding books about juicing, had all these books, man. And the thing is she wasn't like that hardcore at all. But she just loved to learn and grow Nope, this library of bugs that were like exactly what I needed, because at that time, the internet sucked. There was no Facebook, no YouTube, no Twitter, like, no social media, you couldn't even really watch videos on the internet because bandwidth was so, you know, so narrow. I mean, what did we do on the internet? I don't even remember what anybody was doing on the internet back then just like reading articles, I guess. Yeah. But so the internet wasn't helpful to me at all. But I had all these books. And it was crazy. Because every book I read during that time, they were all saying the same thing. raw foods, juicing, stress reduction, detoxification, forgiveness, and I'm like, okay, everywhere I turn, I'm getting the same message. This is what you got to do. So, but I still had all this opposition from my family. And they, you know, basically, in order to appease the pressure, I agreed to go see the oncologist that had been I've been referred to. Yeah. And, you know, it's kind of weird the way medical referrals work, you know, like, I'm in the hospital, and they just this oncologist comes in, and they're like, this is your oncologist. You know what I mean? Yeah, just like, oh, okay, like, you know, who picked this guy? I don't know. Exactly. He's not the only guy in town. Yeah. But anyway, we there was a guy. So we go see him. And, man, it didn't go well. He was, you know, very Matter of fact, he said, Look, you're young adult colon cancer, it's very aggressive in young people grows fast. You know, if you want to prevent the recurrence, you got to do chemotherapy. Yet you have about a 60% chance of living five years. And I'm thinking, well, thanks, 60%. I mean, that's barely better than 50% 50% is a coin toss. Right? So like, these odds are not good. It's on you know, I'm not feeling real confident in the therapy. You know what I mean? Sure. And then I asked him about the raw food diet. I'd been on it for one week at that time. And he says, No, you can't do that. It'll fight the chemo. weird thing to say, then, I said, Are there any alternative therapies available? Or, you know, and he was like, No, if you don't do chemotherapy, you're insane. And he proceeded to berate me with like, every, you know, sort of arrow in his quiver to convince me that I had to do chemotherapy, or I was going to die. Yeah. And, and he did, he convinced me that there was so much fear, right? You know, when you're fearful, you don't make smart decisions. You make irrational decisions. You don't think clearly. You end up like deer in the headlights, and I obviously, you know, fearful and then a panic. And he This is what happens in every cancer clinic, man. It's just a Fear Factory. Whether doctors do it intentionally or unintentionally, it's happening. Yeah. And so he finishes his passionate dissertation, we conclude the meeting, I get up, I make a beeline for the front desk. And I made an appointment to get a port put in in a few weeks and start chemo. Yeah, you know, I walked into that clinic, confident and feeling good and optimistic. And I walked out of there just totally shattered man. discouraged, depressed, hopeless. I mean, it was a really, really rough day. And we got my wife's car. And she was driving. I was in the passenger seat and we held hands and just cried and I choked out a prayer. And we went home and stuff. So I'm thankful. Spoiler alert. I didn't die. I'm really thankful because I had time. A lot of cancer patients are rushed into treatment. Before they know what's happening to them. They have no idea man, it's like boom, diagnosis, boom, surgery, chemo, radiation. I mean, you know, it's like, then they're just like, what what has happened? You know, like, a limbs are missing body parts. Their hairs fold, you know, has fallen out. There's sick, they're just hovering over the toilet. I can't get out of bed like all before they even figure out what the heck just happened to them. Yeah. So during that three-ish week period, between that appointment when I was supposed to start chemo, I found a naturopathic doctor. I found an integrative oncologist and I just kept doing what I was doing, man, I just fired up the juicer, and I just kept eating fruits and vegetables just like I was just thought I'm going to overdose on nutrition. You know, I'm going to do as much as I possibly can to help myself heal. And because it was life or death. Yeah. And I wasn't gonna sit at home and just mope and feel sorry for myself and just eat ice cream and pizza, you know, which is what a lot of patients do, and I Get that. But for me, I was like, No, I got to take some action. Yeah. So the day rolls around, it's time to go for the appointment. And I, I didn't go, just didn't, like I'm not going, just didn't show up, didn't show up. I'm not going, I just like, this is not for me. And, and I was feeling so good. You know, I was in I'd been reading more and my confidence had really grown. And I just realized, you know what, I want to build my body up. That's what I want to do right now. I don't want to break it down further. Yeah, chemo is always an option. That option is not going away. But I'm not ready to do it. And I don't want to do it right now. And I think this is an important message for everybody listening.

