A Great Hack for Discovering FREE Secrets to Success (2021 NFL Hall of Fame Speeches Breakdown)
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A Great Hack for Discovering FREE Secrets to Success (2021 NFL Hall of Fame Speeches Breakdown)

A Great Hack for Discovering FREE Secrets to Success (2021 NFL Hall of Fame Speeches Breakdown) with Eric Beer

A Great Hack for Discovering FREE Secrets to Success (2021 NFL Hall of Fame Speeches Breakdown)

My favorite way to start my week is to get a strong dose of motivation. How do I do it? It’s simple… 

I watch greatness!

Coaching is a great way to fast-track your success. Still, I often hear people saying they just don’t have money for it.

And I get that… Even though it’s a great investment, I understand it can be tough to set aside $5k or $25 for it. But in that case – just do what I do on Monday mornings!

So what do I mean by watching greatness? Modeling your success doesn’t end with companies. There’s plenty of people out there who’ve already done what you’re looking to achieve.

If you listen carefully to what they say, you’ll discover some of the biggest secrets of success – free of charge!

I find myself drawn to athletes and listening to their stories. Recently I watched the 2021 Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Some of the best NFL players of all time gave inspiring speeches, and I was so moved by their words I decided to dedicate this week’s show to it!

In this episode, I’m going to be breaking down their amazing quotes about success, overcoming adversity, self-respect, legacy, and many other precious lessons.

I hope their words inspire you as much as they’ve inspired me.


Calvin Johnson on Excellence and Dealing With Adversity


Calvin Johnson is one of the greatest wide receivers ever to play football. This year he was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame, and rightfully so.

There were two huge themes in his speech that I wanted to point out.

The first one is overcoming adversity and dealing with pain.

“My journey through the pain began to reshape my view of the world. It gave me more empathy and understanding for those who suffer and deal with pain on a daily basis.” – Calvin Johnson

Pain is a part of life, and learning to deal with it is essential to success. How we respond to it shapes us as people, and with the right approach, it can lead us to become better and more resilient.

Calvin used this opportunity to empathize with those who are hurting and offer a few words of encouragement. This was also a powerful setup for the second part of his speech: his views on achieving excellence.

“Excellence alone doesn’t come from wishful thinking or God-given ability, but one’s availability to channel those wishful thoughts into action to achieve a desired outcome.” – Calvin Johnson

Now that’s just beautiful! A great line inspiring people to take action…

His quote about excellence carries a wonderful sentiment, but it can also be taken as a warning to prevent people from wasting their potential.

Our predispositions and talents are just one small part of becoming successful. The other, much more important bit is taking action and putting in the work.


Jimmy Johnson on Focusing on QTL (Quality Time Left)


Listening to Jimmy Johnson was particularly interesting to me because of his age. A renowned coach with years of experience is currently 78 years old, and I was itching to hear what keeps him motivated and going.

His speech was centered around the concept of QTL or Quality Time Left.

“The people that you love, like my family right over there… Appreciate those people! Because there will come a day you’re not going to be able to appreciate them because you’re not going to be around.” – Jimmy Johnson

Striving for greatness is something we all admire. And we frequently dive deep into our careers in search of it. 

But is greatness ALL that matters? Hardly…

Coach Johnson is speaking to us from a point in life we’re all heading towards. And in all his wisdom and greatness, he urges us not to throw away the quality time we have left.


Peyton Manning on Legacy


There are lots of athletes whose backstories are fueled by overcoming adversity. Logically, when they look back on their career, those are the moments they attribute to their success.

Peyton Manning had a different trajectory. Even though he met hardships in his career, adversity wasn’t the main component of his journey.

I also think that made his speech unique because it was more aimed at the future and not the past. He spoke about greatness as a responsibility and broke down the concept of legacy in a way that made my jaw drop!

“A legacy is only worthwhile when there is a future to fuel.” – Peyton Manning

The great things you achieve need to serve those who come after. If that’s not the case, your legacy will be empty and wither away quickly.



I hope you take these lessons to heart and build a legacy that fuels the future!

I broke down more powerful quotes from other speeches in the full episode, so be sure to check it out here!

Thanks for joining us for this week’s episode.

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See you next week!


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Read Full Transcript

You don't have to be the best ever. You got to be the best you. The best you. Right? And this stuff just like... Just motivates the hell out of me.

