High Ticket Seller Secrets With Chris Baden And Sean Malone
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High Ticket Seller Secrets With Chris Baden And Sean Malone

High Ticket Seller Secrets With Chris Baden and Sean Malone

High Ticket Seller Secrets With Chris Baden And Sean Malone

What happens when an American Ninja joins forces with a top 10 world-ranked long driver? Going by that alone, you’re not likely to guess. Still, if you consider how much grit goes into becoming either of those things, you can rest assured that it’s going to be awesome.

Chris Baden and Sean Malone are high ticket selling experts. Today, they’re going to share their secrets about selling expensive products and services. Tune in for an incredible, fast-paced, masterclass on how to sell high ticket items that will blow you away.

If you’d like to learn more, make sure you check out the 2020 High Ticket Sellers Summit. It’s going to be the largest online event for learning to sell high ticket products and services, ever!

Chris and Sean partnered up with Brad Langan and created this event to teach you how to generate hot leads, create time-saving automated processes, and convert high ticket sales. 

It is a four-day online event, starting June 11th, and it will bring together experts from across the digital marketing space. On the list of amazing guest speakers, you’ll find names such as Russell Brunson and Alex Charfen, to name a few. 

The best thing about it – it’s totally free!

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The 4 Levels of Competency


When Chris and Sean were starting out with the online marketing game, it wasn’t easy. But they discovered one particular model which turned out to be a crucial gamechanger. It’s centered around the four stages of learning, and it provides a particularly intriguing perspective on skill development.

The four stages are divided by competency, and they are:


1 – Unconscious Incompetence

This is the very first stage of learning. Here, people are entirely unaware that there is something they should know. It’s not that they can’t comprehend it, it’s just that they are oblivious to it.


2 – Conscious Incompetence

Conscious incompetence comes with a certain amount of insight into a particular topic. You realize that there’s something to be learned, but you still need to put in effort in order to acquire it.


3 – Conscious Competence

Here, you’ve acquired the skill, but you haven’t mastered it yet. Even though you can perform or apply what you’ve learned, it still requires strenuous, conscious efforts.


4 – Unconscious Competence

Unconscious competence is accompanied by speed and ease of execution. You’ve achieved complete mastery of a particular skill, and any attempt to use it is effortless. So much so that most of the time you’re not even aware of how valuable it is what you’re offering.


Following this model, Chris and Sean strived towards attaining the unconscious competence of online marketing. And through it, they’ve developed a powerful skill set that allowed them to guide other businesses to 8-figure incomes. Effortlessly.


What Makes Virtual Summits So Amazing?


The online space has become even more essential for the economy in today’s world, struck by the pandemic. People all over the world are turning towards the vast possibilities that the internet provides.

Virtual summits are the perfect example of just what you can accomplish in the modern online world. Their genius lies in their practicality and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, they allow you to gather experts from all over the world without having to worry about enormous organizational costs. 

With virtual summits, there’s no need to juggle a tremendous amount of moving parts at once because they are reduced to the very essentials. Everyone can join in from the comfort of their home, office, or wherever they are at that particular time. That goes for the speakers as well as the attendees.

Another great thing about organizing virtual summits is that you can prerecord sections. This allows you, the organizer, to free yourself up mentally and help out the participants get the most out of each talk. You have much greater control, which assures that your visitors with a better, fuller experience.

These virtual summits are knowledge-sharing events of today and will only get more popular as time goes by.

“You don’t need ad dollars to build your list.” – Eric Beer


The Most Important Component of High Ticket Selling


Sean and Chris share some deep insights into high ticket selling and even provide us with a behind-the-curtain glimpse into their strategy. 

We should clarify right away that selling high ticket items is a process. There’s no quick fix, no magic technique. You have to put in the work, and you have to provide people with value.

You need to devise a strategy that will guide your potential customers on their journey. The ultimate goal of your efforts will be to build trust and grow a relationship with your audience. Because in the end, that is what’s going to make all the difference in the world.

When you’re outlining your strategy, make sure your offers are in line with expected levels of trust. If you try to make a sale to your leads too quickly, there’s a good chance you’ll scare them off before they can consider the value of your offer rationally. They have to trust you, or it’s never going to work.

The question of creating your strategy as well as the rest of the components of high ticket selling will be the key topics at the 2020 High Ticket Sellers Summit. Once again, if you’d like to learn more, make sure to check out the link below and sing up for free!

👉 Sign Up for the FREE 2020 High Ticket Sellers Summit


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Read Full Transcript

Eric Beer 0:00
What's up Performance Marketer Nation? Welcome back to the show. I've got a treat for you today. I have two gentlemen, I'm lucky enough to call my friends, Chris Baden and Sean Malone, who are going to come on and teach us all how to sell high ticket. Now, these guys have been doing it for years, they've been helping other people do it. And they dropped so much gold on this episode that you're gonna want to get your pen and paper out to take all the notes you can and you're lucky enough to know that they are running a virtual summit in the beginning of June that you can all attend. So stick around for the episode. And don't forget to subscribe to this podcast, performancemarketerpodcast.com or you could do it on iTunes, Spotify, and other places like SoundCloud etc. Also, subscribe to my YouTube channel. We put all of our episodes with video on the YouTube channel, you could check that out. You can get on the VIP waitlist of Survey Detective. That is the new platform that we are launching in the third quarter. That is going to blow away everyone where we're going to be able to help you generate leads in a way that you've never done it before. Helping you convert visitors into leads, leads into customers at a fraction of the price of what you're doing today. You're going to thank me. So if you want to get on that waitlist for us to let you know when it's available, it is surveydetective.io. And, as always, you can come and join our free Facebook group at Performance Marketer Nation where share knowledge and the community is talking to one another to help everyone out to get to the next level. So come on and hang out with me! Let's go listen to the American Ninja, and the long-distance golfer tell us how to sell high ticket sales.