Eric Beer 25:44
Did you ever try it?

Chris Wark 25:46

Eric Beer 25:46
Never? You never, even one time?

Chris Wark 25:49
Just kidding. No, I never, I never did. But the message is not don't do chemo. That's not my message. My message is don't do anything you don't understand. Don't let anyone rush you into a treatment that you don't understand out of fear. Yeah, because fear-based decisions are always the wrong decision. You don't make smart decisions out of fear. You need to make a decision with facts and faith, not fear. So I didn't show up and they started hounding me man calling my house they sent me a certified letter I had to sign for, I mean, and then they finally left me alone. And I just kept doing what I knew was going to be best for me, which was an overdose on nutrition. it and it changed my whole life. So I systematically changed everything. And I wrote a book about it's called Chris Beat Cancer, it was a national bestseller in 2018. That book is right here, and beautiful. And I have a brand new book. And in that book, I talk about the new book. But in that book, obviously, I tell my story in even greater detail than here. About a third of the book is an expose on the medical and cancer industry and pharmaceutical industry, and how corrupt how much corruption is just ingrained into those industries. There's a lot of good people in medicine, but they're trapped in a really, really bad system. That's the problem. It's not the people. I mean, you know, there are bad doctors out there. But generally speaking, it's not the doctors, it's the system, they are trapped in, right, this system is this is a financial system that only cares about profit, it doesn't care about patient outcomes, and they're only interested in the most profitable drugs. Yeah, that gives some benefit, right, some small benefit that they can measure. And if they can give you a small benefit, then they can sell you a billion dollars, you know, billions of dollars of drugs. So, meanwhile, there are hundreds of thousands of studies on nutrition and natural compounds that are anti-cancer compounds, anti-cancer agents, hundreds of thousands of studies, like it's mind-blowing how much science is out there on this. And it's not taught in med school. It's not talked about by the media. It's freely available to anyone that wants to learn. But you don't even know what's out there because no one's talking about it. And it doesn't make its way into medicine because there's no money in food, right? The money's in drugs. That's where the money is. There's no money in blueberries, broccoli, garlic, green tea, resveratrol, there's no money in that stuff. So that is the simplest explanation as to why we have lost the war on cancer, because the war on cancer was all about finding a drug that would cure cancer, but there's hundreds of different types of cancer, right? It's not going to be one drug that's going to cure them all. So So that brings us up to six and a half years after my diagnosis, I started a blog called Chris Beat Cancer, to share my story. And people started just coming out of the woodwork finding me I didn't realize in 2010, how much pent up demand there was for you know, just organized information about nutrition and alternative therapies for cancer. And so my audience started growing on, you know, social media and stuff. And before I knew it, I had a very large audience. And I realized like, this is what I'm supposed to be doing with my life, sharing my story, encouraging people, bringing them information, digging into the science, but simplifying it to help people understand what they can do to help themselves heal and prevent cancer. And it's very simple things. And so I talked about that in the book as well.

Eric Beer 29:31
At what point did you validate that it was working?

Chris Wark 29:37
It was a month by month, year by year process. I had blood work drawn every month, I had CT scans every six months for the first couple of years. And it just kept coming back all clear. All clear, all clear. And then we got to the five-year mark, all clear. And it was like my oncologist said, look, I think you're out of the woodsman. And that's when I felt I felt like So that's when I started to think about sharing my story.

Eric Beer 30:03
Is this the same oncologist that pushed you to do chemo or you switched?

Chris Wark 30:08
No, this was actually the third guy. Because the second guy, I worked with him, but then he retired. Yeah. And then the I was sort of referred to another guy that sort of finished up. My follow up care. Yeah. But anyway, he. Yeah. So that's when I started thinking about sharing my story. But I didn't know how and I didn't know anything about blogging or blogs. I didn't follow any blogs like I just didn't. I was busy in real estate, you know? Sure. I was out there in the world, renovating houses and dealing with all that stuff. Yeah. So I had to learn how to, you know, use the internet, how to use WordPress and stuff. I had a buddy knew he knew some things, and he kind of got me started and helped me set up the blog and just put a just a really rough, you know, Chris Beat Cancer blog. And then off to the races. I started making videos. And then I started finding people who had healed with nutrition like me and interviewing them and sharing their stories. And it just grew and grew. And then, you know, 15 years after my diagnosis, I published my first book. So it wasn't like I just rushed out, like, wrote a book, hey, here you go, like 15 years, man. Again, I learned a lot of stuff in 15 years. Chris Beat Cancer, the book is packed full of scientific references and all kinds of stuff. There’s no way I could have written a book like this, you know, five years out from cancer, or even 10 years out from cancer.