I spent the last 17 years building my eight-figure performance business without using any of my own money, working with some of the most brilliant direct response marketers in the world today. Now I'm looking for entrepreneurs to join my affiliate army built on ethics, transparency, and good old hard work. Join me to change the perception of how people view the greatest business in the world, affiliate marketing, and follow along, as I learn, apply, and share performance marketing strategies, working with some of the brightest people on the planet. My name is Eric Beer, and welcome to the Performance Marketer Podcast.

What's up guys? Eric here, and... Summer, man! I hope everybody's having fun out there. It's been beautiful. Spending so much time with my family, loving it, hope you guys are doing the same and taking this in and enjoying every moment of your life. You know, one of the things that I wanted to talk about today was I talk to people all the time who want to be coached or they want to get out of whatever job they're in, and they're upset, and they want to do something about it. But they say they can't afford coaching. They say they can't afford to go and pay for that guy's $5,000 program $25,000 program, what have you. I get it, I totally get it. However, there's so much free information out in the world. If you just open your eyes and look, pay attention... I mean, there's things you can pick up that can help you. For mem it's just... It's Monday morning, right? So August 9th, I don't know when this is going to publish, but it's Monday morning. And one of the things I love to do on Monday mornings to get my week going is to go and watch greatness. What does that mean? Go and watch greatness? Well, the same way we talked about going out and modeling people's businesses. And we talked about going out and modeling people's funnels or going out in what we call, you know, funnel hacking, right? That's what a lot of people are familiar with. There's greatness out in the world, there's people that have been through it all, and delivered greatness. And if you go online, there's so much content out there to just listen here interviews of them talking about their experiences, when they got started where they are today. And something that took place over the weekend, which is yesterday was the Pro Football Hall of Fame induction, whether you like sports or not, doesn't really matter. These are the people that excelled at their football game, right? Like, their job, even those people don't look at it, like it's a job was a job, right? Like they got paid for it. And they were the ones that got chosen to be the best of all time. Right? So yesterday was a day where they all got inducted on a stage, people come. There's a huge crowd, family friends, and each one gets their moment to shine, and gets called up, they get this gold jacket, a statue, a commemorative statue that goes into the Hall of Fame. I think it's in Canton, Ohio. And then they give a speech. And what I find so interesting, is just listening to these guys speak about one, how they got there to what their mindset was and who they are. And it always reminds me that they're just there people makes me think about like, oh, the time when you're like you're sitting on a field and you're just practicing, and you're thinking like, this is gonna go nowhere. And you keep practicing. And all of a sudden, like, you don't believe it's gonna pay off. But it does down the road. And then you think back and you're like, Wow, man, all that hard work crazy. Crazy, right? So that's what these guys are doing. They're starting to look at at their lives, look at what they have accomplished in their lives, what they can do to help other people, right. And I just find it really fascinating that each of these guys have different perspectives. And what I want to do is, I kind of want to just I jotted down some of the quotes that these guys had during the whole theme and I kind of want to just shine a light on what they're thinking about and just show you that they're, they're the same right you can listen to this. This is this is motivational. It's inspiring to listen to the greatest of all time now. Doesn't mean football. Right? You can take this into any context you want, right? It could be for your business could be for your life, your family, right, but I just want to read out a few And kind of just make you guys think about a little bit because, you know, some of these things hit home on me. And it's just all of the things they say they all funnel back to the same thing. belief, believing yourself. Right? Some people are talking about what they can do afterward from what they've achieved. Right? So that's making impacts on people's lives, other people's lives, right? But so I just want to go over it a little bit and just kind of, you know, read them out to you guys. You guys can check it out. And maybe this can help you a little bit. Because these are people that were the best at what they did. And they're giving you advice. How do you not listen to that? How do you not listen to that? Hey, you know what, listen, I'm Michael Jordan, talk. How do you not want to listen to somebody? That's great. How do you not want to send someone who became the president knighted states of like, where was their mindset? How did they get there? When they were 12 years old? What were they thinking? When they were 22 years old? Right? Wherever you are in your life, right now, it's good to put things in perspective. Because all the things you're feeling, we all feel the same way at some point in time, some more than others in different ways. But there are people out there that are exactly like you that have had the exact same journeys. And then what happens is there's a fork in