Get in the Mind of Your Customer
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Get in the Mind of Your Customer

Hey guys, what’s up?

I had a really good conversation with one of the guys on my team about creating email sequences. I wanted to touch on the importance of really understanding your customer and meeting them where they’re at in your content. When you send an email, let’s say, you don’t just tell someone what to do (I hope!). That would probably piss some people off and get them to unsubscribe pretty quick.

No, you have a conversation with them. You educate them. You get into the mind of your customer so that you can inspire them to think a certain way and help them make a decision (take a specific action) that will bring them closer to their desires and of course, solve a problem they’re having. 

My wife and I joke about this because it’s the same in relationships. For the most part, people don’t like to be told what to do, period. But I see it all the time in marriages. Example: the wife has learned to communicate with her husband in such a way that he ends up making a decision that he thinks is all his own. How does this happen? Because she’s effectively met him where he is in his decision process, already knowing his desired outcome. 

Sound familiar. Hahaha. 

When it comes to business, it’s no different. 

I don’t think that people understand how important that is. Once you master that in business, you will see your numbers grow over and over and over again, as long as you’re providing the value you’re promising.

So let me give you another example. My team and I were running promotions for the One Funnel Away Challenge, which was set to end on Sunday at 12 o’clock to start on Monday. Our goal was to get people to sign up for either our lead magnet or one of our bridge pages. We were offering ridiculous bonuses that we’re giving away to people when they sign up using our affiliate link for OFA. 

I was giving away almost $30,000 worth of bonuses for people to sign up for a $100 challenge, which sounds insane, but it’s a strategy (and it works). The value people will get out of OFA alone is unbelievable. In addition to what you get in OFA, my bonuses included my coaching, a free tee shirt, free access to software and a bunch of other things. 

I was giving away things I knew my particular customer would want. I know this because I have asked using social media, and other online campaigns. 

When you’re sending out emails, write a story. Explain to your audience why the (insert offer you’re promoting) is so amazing and (what they will get). Give them some examples of success. Get them excited! And get them to start thinking about how your offer relates to them. When there’s a deadline to sign up and they realize all the VALUE they’ll be missing if they don’t take action, it’s more likely you’ll trigger an emotional response. People BUY on emotion, not logic (our analytical mind comes second to our emotional mind). 

They’ve gotta really understand the VALUE. Price is only an issue when value isn’t clear. Read that again.

Understanding why they aren’t buying is just as important as understanding why they are buying. Is it time? Is it money? Is it confusion? 


You can only do that if you get into their mind and where they are right now and give them what they want. Once you’ve squashed all their objections, you will notice their confidence boosting and they begin to believe that the thing you’re offering can solve their problems and bring them closer to their desires. 

Everybody wants that!

But nobody wants to be told what to do, so you’ve gotta let them make that decision on their own. And once you’ve communicated clearly, touching on their pain points and how you have the solution, the conversion becomes simple – a no-brainer!

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Comment below with your questions. I’m here to help.

Chat soon.