Eric Beer 31:36
Is the book meant for people that are diagnosed with cancer dealing with cancer, or even people that don't have cancer to prevent or family members, like, who's this book for?

Chris Wark 31:50
The first book is for patients and prevention. If you're patient, absolutely, it's for you. If you care about prevention, absolutely, it's for you. Because one out of every two men and one out of every three women is predicted to get diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. So like, if you're not serious about prevention, you should be, there's so much you can do to reduce dramatically reduce your risk of ever getting cancer like you can slash your risk. So low, you can't ever be cancer-proof, like I wouldn't make that claim chair, but you can drop your list your risk to a, you know, a fractional level compared to what everybody else's risk is. But you have to change the way you're living your life. Right, you got to change the way you eat, change the way you think you got to be willing to forgive, you got to address, you know, the stress in your life, and keep your stress at a minimum. There's simple steps that you can take but you do have to take them for right knowledge won't help you if you don't implement. So the first book is all about that. And then the new book, which came out this week, it's called Beat Cancer Daily. So this is a follow up to my first book, and it's a daily devotional daily reader. That helps. It's really for anyone that is on a healthy path. If they have cancer, or if they're just into prevention. It's 365 days, one page per day of inspiration, encouragement, and action steps to survive and thrive. That's the subtitle. So there's entries in the book about choosing courage, being courageous, getting victory over your fears, staying motivated, forgiving people who've hurt you, making healthy choices every day exercising. So it's just continual encouragement. Now, for somebody that's, that's trying to get healthier, stay on the healthier path, like trying to improve their life. That's what Beat Cancer Daily is about. And, again, it's got cancer in the title. But it's not just for cancer patients. It's really for anybody that's on a journey of continual self-improvement. Yeah, like a lot of your audience, entrepreneurs, people that, you know, they just want to improve their life, just day by day, stay healthy, either get healthy, get healthier, stay healthy, prevent disease, have better relationships, be a better person, all those things.

Eric Beer 34:13
Well, how was it, with your family with your children? How do you sell that to a kid who... you know how kids know it all?

Chris Wark 34:23
Well, my kids, I didn't have to sell it to him because we raised them from zero. So another cool part of the story is that about three, you know, three months in, well, really shorter than that, I'd say about a month or two into my diagnosis. I realized like, I really want to start a family. I don't know how much time I have left. I really want to be a dad, like, you know, remember how I said I used to care about everything, and then I only cared about a few things. Sure. Well, that was one of them was the life experience of being a father. You know, it's like, I don't know how much time I have left, but I really want to be a dad and so on. I talked to my wife about starting a family and she made one of the most courageous decisions of anybody I know. Which was she said, Yes, to start a family with me not knowing if I would be around to help her raise this child. Yeah. I mean, talk about just sacrificial love.

Eric Beer 35:18
I'm getting chills right now, as you say that. Yeah.

Chris Wark 35:21
Yeah. I mean, she loved me that much, you know? And it makes, like, I get a little choked up talking about it, too. And so we started trying to have kids and she got pregnant right away. And we're like, Okay, all right. Like, I've got cancer and you're pregnant. Like, this is like, we're on an adventure, aren't we? Let's go giddy-up. Yeah. And the train has left the station. A year after I was diagnosed, I was back in the hospital. And this time, I was holding a brand new baby girl.

Eric Beer 35:55

Chris Wark 35:56
And yeah, I mean, what, uh, you know, what an incredible, like, 12 months, right? The first year of cancer was just really rough. It was just even though I didn't do chemo. I mean, it was difficult, you know, emotionally, spiritually, it was a challenge, I had to change my whole life. And then I had this, like, incredible, just reward almost this little, healthy little baby girl. And that was something else to live for. You know, I think earlier, I probably said that I, you know, had two or three people in my life that I wanted to live for my mom and dad and my wife. And now it's like, I got four. Right? So that just fueled my fire. You know, even just when the baby was on the way I was, like, I have to live now. I really, really have to live. Sure. And then about three and a half years after that, we had our second daughter. And now that now I've got a teen and a tween man. My oldest is 15. She's about to be 16 in January, and my youngest is 12. And they're just like, the greatest joys of my life. I mean, I just love these kids so much. And yeah, we’ve raised them in an environment where we eat really healthy, we... Plant-based diets still not all raw anymore. Yeah, that was only for a short season. That's like hardcore detoxification and healing diet, but I need to plant-based diet, and so does my wife and so to my kids. So, you know, we eat whole foods we eat lots of plants, doesn't mean they don't have the occasional junk junky snack or something, or when they go to a friend's house or whatever, like, we're not like, you know, the puppet master, like trying to control everything they eat all the time here. That's not a healthy way to to parent but, but anyway, we know that we're feeding them super healthy at home and what they're taking to school and their lunches. And so that's, that's enough. Right, that's enough. And so that's why we do it.