the road in your life, you either go this way or that way, success, failure, happy set, right? And the more you can learn, and gain knowledge on how to attain what you want, these are going to be so for me, these are the things I like to do. Okay, so Charles Woodson, he got inducted, he says, be unique, innovative, learn from discipline, own undeniable respect, love everyone, give everything, never doubt and build your legend. Okay, one of the greatest defensive players of all time, he's telling you that you need to have respect for yourself. He's telling you give everything you got. And never doubt yourself. That's a lot easier said than done. Right? Never doubt yourself. I mean, come on, we all at some point in time it creeps in. Right. But the whole point is, don't listen to it, just keep giving it right. But the whole point of that part of his speech that he's talking to you guys on is telling guys you got to believe. And after you achieve what you set out to do, as you build your legend, you're going to make an impact and others. So that was all around belief in impact. Jimmie Johnson was a coach. He coached the Cowboys. Bunch of I think Miami Dolphins, and he said something that was really interesting to me. He's 78 years old. Okay, so very different. Right? I'm, I'm 45. So when I hear something like that, I'm like, Okay, I gotta listen to this, because I'm curious. Where were his mindsets? Like, how does he stay motivated? It's 78 years old, right? Who knows? How long is left? Right? I hate to think like that. But it is. It's true, right as you get older. So it's, he says something in his speech where it says Don't forget about que te l like what, what's que te L. And he says, He calls it quality time left, seven, eight years old, and all his mindsets around his quality time left, appreciate the people you love. Because a day will come when you won't be around to do it. That's a guy in his mindset. Right now. It's 78. And his whole concept is around taking in every moment, every single moment that he has left. And he wants to show and appreciate to his friends and family. He loves that. It's there, that he loves them. He wants to hug them. Right? We missed that boat. Right? We don't know when our last day is, right. We're all younger, likely everybody listening to this is younger than that. But there's something to be said about that. There's something to be said about just taking away the cue to write just appreciating things, appreciating your family. You know, we're all striving for greatness. We're all striving to succeed and make money and make an impact and do all these great things in our work life. Right? But, you know, stop and smell the roses a little bit and enjoy the journey. Hug your kids, talk to your kids make some time, right? We all fall victim to that. Calvin Johnson. Calvin Johnson was one of the greatest wide receivers of all time played for the Detroit Lions. He said two things that were really interesting to me. One thing he said, was talking about going through a struggle, going through some pain. And he says my journey through pain made me reshape my view of the world. It gave me more empathy for people who suffer and deal with pain on a daily basis. And it also makes him focus on making a change on the issues. So he then he says, I have a message for all you going through this pain, said I want to speak to you for a moment. And he says, I want you to know I see you You do matter and you never stop fighting. Do your best and never given to the pain was pretty deep, right? That's talking about like, something that happened him in his life where he had to overcome some pain, some, some struggles in his life to get to where he is today. And what's great about that, is in that respect, he's thinking about, how can I pay this forward? How can I make an impact and others because he knows what it feels like to have that pain? Some people may look, and I'm like, you're one of the greatest wireless ears of all time, you don't know anything about pain? Well, that's not true. He definitely knows something about pain. He's speaking about it right here. We don't know what it is. But we all go through some sort of pain. And there's some be taken away from that. Right? We all feel it. And he's telling you, he sees you, right? It's okay, that you, you can do this, keep going, don't give up. And I love that. I love that about him. And here's the great part. Here's he says something really cool. And this is all around him becoming the greatest, where he says, excellence alone doesn't come from wishful thinking, or God-given ability, but one's availability to channel those wishful thoughts into action to achieve a desired outcome. I mean, that's amazing, right? I mean, what do you take away from that? believing yourself and taking action? I mean, he's pretty much saying, Yeah, you could be born with some talent, but you need to do a lot more. To become successful. To achieve excellence. To achieve greatness. You need to channel that you need to channel what you want, what is your, what is your dreams? What do you want to accomplish? Whatever it is you want to accomplish, you need to put into action. If you never take action, it's not happening. And you could be the greatest, you could have the God-given ability, the best skill sets in the world, you could be just the best at it. But if you don't take action, it can happen. That's what they call wasted talent. And he saying you got to believe in yourself. And you got to do it. Do it now take action. How do you take away from that? Well, where are you in your life? What do you want? Are you happy with everything you have? Because if you are, that's awesome. If you are, then let's go and help others and make an impact. But if you're