How to Apply Wolf of Wall Street’s “Sell Me This Pen” with Affiliate Marketing
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How to Apply Wolf of Wall Street’s “Sell Me This Pen” with Affiliate Marketing


How many of you like doing things on your own schedule? Yeah, me too. It’s actually one of my favorite things about being in the online world & running my own business: time freedom!

I’m actually taking a little break from working in my backyard right now to write this to you. It’s the middle of the day on a beautiful week day here in New York so I am enjoying it (one of the perks of creating your own schedule, right?).

Anyway, I was thinking about a movie that I love and felt inspired to share some thoughts with you as to how it relates to Affiliate Marketing and how it can help you in business.

If you’ve seen The Wolf of Wall Street, then you remember the famous scene where Leonardo DiCaprio asks one of his guys to “sell me this pen”. The whole scene is about getting one of his employees to make him believe that he needs the pen. It’s sales, sure. But it’s bigger than that.

When you know what someone needs, you’ve gotta be able to communicate your message in such a way that you touch on their pain points and desires and how what you have to offer is the solution.

Let’s take ClickFunnels for example. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s an amazing software that allows people to create funnels and drive traffic to capture data and then create automated emails to then ultimately drive a customer. It’s brilliant and easier than it sounds (you can learn more about it here).

So who needs that? Pretty much anybody and everybody. Coaches, dentists, chiropractors, affiliate marketers, authors, speakers… you name it, ClickFunnels can deliver when it comes to a one-stop shop for creating your funnels and building a relationship with your customer.

How does this example apply to Affiliate Marketing exactly? Well, if you’re new to the biz, I’m going to break it down for you…

Anytime you meet anyone who could benefit from using ClickFunnels, you would take your affiliate link (more on how to actually get one of those in another post) and share it with them. When they sign-up, you’re helping them grow their business using a tool you believe in and know works (and especially, you will work for them) and you get paid a commission.

You have fulfilled a NEED using someone else’s product (ClickFunnels) to solve a problem (for your customer) and (you) made money.

With ClickFunnels in particular, they actually pay a recurring commission which allows you to earn passive income over time just by solving someone’s pain point – how cool is that?!

When you start to think about all the tools someone might need to run their business (search optimization, Facebook ads, copywriting, etc.) and you begin to create relationships with companies that can solve that problem for the customer, becoming an affiliate to promote other people’s products/services creates a win-win all around. No brainer, right? There are so many different ways to you can provide a solution without actually creating anything on your own and THAT is the beauty of Affiliate Marketing.

Plus, you work on your own schedule with zero cap on your income… it’s truly the best business out there (that nobody talks about).

If you’re interested in joining my Affiliate Army to grow your business, I’d love to chat and see how I can support you in doing so. And even if you’re not looking to come on board and have someone teach you how to build a 7, 8, 9-figure online business (as I’ve done), I still want to offer you some tools to make the process easier. These are the actual tools I use that have made me millions, and solved a ton of problems for my clients in the process.

Free Education I recommend:

Book: DotComSecrets

Book: Expert Secrets

Marketing Secrets BlackBook

Landing Page (Funnel) Software:

ClickFunnels Software – This is the best tool on the market. Easy to use, no tech experience needed. I will give you pre-built funnels when you work with me.

Email: I typically have at least 2 platforms to email from b/c you never know when you may lose delivery into your inbox

ActiveCampaign – marketing automation tool for your email sequences

AWeber – marketing automation tool for your email sequences

Social Media 

Social Pilot: Manage All Your Social Media In One Place

Traffic Research:

SEMrush – Marketing Tool

I use this for:

  • Research For Your PPC Campaigns (Google/Bing)
  • Social Media Ad Buys and Research

If you have questions, comment below. I’m happy to help however I can.

Chat soon.