I spent the last 17 years building my eight-figure performance business without using any of my own money, working with some of the most brilliant direct response marketers in the world today. Now I'm looking for entrepreneurs to join my affiliate army, built on ethics, transparency, and good old hard work. Join me to change the perception of how people view the greatest business in the world, affiliate marketing, and follow along as I learn, apply, and share performance marketing strategies, working with some of the brightest people on the planet. My name is Eric Beer, and welcome to the Performance Marketer Podcast. All right, cool.

So let's talk about personal first. I know you're a baseball player and we got an American Ninja on board here. So tell us something really cool about both of those things and something that no one knows about you that's fun and loving and childhood, funny... How'd you propose?... Give me something that is just interesting about you. What's your favorite color?

Sean Malone 3:19
My favorite color is green. What's yours?

Eric Beer 3:21
Green? Mine is blue. Okay. What about you, Chris?

Chris Baden 3:25
I feel like I need to select red to complete the primary color cycle. I like red.

Eric Beer 3:31
No pressure, no pressure. No pressure. No.

Chris Baden 3:33
Yeah, no, I came through workout.

Sean Malone 3:37
Yeah, I'll share I'll start. So so out of college. I played a very high level baseball the one I had for ride I got drafted by several different companies coming out of the university and I turned them all down. Simply because I'm a business geek. I love this thing called sales. I love this thing called entrepreneurship. And so so I came out of college, the hot off you know, the competitive streak of playing baseball and I Didn't want to stop competing. And so I started business for a while I sort of, you know, I sucked at first as a professional salesperson and just being in phone calls all day long, and I wasn't getting any results. And so then my boss came to you on Friday, and he's like, Shawn, you better go pick this up, because otherwise you're not going to be working here very much longer. And I was like, Okay, great. So, so fast forward, I started books. I started going through seminars, I went through this whole professional selling thing, but I felt like I had lost something in my life, and it was that competitive piece. So here's something that nobody knows about me. After I had had some success. I ended up purchasing half of an electronics manufacturing company in Las Vegas. That's how I moved to Las Vegas before I got in business with Chris, I went down to Arizona, see some of my friends and I ran into one of my buddies who I played High School golf with totally different sport than baseball. But he was actually on a world long drive golf team. And I had played a lot of golf growing up, and he said to me, Hey, man, you still hit the ball really long. I said yes. And so we went to the range and I ended up hitting him in front of his coach. And he's like, dude, I've been on this team for three years and you're hitting it further than me. I was like, okay, that's crazy. I didn't know I'm doing. And so as coaches, like, take these two clubs, go home, back to Vegas practice for three weeks, come back and compete in this tournament in a long drive, professional tournament. And I was like, okay, so I went home and I studied all these YouTube videos, I call up my old golf coach was getting on his input, and then all of a sudden, I practice my tail off and went back, and I end up winning the whole thing. And so then it was insane, right? So and I was hitting balls, like, you know, 360-380-3944 bills and beyond and, and so then he said, Listen, like if you can repeat this performance at another event, the coach, right? You said, if you can repeat this, I want you on my team. So I went back two weeks later to a different term, and I won that one as well. And he said, Look, you're on my team. And so from then on, I picked up a sponsorship from performance. You talk about performance, right? And that whole competitive piece that you're the expert in lead driving right obviously are like God, God of the space, but in that competitive environment. It's like that is a place where you just get results. If you don't get results you don't win. And so that was. So one of the things so ended up spiraling me into a five-year professional long drive career where I got to number eight in the world, made a bunch of cash. I was doing some cool things. And then then I came back in the lawn drivers lifespan is five years, I decided that's all my other buddies going to get back surgery. I was like, I don't want that. So I ended up walking away hanging up the cleats. But that's something that nobody knows about me. I did have a world ranking in long drive golf and I was on a leaderboard. I went all around the world hitting long drive golf clubs, and it's simply you get six balls, two minutes and 45 seconds to hit one as long as possible within a 50-yard wide grid. That's the key. There you go.

Eric Beer 6:44
That's awesome. That's cool. Thanks for sharing that. We'll have to get out one day. I want to see from Oh, nice. Yeah, that's awesome, man. All right. Well, Chris, you're up. Give us something.

Chris Baden 6:54
Yeah. One that you alluded to earlier seems to be one that catches it. People find interesting, which is competing on American Ninja Warrior. So for myself, I've ended martial arts growing up, I played all different types of sports growing up, and then competed in golf in high school. And as a D, one got a D one scholarship in golf, in college. So competition, performance is like, that's where it's at. And that's where it's always been for me my entire life. And when I graduated college, I was like, Well, now what? So one day I get a call from my friend and he's like, oh, there's this TV show ninja something, whatever. And we're working. I was like, that's cool. He's like what we're competing in and I was like, What do you mean is like we're competing? I was like, of course we are. Okay, let's do this. So we made I made an audition tape submitted to American Ninja Warrior thing like whatever. And they said yes. So now I yeah, we ended up having to go to like the qualifier, whatever. And I didn't fully know what this was. This is season three. They're on like season 11. Now and this is where like people that like have full-time jobs and family. We're all just showing up having fun playing obstacles. And in like g fours filming it later is picked up by NBC and stuff, right? And then, so we compete. This goes on for seven years. So I actually did three seasons. My buddy did seven years. And it was totally fun. And every year, people just seem to get taller and stronger and work. I'm still hustling building businesses. These guys are like building gyms in their backyard. And I was like, that's cool. But so it was really a fun thing that I got to do compete on the show. Something that's notable we're sharing is it's cool competing on the show, but the sweet spot is testing because like when you compete on the show call times. Literally I like worked during the day and I was ninja by night. So I'd go there at eight o'clock at night. I didn't run till 6am I was up like all night waiting. That's not the fun part of testing. It's like a two three hour window. You get to go play on the obstacles. You just do it over and over. Again, and even worked in some of their warehouses to develop, like, what office was going to be used. And then you, you know, set it up on, like onset and then you see what really happens. And there's a couple like, I don't know a couple things, what you see on the show is different than being there and sometimes so it was a great experience was a ton of fun.