Eric Beer 37:46
That's cool. So I think it's a good message also, for people, one of the things I think you're lucky to have been able to do is to find something where one, you can make an impact on people's lives. But also, you're gonna make a business out of it, you took a life experience, and you turn that into a business. And in today's world, people just don't understand that that's possible. Right? A lot of people struggle when they, they're growing up just thinking they need to do accounting or become a lawyer or a doctor, or what have you, right. And, you know, this happens. And all of a sudden now, like, you were way ahead of your time, clearly, right. But nowadays, it's like, things happen for a reason. Right? And now you have a message where you not only saved yourself, and you're out there with thousands of people, like you said, with cancer, and you're changing people's lives every single day. I mean, how does that feel?

Chris Wark 38:44
It definitely feels good. I mean, you know, I'm really thankful there were two books that helped me a lot. In that I read in around 2009, one of them was crushing it by Gary Vaynerchuk. And the other one was The 4-hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss. So I read those two books, they were still pretty, I mean, that that was Gary's first book, he was still not that well known. And Tim was not that well known either. That time, but I just stumbled across those books. And both of those books open my eyes to the fact that like, you know, get the subtitle of crush it is cash in on your passion, right? Well, I wasn't trying to cash in, but what he was teaching in that book was like, whatever you're passionate about whatever you love, you can Yes, you can actually make a career make a living, doing what you love. It's possible, and especially thanks to the internet and YouTube and social media. And so that book was helpful to me because it was like, it just opened my eyes to the possibilities right? Just like the first book I read open my eyes have the possibility of healing with nutrition so So anyway, those got those books got the wheels turning and I just thought, you know, I see that it's possible. I'm not sure how to do this, but all I know As I've got to share my story, I know it's going to help people and encourage people. And so I'm just going to get started, right, I'm just going to do it. And you know, like, as an entrepreneur, you have to be willing to work for free. Right? Like, you just, you know, if you're passionate about something, you work on it, it doesn't it's, you make money, or you don't make money if you just do what you're passionate about. So that's what I did for years. So for years, I wasn't making a living, I wasn't making money. Being a blogger, or making videos or speaking or anything, I was just like, this is an important message, my story has got to be shared, other people have these healing stories, I need to share those too like this information needs to get out. And it took about five years of doing that. And there are certain shortcuts that I've learned since then, that I could have done, and it would have gotten me a heck of a lot faster, right. But the reality is, is I was like, Look, I am just focused on sharing this message, and reaching people that need my help. And I believe if I just do good work, people will find me and my audience will grow, and good things will come out of it, you know, the money will come, it'll just come right? It'll come if I just if I do good work, the money will come. And, and so yeah, around the five-year mark, I was realized, as I can, I can do this full time now. And, and so I officially sort of retired from real estate in 2015. And just was able to focus full time on this. And that's when I was able to sit down and actually write the book. Yeah, at least start writing it, it came out in 2018. But that's what I was actually serious about, okay, I can seriously sit down and start writing this book. And that's when I did that. And I created a course. And during that time, too, called square one, I had been coaching people on the side. And I took all that stuff that I was teaching people and put it into a course, and roll that out into the world. And we've shared that course for free. It's a paid program, but we put it online for free periodically. And we've shared that for free with over a million people since 2017, which feels really good. That's amazing. Yeah, it feels great. And so, you know, if you're, if all you care about is selling, I think you're gonna, your life is gonna, you're going to struggle, you're going to feel unfulfilled, and empty. But if your primary focus is service, that's where you get the fulfillment and joy. And that's the best feeling in the world. And if you have a “serve first” attitude, which is what I was taught many, many years ago, and in the job I had after college, then you know, the money will come if you just focus on serving people. And just so that's what I did, you know, it's like, I didn't, I'm not a great marketer, I'm not, you know, techie, you know, none of that I just am passionate. And I've just done the work, you know, just writing articles, making videos, sharing my story, reading and researching, you know, just spending time really trying to serve the cancer community and the health and wellness community. And now it's been 10 years, this year is my 10 year anniversary of being a public blogger and cancer survivor. So, it does feel really good. It feels wonderful to be, you know, a side benefit of doing what you and I do is COVID was, you know, it was a bit of a rough year. Yeah, for a lot of people. And, but we've been able, we've been okay because I don't work for somebody else, you know, I'm able to do what I do from my house. Yeah, I'm really thankful for that. God bless.

