Creating Content for Your Email Sequence
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Creating Content for Your Email Sequence

In another post, I talked about the bridge page. You know, where you capture their email address and send them over to the affiliate offer with a goal of them signing up so you make a commission.

Whether they sign-up for the offer of not, you’ve captured data and that is key!!

So now it’s time to create an email sequence.

Make sure you watch the video I created for my story about a movie I watched that inspired this topic!

A really simple way to get started is to take content from your own life that’s relevant to your audience. An example could be something like, my audience wants to learn how to make money online so I take them through my journey – beginning to now – with where I started, my mistakes, failures, successes and what I’ve learned. I provide value by teaching them (or you, in this case) what works, to eliminate time wasted on trying to figure it all out.

This content comes from creating your ORIGIN story (then to now and everything relevant in-between) and pulling out your epiphany moments (the aha’s that transformed your business/life) to use them as teaching points for your audience.

When telling stories, you want to be sure you are hitting on the internal and external beliefs of your audience and debunking those limiting beliefs to show them what’s possible, and “here’s how”.

There are a lot of different sequences that can be created, but in the case of building a relationship, using the Seinfeld sequence is great for sharing real-life content. It’s a conversation.

Think about the show, Seinfeld. The show itself didn’t really have a point, right? But it made you laugh and invited you into the lives of the characters.

Your Seinfeld sequence is like that. You are taking parts of your story and sharing them with your audience to invite them into your life so they begin to know you, trust you, and hopefully, like you so when you have offers to promote, they buy from you.

I go into detail in this video, so give it a watch.

Bottom line: take the reader on a journey from where they are now, to where they want to go using your own life or experiences of others to instill hope and possibility. Then add value with your offers to give them the tools they need to support their desires and get them to the finish line faster, with less frustration.

There are nurture sequences to build relationships (similar to what’s often referred to as Soap Opera Sequences); there are sequences specifically driven to make a sale (conversion sequences); engagement sequences (like, Seinfeld); onboarding (once a customer buys); abandoned cart… renewal… event… follow-up…

Yes, there are a lot of options, all of which serve a specific purpose. Depending on where your audience is in their journey with you will determine which sequence they’re segmented into.

Again, make sure you watch this video for a specific 5-part sequence example that outlines all the details fully to convert people with your offer, and how to communicate with them along their journey.

The end goal of any sequence is to build and nurture a relationship. When you open yourself to being vulnerable in sharing your own journey, you humanize yourself which makes you relatable. Your audience is likely not where you are (yet) so sometimes it can be intimidating to here about all the success. It’s important to talk about the journey, because we’ve all failed and we’ve all had to learn certain things the hard way. That’s part of it!

Celebrate this by sharing the ups and downs with your audience using email as a tool for consistent, effective touch-points that leave your audience feeling inspired to keep moving forward.

If you want to chat more about this, let’s connect with a free discovery session and see if we’re a fit to work together.

Chat soon.