Eric Beer 9:18
That's really cool. So we got two athletes here. That's exciting. So let's let's transition into how you two got together. How did you guys partner

Sean Malone 9:28
Yeah, it's a funny... So I was out hustling at the time and I was selling sales training actually I used to so my journey as I began as a professional salesperson, I started reading books, I went to seminars, I ended up having lunch with Tom Hopkins who's trained over 5 million sales pros and became a mentor of mine and started learning his system. And then, you know, I had some big success and I wanted my own company so I ended up purchasing electronics manufacturing company moved to Las Vegas. And at that time, the sales tools and techniques and tricks and strategies and practical stuff that I was using did not apply in my world. And so at that point, the my business partner said, How are we going to continue to grow this organization? And I said, Well, I need to go build some sort of a system that can be duplicated or replicated by many other people. And so that's when I dove into sales systems. And I started getting really, really knowledgeable about those things. Anyways, my business partner, I ended up selling our manufacturing facility, we grew it with the system that we put in place, we grew it from about 400 k in revenue to 8 million in about four years. So kind of a long timeframe. But it was the old school method. It wasn't inbound marketing was all outbound, right? So ended up having rep groups and also move so so at that point, we sold that business and then I was like, What am I going to do in my sales coach at the time said, Hey, why don't you come? So sales training, said great, and I happened to be involved in the networking group, which I ended up going into and I my first meeting I walk into and I see Chris, I didn't know him at the time. The President Okay, so he's younger than me by eight years and he literally is the president of all the most professional people in Las Vegas at the time I'm talking about doctors, lawyers, I surgeons, networking people, like you name it. They're all in their suits and their ties. And here's this little scrawny guy. He's not that strong. But this little guy in the middle of the room, ripping a guitar playing a song, and I'm like, this is this dude is amazing. Yeah. And anyway, long story short, we started talking about sales, and I helped them a bit on selling more of the stuff that he was working on that he...

Chris Baden 11:32
He sold me sales training.

Sean Malone 11:34
I sold him sales training.

Chris Baden 11:35
That's how it started.

Sean Malone 11:36
Yeah. And so that we started our relationship there. And then there's just this weird gut feeling is like, Man, this guy is so amazing, so great. And he's like a moral pillar of like, ethics and goodness and morality in my life, and I need that. Someday I'm going to be partners with him. I don't know what that looks like. Yeah, Chris. I don't know from your side. That's kind of how we met. Yeah,...

Chris Baden 11:55
Yeah, it was a B&I, you guys have ever heard of that local business? Networking in National it's like a franchise networking group. And so we met there originally. And at the time I was in the payment technology industry. So credit card processing primarily. So I'm knocking on doors going door to door b2b sales, man like just cold, the old like what I would call like the old school or the slow way at least I know people are still doing it, but it's still it's really slow and painful. That's what I did for three years built a portfolio of over 200 businesses in just under three years and still have some equity in that portfolio today. So it was great learning because I talked to business owners and I got to see their numbers because it's credit card processing. So I always have their statements and I was studying what business I wanted to start. For some reason. After three years, I didn't learn my lesson because the next one I started was an insurance agency. No offense, any insurance agents watching this, but that was not the right path for me. So I did that. For a year had a small team of five, obviously b2b with credit card processing, sign up hospitals, I got to sit in front of two different billion-dollar companies and pitch c suites. I like dealerships there's like all over the map all different types of industries. And I land in insurance. So I did that for a year. And I was like, I can't scale this model nearly fast enough to what I need to accomplish my goals. So I, so I'm like, Alright, I've got my first child on the way. I started going online, and wasn't really active online. So there's, I don't know, come up with a couple different ideas and I get a call from Sean. I haven't talked to Sean forever. He's like, Hey, Chris. Hey, hey, Shawn. Hey, Chris. Do you like the internet? like Sean,

Sean Malone 13:41
That was literally the question!I asked him a question. That was it. I was like, yo, Chris, do you like the internet?

Chris Baden 13:49
Was that mean being? I don't know. Like, it's helpful. I don't. So we talked more and basically it landed on Facebook ads. I was like Facebook, I'm spending like 15 bucks a week. For all my sales reps in my insurance agency, I see like $1 to $3 a lead on feels like this is insane. Like, we just need to find something, anything that makes is valuable to sell, and like this is cheap attention. So And literally, this is 2016 in 2012. I looked back, that was the last time I actually posted on Facebook. I didn't even know Facebook did ads, this whole internet world. Oh gosh, the last four years has been like a massive tornado in my life, but in a painful and exciting great way. But that's how we met and so I started learning, marketing, how I did life, how I did business without marketing. Like is beyond me. So that's what we've been a heavy focus on that one. And that world learning copy, I'm learning paid advertising, I'm learning all these things I've never even touched before. I'm starting to make more in a month then sometimes I'd even get close to making in a year. It's the same scalability totally caught my attention. The tracking like his ATM like I know for every dollar once you get the system set up I know for every dollar I'm spending I'm buying cash basically I'm getting three, four or five bucks back for every dollar I'm spending and so the tracking the performance metrics were so much more interesting and fun.

Eric Beer 15:20
Yeah, I gotta get a button I need to get one of those things for with a

Chris Baden 15:23
Yeah I saw you doing some kind of motion here like

Eric Beer 15:25
Cash flow. Cash Flow is king I need to like have like a noise that like like... It's something, that's awesome.

Chris Baden 15:33
Dude, you need a soundboard. You got buttons and cameras all over there. Oh, yeah. I mean, why don't we just throw in some sound effects

Eric Beer 15:39
I'm working on I'm gonna call. I'm working on it.

Sean Malone 15:43
So just to kind of continue that story because I think it's interesting. So like Melissa and I, my wife, we decided we wanted to build an online lifestyle swimsuit so we could have the space but we knew we couldn't do it alone. And there's no better partner than Crispin and I mean of all I think I've had several that have gone south. But literally finding a strong and good partner is very rare and difficult, because there's always personalities. Eric, you've been through a bunch of those I know, I've heard your story, you're just you have phenomenal way of always recovering. And one thing that I totally admire about you, by the way, is you always stand up one more time and you get knocked down. And that to me is just like the definition of a warrior. And so I'm grateful for you to be an inspiration in my life for that. So thank you for that. What one of the things that I think is interesting is, as Chris and I started to climb into this marketing world, we started talking about how do we grow? Or how do we learn? How do we master or become competence in this place called marketing now, you've already been there for years and you've already mastered Okay, so so so Chris, and I stumbled upon this document, which we're going to share today. But literally, it's the four levels of competence. And so I'll just share really quick how it works, what it kind of means, and then we'll kind of dive into can

Chris Baden 16:56
Can we share screen on this? Does that work or is this just all off? Do Go for it, you know? Yeah.