Eric Beer 43:32
So the people listening if they want to contact you, or they want to purchase some of your books, once you tell them a little bit about how they can get in touch ask you questions.

Chris Wark 43:42
Yeah, your books? Well, the books are easy to find there and you can get them. You know, most bookstores carry them if they haven't been stocked. Of course, they're on Amazon, Chris Beat Cancer and the new one is Beat Cancer Daily if they don't, you know, if they haven't read the first book, I suggest Chris Beat Cancer first, and then if you love it, you'll probably also love my second book. But yeah,, Chris Beat Cancer is my handle on Facebook and Instagram, YouTube. So I'm pretty easy to find that way. We've got it. Yeah, we've just got an incredible support community and just awesome survivors and thrivers and just health and wellness lovers in our tribe. And it's, it's really fun. Just some of the best people in the world. I've met and befriended through doing this, you know, and it's, here's the big message, you know, that I think this applies to everybody is that a lot of problems and obstacles and tragedies in life are blessings in disguise. And there's a verse in Romans, Romans 828 it says, we know that God works all things for the good of those who love Him. And that's a promise that God is going to work all things for your good if you love him, and I knew I did love I do love God right? And even back then, and I, I remembered that verse right off after I was diagnosed, and I thought, you know what, I don't like this at all. Like, this is not where I want to be in my life. And this is not a challenge I want to face. Right? Not an obstacle I want to try to overcome. But here I am. And I'm just going to choose to believe I'm going to exercise my faith, and I'm going to believe that God's gonna work this for my gut, and he did in a big way. And you this is not just a cancer story, right? This is... Any obstacle that you come across in life, if you will, shift your thinking and, and start believing that this is actually going to become a good thing, right? That the bad thing will become a good thing in your life, that there's a blessing around the corner, right that this obstacle or challenge is going to strengthen you, it's going to make you smarter and stronger and wiser. And that your life will be better than it was before. Because cancer feels like a life-ending thing. You feel like your life's over. Right? This is it my life's over and I would give anything to go back to my life before cancer. Like that's how people, you know, that's... That's the way you're thinking. But my encouragement to those of you listening, that maybe have cancer is, or if you're in a really difficult situation right now start to believe that your life is going to be better than it was before this challenge, right? And just press on, press through it.

Eric Beer 46:25
That's a good message for it's all about mindset, no doubt. Well, listen, man, I appreciate your time. I know you're busy. And I wish you the best of luck, I hope you hit the top of all the charts. I know from my experience with you, you've always been nothing but service and trying to give as much as you can. So I appreciate you. And I'm thankful to know you. And hopefully, this message gets out to some people and helps them. And I played a very small part in your success of changing the world. So...

Chris Wark 46:58
Thank you, Eric. Man, thanks so much. Like, I just appreciate you so much just taking the time to let me talk and share my story with your audience. And yeah, you know, there's just people out there, you just never know, that's, you know... That's the amazing thing about what we do is like, and the internet in general. It's like when you put your story out there when you sit if you have a mission or a goal, to make a difference in people's lives, to try to inspire or encourage or serve people empower them, share knowledge, any of that. You just never know who you're going to reach, you know, and it's just incredible, like the time we live in such a unique and special time where we're able to reach people in on every continent, every part of the planet, you know, like, and, you know, you'll never know this side of heaven who all's lives we've impacted you know, just by stepping out and doing what we do in a public way. So anyway, I'm just... I just want to say I'm grateful and thankful to you for taking the time to help me reach more people.

Eric Beer 48:09
Of course! Alright, man. Be good! Good luck, and we'll talk soon!

Chris Wark 48:14
You too! See you soon!

Eric Beer 48:18

Would you like to learn how I built my business using other people's money? If so, then go join my 21-day challenge at I look forward to meeting you and welcome you into my family. And remember, results don't lie. But the people who don't have any tier. Thanks for listening.