Sean Malone 17:02
Well, Chris, I keep telling ya,

Eric Beer 17:04
This will be on YouTube channel.

Sean Malone 17:07

Eric Beer 17:07
And on the podcast for sure,

Sean Malone 17:09
You definitely want to see this. Obviously, the download link will be available for you guys. But this is something that literally transformed everything in our world when we're coming into the marketing game. Now, there's four levels of competency, starting with unconscious incompetence, moving to conscious incompetence, conscious competence, and finally a level of unconscious competence. Now, Eric, for the media buyers and the affiliate marketers that you guide into big game and becoming true masters at the craft, I would say you've already achieved and I know this for a fact you've already achieved the highest level of learning in the marketing space in the lead driving space and, and so for those reasons, people go listen to Eric, he knows what he's talking about. He knows numbers and he's doing great things and so you should follow him as until the day that this guy, you know, leave This earth, he's going to leave a lot of value in your life. But as we started entering this marketing space, we were kind of like a baby, we needed to learn something new. And let's give the shoe-tying example. And then Chris can make it a little more relevant. The first level of competency is unconscious incompetence. So if you're a baby, let's talk about tying shoes for a second. If you're a baby, you don't know what a shoe is, let alone that you need to tie it. So you're completely unconscious to the fact that you don't have you don't even know what shoes are for. And you're incompetent because you don't know that you need to tie the shoes because you won't trip on them when you could walk. So fast forward a little bit more to the second level now is going to be this conscious incompetence, meaning you're aware that you have shoes so the baby grows up now to a little boy, but he doesn't understand how to tie his shoes yet. He still needs his mom to come in and actually tie the shoes but he's aware of the fact like Hey, I know that my shoes need to be tied. So this is gonna be the second level of this competence where it's like you know, you need something to be happening. But you don't know how to do it and you don't know how to achieve it. And then you move into the third stage, as you get a little bit older now you're probably like five, maybe six. And you realize that yes, you're consciously competent, you can tie your shoes, you know how to do that. And you're aware that you need to have your choice types of each don't trip and fall down. However, if mom's ringing the dinner bell, and the dogs running in from the room and you're trying to focus, you can only focus on one thing that's tying your shoe because you're consciously so focused on this, you can't have any other distractions. And as you do that over and over and over, eventually you move into the next level of unconscious competency. When things like I listen to Eric all the time, and when things come out of his mouth. I'm like, did you even know what you just said? It was like, really amazing. And I wrote down seven pages of notes from what he tells me and he's like, Oh, God, whatever man like that was just something I learned way back and whenever so it's just that's the unconscious competence level, where you can spew out things like marketing content or what you teach is lead mastery. Unlike really how to just gas on performance marketing, right, I think that's just super powerful. You've definitely exhibited, of course, your career, Eric has been just phenomenal to watch from the outside. Because you went through all of those. Right? Would you agree you went through all those stages?

Eric Beer 20:14
Yeah, I still go through it, depending on what I'm tackling. That's a, it's interesting because I was just talking to another friend of mine, and they use the word genius paradox. But ultimately, it's somebody that does something, let's call it unconscious competence, where they think it's so easy that everybody else also can do it, when they don't even realize that it's, it's just a special talent that they have. And it's, it's, it's interesting for all the people in the world today that are teaching their skill sets, because it comes easy to them. They don't think they have any value. And it's actually the opposite of that. And it's you have Get over your own little bump in the road of that you truly do have this. So when you come into this, this unconscious competence, it's people don't even realize how good they really are right now. Cool. 100 Yeah,

Chris Baden 21:15
I think I think there's one important thing of getting to that level, like what, why get to that level, speed, that speed. Because when you need to execute the skill, I mean, we're in the middle of doing a launch right now. And the pressure kicks up, and the ability to execute and implement quickly and effectively, which is the skill I think of like a really good chef, right? Like, we all could probably figure out how to make a waffle pancake or you know, we all have maybe our dish or whatever, but to make it excellent and to do it really quickly have everything cleaned up and like just totally Own your space. That's unconscious competent, you can do it with not only well but with speed. And if you can move quicker and do it better than everyone else in terms of performance in terms of competition. I mean, that's how you're going to win. So is like just a really good filter to be like, Where do I fit with this skill? And just focus on going to the next step, and then the next step, and then you'll obviously get to the top.

Sean Malone 22:09
I'm so glad you brought that up. Chris says, I'd like to add the fact that where we were when we started marketing, and literally, this was the level up pieces, that piece that I want to focus on for a second, because a lot of people get this tool in their hands. They'll be like, Well, how do I level up? What does it mean to actually level up to the next level? And the best example I can share was my selling career. I wanted to become unconsciously competent. As one of the world's best sales professionals. We call those people sales ascenders. Because they can just descend anything anywhere, at any time, any product, any service. I want it to be at that unconscious competence level with that skill set. So I chose sales as the skill set. So if you're using this tool, choose a skill. And then now you need to start setting criteria for each of those four levels of competency. So what does it mean to you to level up from unconscious incompetence, so you don't know what you don't know. Now, you're in you're consciously competent... Incompetent knowing that okay I'm aware I gotta go become a performance marketer I got to learn to get more leads but I don't know where to go and how to do that now you've fallen into Eric's lap, good for you follow this guy. And then eventually what's going to happen is now I'm going from this level of unconscious or sorry, subconscious incompetence in sales two What do I need to do? Well I know that if I read 10 books, I will have gone from this conscious incompetence level for reading 10 books to now I have some skills that I can use. This is going to level me into the next bucket. So setting yourself a little criteria of how you move up. So this is what I did in sales I went from the conscious incompetence I read about 10 sales books, I attended two different networking events. I learned some selling stuff I moved up to now I'm consciously competent, I can close deals with the skills that I've learned that put me into the next level, but what's the criteria to get to the final level? Right and for me in sales, professional world, I knew that I needed to be able to close a million-dollar deal. That was one of the criterias that I put on myself. I knew that I needed to build a team of sales professionals that I could actually like coach and manage and mentor because I love leadership. And I want to continue doing that in my life. And then eventually to get to the highest point on the unconscious competence scale, to be able to help others guide their businesses into massive, massive eight-figure results. And so when I achieved all of those things, and I did that was the benchmarks I said of how I moved up this scale in selling for myself. I did it I did all of them. I closed a $1.2 million deal with an electronics company I helped them like insane like I love that was a big long deal. Close some other government contracts like some big ones, like five years, 60 million kind of thing. And then I I did that it was great. And we got online and we learned this skill of marketing and inbound and generation of leads. And I'm like, oh Eric, thank goodness that you're here because I'm on your consciously incompetent. But now I'm conscious about this. And you know the secrets, right? And so then it was we just poured that little mechanism into our whole machine. And next thing you know, we're boom, we're right at the top of that pyramid with professional sales and teaching others to become sales centers. And that's really the journey that I took. And that's how, if you're listening to this, this is how you can use this tool in your life to really master any skill that's out there in the world.

Eric Beer 25:26
That's really amazing. So I know you guys sold your business recently. And I've seen you what after you sold it, we were at our inner circle meeting. You guys danced in robes together on stage that I'll cross you guys tell that story if you want to at some point. But it was great. But the point is, like, you guys had a major shift in your lives, and you had to start over, like every entrepreneur. And it's hard, you know, and you start to soul search and you start to figure out man, what am I going to do? How They're gonna do it. You forget how hard you work to get a business off the ground that when you go back to starting, again, like it's like from square one. Not that it's, it's just gonna be impossible but it's not as easy as you remember it because you've glided once you've scaled your business, right? So now when you take that step back, talk to us about how you guys went about doing that the plan? Did you use your four stages? Where are you at right now with building your list your leads and taking it to the next level to where you are today?

Chris Baden 26:32
Well, there was one big problem, and starting over is we had no list again. So we had to face we had to answer a couple questions that I'm sure a lot of your listeners are facing or a face before and we all wrestle with right? I mean, the answer is always more sales but how do you get that and it starts with the list. You have to have a list. That's your asset in building a business. And so we were faced with how do we build a list is fast as possible, but without burning Thousands of 10s of thousands of dollars in ad spend, or all the other, maybe we'll call them like more manufactured ways. Like how do we build a quality list really, really quickly? And that's what we're we so we, we thought about it. We're like we could do paid ads, but where we decided where we landed, and this brings in the four stages of learning, and john can chime in here in just a bit as we were like, oh, we're going to use this virtual summit strategy in order to build our list. And there's, there's, we need to hang out here for a second because there's multiple everyone's kind of seen them. But I think a lot of entrepreneurs, at least the ones that even in our circle, to do them well to do them right in, there's multiple moving parts to it. You have speakers, you have affiliates, you have attendees, you have sponsorship, there's other elements, and if you if you don't tap into all of those, you're gonna miss it and you're gonna waste a lot of time you're gonna waste a lot of money. And we've been learning some of these lessons. You know why? Because, to start, we were unconscious in that Those words are like so hard to say. Like when you mix them together, the bottom one on the pyramid were like, like I hadn't I had not been to a virtual summit before. I haven't like heard of some of them. But I had never been to one, right. So I was we were slowly kind of we started from the bottom and slowly started working up. But john, if you could, if you could share, just with everyone in our path of beginning to start with a virtual summit, the first thing we did is reach out to smart people, like listening to Eric, like, keep listening to this guy. Don't do it alone. It's going to cost you so much time and money. We did that same principle, with Brad if you could maybe share how we met Brad?

Sean Malone 28:36
Yeah. So I mean, it all comes down to your network increases your net worth. And I think that's another thing that you should write down. If you're listening to this, like if you're not increasing your network, you're not going to increase your net worth. So just remember that because I think that's a really valid point. And how we did it was we needed to learn about more about virtual summits. And it just so happened that as we're at fhl, which is a live event that that happened earlier, This year, one of our buddies who runs podcasting agency introduced us to a fella named Brad. And Brad happened to be one of the category kings of virtual summits. And at that point, we were like, Hmm, this is a really interesting model. And like anything else, what is our skill set? Chris and I, when we started our sales consulting business, we said we sat down there because our coach Russell Brunson, and Eric's coach, you know, he told us, you got to go kill your baby. This is when we killed the software company. And he said, we asked him like, Russell, what, how do we do this, and he didn't have really a strong solid directions on how to kill the baby. But what he did share was profound. He said to us, he said, Shawn, he said, sit down, figure out what you're really good at. And then focus on the people that need that service and go ask if they actually need that service. And so we spoke with him, we spoke with one of our other mentors.

Eric Beer 29:56
So simple, right andthink about it. It's What are you good at? Go find people that need your help. Oh, what can I think of that? Oh, genius.

Sean Malone 30:06
That's a genius teaching. But

Eric Beer 30:08
it's great when you hear from someone else. It's so true, though.

Chris Baden 30:11
Yeah. And so and so literally like Chris and I sat there and we said, Listen, we have almost more than two decades of professional sales background like, we should definitely be able to help other entrepreneurs, business owners, marketers, sales professionals to grow whatever business if their solar return or even if they have a big team, because we've done all of those things. And we're masters at that. So what did we do? We started talking to all these people that were in our target market, and we found that there was a need that they had, and then we said, Look, we'll come do this for a certain amount of cash. And that's really how we sprung boarded into this thing. But when we got to the place where we're like, okay, we have a few clients but we're not scaling we're not we're at that point we're stuck. We have a little business that's doing pretty good for us, you know, multiple six figures but at the same time, we want seven figures or eight figures want Eric Beer Nine figures, kinds of numbers, right like that. How do we do that? And so that was where we started looking into a marketing strategy of like, what can we do? And we decided that when we were at fhl, we met Brad and Brad was the is, you know, one of the category kings of virtual summits. And we said, How can we serve Brad? Because we want to work with him at some point. So Chris, and I looked at our superpower and said, why don't we just go find him a bunch of business. And within two weeks, we were able to bring Brad almost $100,000 in new opportunity. And from there, Brad said to us, he goes guys, I love you so much, because you brought all this business over so it's like dig your well before you're thirsty kind of thing. At like Harvey Mackay says, right? And so we did that we dug the well. And then Brad says, Hey, I don't know how to repay you. I could throw your cash on the back end if you want or, you know, maybe we could throw a virtual summit on the table. And right then in the Chris and I looked at each other and Melissa, our partner we're like, yeah, how do we move forward? Like let's do that. And so that was really the journey of where we went from This whole and this is kind of how you jumped the levels on that triangle that we're talking about. Because we don't know how to do virtual summits. But Brad's the category King, how can we serve Him and then partner with him on some form or fashion to where we can actually do it faster. And it all comes down to velocity and speed, right? And so Brad is doing all the tech work, he wired up the whole thing for us. And we went out and we found all the best because we'd been digging our well with our network again, you increase your net worth when you increase your network, and we spoke to all these people. And next thing you know, Russell Brunson is headlining our virtual summit. Insane. Super excited about that. Yeah.

Eric Beer 32:34
Well, let's back up for a second because there's some people that don't even know what a virtual summit is. So the genius around it is... The genius around this is that you don't need ad dollars to build your list. So the overall concept of and let me try to explain it and then you guys tell me if I know what I'm talking about. Yeah, but ultimately, you put on a summit it's virtual. You find a number of experts The idea is you strategically find experts that have your audience. So similar like a dream, 100, you're looking to build up a list. So everybody's going to then speak on this virtual summit, they're going to share to get to their list to get people to subscribe, and everybody shares in that list. So you're putting on an event, to just give away free knowledge that's going to kill it. Clearly, you have a ton of amazing, amazing people showing up. So that's awesome. And as they register, you guys are building your list. And you're earning the amount of people that sign up, that's now going to be part of your subscriber list that then you can market to you have permission to market to those people that accurate

Sean Malone 33:44
100%. The best part about virtual summit is that imagine running a live event. There's so many moving parts on the days that it's actually happening where you do virtual events, you can actually record it previously to the summit, so that you can actually have the live event but then Still have the mind time and the capacity to help with guiding all of your prospects or the people that are watching your summit to make sure that they have the service and the support that they need in order to achieve the things that they're trying to get out of the summit. And so literally, that's it. I mean, you nailed it. And so what we focused our summit on is called the High Ticket Seller Summit. And literally, we have had the best of the best in high ticket high ticket space, meaning anything online, that's three k up to a million dollars worth in a sales deal. That kind of bucket of people are the people who are speaking at our event, and it covers everything, it covers social media channels, it covers, SEO strategies, email deliverability. A lot of the stuff that everybody needs is reclaiming into this online world, especially with the pandemic and everything that's going on right now. Like Internet's just becoming more and more prevalent every single day. Chris?

Chris Baden 34:48
Yeah, all those things are true. And there's still one really fun component that is not included in this mix. And it's the reason I say fun is because it's another thing that I've actually haven't done yet. And that sponsorship, and so when we say without, you know burning thousands of dollars in ad spend or coming out of pocket even, you know, it's either time or money, right you can you can assemble a team, use your time labor build this thing, or, or you're gonna have to cut a check to have this all all built. But if we look at the bigger picture, we're strategically picking out the speakers need to be your dream 100 your ideal people like just like you said, Eric was perfect. And their audiences are all ideal customers for yourself. But that audience is also interesting to other companies. And that's where the sponsorships come in. So you go to the companies and you say, hey, look at all these ideal buyers of yours. You know, let us promote you get some more exposures on emails on our sites. You can you could offer to do there's multiple other strategies you can offer, but now, you know they're cutting you a check. And that's covering your upfront costs to put on the summit to pay for ads to build the list. So I mean literally without coming out of pocket you can build a list fast and not burn thousands of dollars sometimes 10s of thousand dollars and that's been

Eric Beer 36:10
That's amazing. Who's going out to find the sponsors?

Sean Malone 36:14
Yours truly.

Eric Beer 36:16
your sales strategies to go out and and get people who are too boss.

Sean Malone 36:20
I used to I was in American Marketing Association back in college and I was the vice president sponsorship. Luckily enough, so I did have some reps of cutting my teeth and getting my chops ripped out for for actually doing sponsorships. And I worked with little car dealerships and little mom and pop like salons and I learned kind of that piece of it. And now coming full circle to go do it again. There's so much software out there that can just help and like I know you're creating some just incredible things with your lead gen stuff, Eric and that software if you are at this place where you're trying to generate leads again, I cannot stress to you enough go listen to Eric because he's the man and so literally we You know, Chris and I, because we discuss strategies, and we used to we chose two different lists. And we started a outreach strategy. And we've had some amazing conversations we've had to the point where now like companies like Click Funnels are like, yes, we want to partner with you guys in some form or fashion. And we're doing a we're partners with them right now. We have another scraping...

Chris Baden 37:20
SATA company.

Sean Malone 37:20
Yeah, yeah, there you go, the scraping company that actually will find outbound workforce. That's interesting. And so that might be another potential opportunity. We always wear blue blockers. There's another one because, again, what I'm sharing is just opportunities of companies that compliment who you serve, because they probably serve the same market. A lot of people get into the scarcity mindset. But when it's a compliment, the scarcity goes out the window simply because they compliment not, you know, they don't compete with what you're trying to try to accomplish. And then therefore, now everybody wins at the same time. I think that's a great concept.

Chris Baden 37:57
If this isn't clear in every market, Business Owner entrepreneurs mind yet it needs to be your customer is not your customer. Your customer is everybody's customer we all share customers think about like like marketing books do you only own one marketing book that you've bought and like all the marketing books or a lot of them in the same topic that's just in the same industry but that alone You know, you buy multiple products is the point and and probably everyone here listening is is on the on the right track the smart track, you guys probably already knew that. But just in case it wasn't clear that this will free you and allow you to like Sean saying be more collaborative, and and, you know, continue to serve your audience and your customers at a higher level.

Eric Beer 38:39
Yeah, so I'm gonna press guys for real, because a lot of people complain about this stuff where they don't have money, they can't build the list. Bottom line is you're resourceful. You guys are hustling and finding ways to this is your seed of your business to I mean, I don't know what are you gonna walk over 10 20 50,000 potential leads and when it's all said and done that you can now market to that are highly relevant people that now you just have to nurture them, indoctrinate them become relatable to them understand what their needs are, and then give them your solution. Right. So that's it always

Sean Malone 39:16
goes. I just want to add, it always goes full circle, you know, we know that you're one of the category kings of lead gen, right. And so guess what all of our clients are going to need lead gen. We're not the category kings of that we're the category kings of high ticket sales. We don't know much about I mean, we know a little bit we know enough to be dangerous in the lead gen space, but we're no Eric Beer. That's for Dang. Sure. So...

Eric Beer 39:36
I was just talking to someone about this. Yesterday, I was helping somebody with building out their survey, and they sell high ticket. But the whole strategy that we used around this process was you don't sell a cold lead a $5,000 program on day one. So the whole idea around what we did was we created this survey that segmented the data into four different groups that we were then able to provide to them something relatable, that all funneled back into the same core offer, which was to get them to register for the webinar that then indoctrinates them to sell the high ticket. And it's interesting because I don't currently sell high ticket. I haven't done it. Maybe I never do it. I don't know, although it's nice to get those big checks. All right. But like, you know, I've heard stories from you guys, when you've gone into people's sales rooms, and you've uptick their their sales on high ticket. I remember at our last meeting, you guys showed an example of a client of yours where you like double the the output for what they were doing in a very short period of time. Right? So it's like a high ticket or a low ticket at the end of the day it sells and you know, you just have to, how much time do you spend if it's a more expensive of offer. Right and you guys are the experts in this more than me the understanding this process but you know, getting somebody to the point where they really need you to that they're saying to you Alright guys, what do I do next? And then you just feed them this big ticket. I mean, it's, it's really impressive what you guys have done now and the way you've applied it to so many different businesses is really just, it's universal.

Chris Baden 41:25
I think what you outlined is really important to highlight and hang out on it's the process of selling high ticket so check this out. It's the height and this I'm kind of giving ourself away a little bit here. Okay, so insider scoop with Eric Beer.

Eric Beer 41:38
Oh, my god. Let's take out some cereal or something.

Chris Baden 41:45
You know, speaking of secrets, I'm just trying to figure out what stick figures you're drawn on your table over there. Well,

Eric Beer 41:51
If you only knew. You guys are giving me so much gold. I mean, I take notes. I'm learning from you guys. I... This is great.

Chris Baden 41:59
I know... In my mind I'm like, I'm like, I know he's probably taking notes, but I was like, it'd be hilarious if he's just drawing stick figures over there. So um, so yeah, the process that you outline though is the the journey is the customer journey. And notice this is the secret High Ticket Seller Summit, High Ticket Seller Summit. It's everything high ticket, but guess what we're going to sell at the end, not high ticket. Why? Because they're not warm yet. And so part one of the secrets to high ticket is knowing when you've earned the right to ask, knowing how to build the relationship. This isn't this isn't like there's not some magic trick or tactic or, you know, persuasion strategy. It's, it's not cheap like that. The best way to do it is do the real thing. Don't take any shortcuts. Understand the problem that you're solving. Understand who that's valuable to understand how to reach out to them. Let them know hey, I exist. No like and trust, right? So they know you. Now we got to build some likability, hey, let's do an event coming out a little bit, let us serve you, let's see if this is a good fit, right? And then after that takes place, there's going to be a smaller percentage that begin to trust you. And and like most people get this so screwed up in their approach. You don't want everybody. Right. So part of the problem like and I say slow, I mean, you can still do this in a 3090 day sprint. It depends on your goals and what numbers you want to do, right. But at the same time, you don't want to work with everyone. So you don't want to just try to you know, go for the clothes right away, no have an application process. So you can see of this. Part of the reason we had 100% success rate with our high ticket clients is because we had a process upfront where we saw Nope, they are primed for this. This is the one or two strategies we need to implement, here's roughly the return that we're going to get for them so that we can create a good experience for both People that what you just said Eric is a process like you don't just jump right out of the gate and do it. So I think that's really important for people to understand this isn't you know, if you want to play the high ticket game, man, we need some we need some strategy and it takes a little bit of time.

Sean Malone 44:15
Yeah, I think the best analogy or actually there's two of them that kind of popped in my mind so I throw both of them at you. But the first one is when you're dating somebody when you first start dating somebody, you're not going to walk up to them on the first day and ask them to get married because number one, you'd be freaked out because you don't know what skeletons are in their closet, you got to go figure that out. Number two, they got to figure out the skeletons if you have any in your closet and then number three you got to make sure that that relationship is going to be a partnership not just a transaction right and so that that becomes the key and really development and growth and and strategically bonding with a prospect and then eventually a client so in the dating world literally like you go out on a bunch of dates you do some fun things you find out that this chick is boring you find out this chicks exciting. Next thing you know, like There's this one girl that you're like, Oh, she hits all my checkboxes, I know exactly what I want. This is the one and boom, now you've got married. And that's that's the same process of high ticket sales is literally just understanding and going in and asking those things and pulling out skeletons and recreating or reteaching prospects on a different framework of how to look at that particular objection or obstruction that they have in their mind. So there is an element of teaching. But then at the end of the day, it's literally they will grow to like and trust you. Second analogy, literally would be when you're playing in a sandbox as a little kid, you jump into a sandbox and across the sandbox, Chris is over there, and I'm like, Hey, Chris, I'm over here in your sandbox. I'm just hanging out. He's like, hey, Sean, next thing you know, we're building sandcastles and I'm like, Hey, Chris, that's a cool little toy. Do you mind if I borrow it to build this one piece of Sure. I got this and boom, and I give it back. There's the trust. There's this little lightning bolt that's created trust between Chris and I. He sees that I have this other little tool. He asked me for the same thing. I serve Him. Next thing you know, Chris says, Hey, can you keep this tool for me at your house? I got to go on this trip. Next thing you know, it just grows and grows and compounds and it's like big, like snowball rolling downhill. Does that make sense?

Eric Beer 46:07
Yeah, absolutely. You building a relationship you building trust. I mean, it's a no brainer. I love the application. You can use my survey platform when you're ready. SurveyDetective baby! Come and get it!

Sean Malone 46:19
We need to talk about it. Yeah,

Eric Beer 46:21
Yeah. So Alright, so let's tell everybody how they can attend this virtual summit when it is give all the details up. Yeah. So

Sean Malone 46:30
The summit is launching on June 11. It's a four day event June 11 12th 13th and 14th. And tickets are free so you can go get yourself a free ticket at highticketsellerssummit.com again, that's highticketsellerssummit.com. Here's the website. Chris just brought it up. You can see a little intro about us what we're about why you should attend the summit, the 30 speakers that are going to be there all the people that it could be four. By the way with the free ticket we're giving away a free high ticket lead gen funnel. And then you can see some of the speakers here. And so again, the tickets are free, go grab it right away. And I'm sure that we'll be sharing a link over with Eric so he can put it in the chat below. And you can just grab that right at that link. That'd be super excited. We'd love to have you attend the summit. And definitely we know that we will add a tremendous amount of value along with all of the speakers into your life, especially as you're trying to become this performance marketer. Right? If you're stepping up from affiliate marketing into performance marketing, or you're a media buyer and you need to pour gas on the fire, like this is the way to do it. Listen to people like Eric listen to the people that are speaking at our summit simply because those are the people that know the thing they've done the thing they've achieved the results that you probably want to get and go follow those people.

Eric Beer 47:45
Chris, you want to add anything?

Chris Baden 47:47
Yeah, also the the the four stages of learning that that PDF will give that to Eric as well. So they'll just be a bunch of resources and links, you know, click all of them use all of them, you know, available For this talk, yeah, I mean, that's, it's gonna be a fun event. We've, it's been fun putting it on. It's one of those like, yeah, it's gonna be, it's gonna be great. And you're like, well, this is involved. So it's been, it's been fun learning. It was, it was so cool just to have everyone say yes and jump in. Like, that's one thing I would like to share, you know, talking to me, like, the older version of the younger version of Chris, even if it was back like three, six or more months, is putting yourself out there is scary. But when if your vision is bigger than yourself, then it's so cool how other people catch it and start, you know, drawing towards you. And so if you've been struggling if you feel stuck, and it's kind of the same cycles and all that, I would encourage you to go back and assess your vision. Why are you really doing what you're doing? Is it greater than yourself or is it just for some small need for yourself? And if it's there, that's okay. But just start thinking about why that's important and matters to other people and When those thoughts and those questions start flowing through, it grows, and then more people get involved. And then there's a lot more momentum and it becomes a lot more fun too. So that's been a fun game.

Eric Beer 49:11
I want to hit on that because that was awesome. What you just said imperfect action, just do it. I think there's so many people that get in their own way. I do it myself all the time. And you're never going to be perfect three, four tenure in the Hall of Fame. Right? That means you are out seven out of 10 times. Just do it yeah, stop overthinking just do it even if it's not the best that it's ever going to be. That is what is part of the building process to get you the momentum for to get better. Otherwise you're never going to get there. So I think that's a really good point you made and guys, I really appreciate you guys coming on and dropping all this gold. If you're not signed up for this summit, do it. What is it high ticket?

Sean Malone 49:53
Highticketsellerssummit.com, we'll have a link in the notes.

Eric Beer 49:58
Yeah, we'll put a link below. Highticketsellerssummit.com. Go check it out these, two geniuses plus a bunch of other people are going to be there. I can't imagine I'll be there for sure. So I'm looking forward to it. And...

Sean Malone 50:11
Eric, you're gonna be speaking on the next ones. Get ready, brother!

Eric Beer 50:15
Oh, shucks. All right, cool. All right, guys. Well, if that's it, you guys rock. Say hello to Melissa, and I'll talk to you guys soon.

Sean Malone 50:23
Thank you so much!

Chris Baden 50:24
Thanks Eric!

Eric Beer 50:25
Well, there you have it, Performance Marketers. That was Chris Baden, aka, American Ninja, and Sean Malone, the long-distance golf driver champion, dropping gold on how to sell high ticket, giving you the four stages of learning, letting you know how to build a list when you're starting over without spending $1 on advertising. And these guys were nice enough to give us a link that you guys can click to attend their High Ticket Virtual Summit. So if that's of interest to you, click below sign up. And there's no doubt in my mind that you're going to get a tremendous amount of value out of what they're bringing to the table. And the speakers that they've put together here are going to just rock the world. So check it out. And don't forget to subscribe to the podcast, performancemarketerpodcast.com, or on iTunes or Spotify. Go check us out at our YouTube channel. This episode and other episodes are always on our YouTube channel. It's the Eric Beer, YouTube channel. If you want to get on our VIP waitlist, go to surveydetective.io, where you'll have the ability to be in the know on all of the news that's coming out and all of the free value that we're pushing out to show people we really do get it and we know what we're talking about. We're going to earn your trust. We're going to earn it in a way where we serve you and give you knowledge and help you and in return, you're going to want to hang out with us because you know that we can help you. So go check it out surveydetective.io. And if you want to join our free Facebook group go check that out at Performance Marketer Nation, sign up, answer a few questions, and you will then be part of that community. So until then, be well stay safe, and peace out. Would you like to learn how I built my business using other people's money? If so, go join my 21-day challenge at performancemarketerssecrets.com. I look forward to meeting you and welcome you and try. And remember, results don't lie but the people who don't have any tier. Thanks for listening.