not, let's start believing ourselves and start taking some action. It's amazing. Isaac, Bruce, this was this was good. I think people can relate to this. He's giving his acceptance speech. He was a wide receiver on the Rams. And he says to the nameless voice, so he doesn't want to name the person, right? To the nameless voice who called me two weeks before the draft in 1994. I think he said, and he said, The Scout or whomever it was that the NFL doesn't like you. They're not looking into you. They like other players such as XYZ. I don't remember which players he mentioned. And then he finishes with. I know you're still alive. And I know you're listening today. I pray God, that they keep you alive for this day. And he says my message to you like the rap legend Kool Moe Dee wants me to ask you how you like me now, Sam? I mean, talk about like, how many years was he waiting to say that? Someone said something to him 30 years ago that he remembers, and it hurt him inside? It hurt him. Someone called him up and said you're not getting drafted. You're not gonna make the NFL two weeks before the NFL. I mean, talk about vulnerability when you're trying to make it to the, to the big leagues of any sport. I know it. I know it as well as anybody. Right? I wanted to do that for baseball. I know that feeling. I don't care how good you are. You still you have those insecurities. And then you have somebody telling you you can't do it. They don't believe that you can do it. And now he's in the Hall of Fame, one of the greatest of all time, right? And in his acceptance speech, he's bringing up somebody that didn't believe in him. They tried to bring him down. How do you like me now? Bam, I'm sure there's a lot of people out in the world guys, for you, that are trying to bring you down. People are gonna say negative things to people are not going to believe in you. turn that around as motivation. Let that motivate you to do better. Don't let people dictate your future, or what you can achieve. The only one who could do that is you. He's telling you that I'm telling you that listen to people. This is I mean, this is the kind of stuff you pay for five grand 25 grand for coaching. This is exactly the kind of stuff that people would be coaching you on and motivating you on and you could have turned on the tube on Sunday and watch the Hall of Fame and He, and listen to these guys the greatest of all time at what they did, telling you where they're at, for him, right? And in that respect is all around belief. So don't listen. Anybody else, listen to yourself. You're the one who can do it. And then when you get there, turn it into motivation and tell him, how do you like me now? Boom, Kool Moe Dee. I thought that was pretty cool. And I really, I just laugh because I think every person, if they really think back at it probably has somebody that has tried to shoot you down at some point in time in life, you know, and if you haven't been able to attain the success you wanted, they almost like, eat you because you feel like they were right. But they're not. It's not over. Still not over right now. You start right now. turn that into motivation to make it happen. You can do it if you want it. I will. Calvin Johnson said, you got to put it into action, do it? And then send them a song. How do you like me now. So that was cool. JOHN Lynch, he, he was a defensive guy on the Tampa Bay Bucs. I think he's now in management running some team in Denver. It was a tough dude. Tough dude. And he says this, it wasn't a huge guy, he was an average guy, but worked his butt off. As my journey illustrates, one person can make a difference. I encourage each and every one of you to be that person, provide someone else the belief that they can be great. Hmm. It's pretty powerful her a wonder, like, at some point in time to john Lynch, not believing himself. And there was somebody that helped him believe somebody that supported him, told him he could do anything. I know I had that in my life. I know, my mom used to make me think I could do anything I put my mind to. And I believe it, right. And if I believe it, and it's true, nobody else can talk me out of it. And having confidence to go into something before it starts so powerful to be able to go in and believe you can do it. If you go in beforehand, and you don't need to do it might have lost before it even started. Right? You use your phone when they talk about like, probably not going to make that happen. I'm not really sure if that's gonna work out or I can't hit that ball. Right? I can't make that shot. It's over before it starts, man. And john Lynch is telling you man, like if you've done it, if you've been somebody that has been able to achieve greatness, pay that forward, provide someone else, that same belief that they can be great, because he was just a regular dude, who's now being inducted into a Hall of Fame. And that's really awesome, man. I love that. And I could tell that he's the kind of guy that's doing that day in and day out. He's definitely making impact on people's lives. But what's cool is as you as you listen to all of these things, there's really, there's a few things right? We there's they are talking about how you have to believe in yourself to work hard and take action. And that's during the time of when they were actually doing whatever they were doing. Great. Okay. But then they're getting to a point where they've achieved success. And then they start to talk about what can you do to make an impact and others those that's the theme that I saw from all these guys. I was, I was listening to Edgerrin James. Funny, dude. Yeah, I mean, he's running back for the Colts, he got into trouble with the law. You're in there. He came in, he had gold teeth, pretty funny. And he says, I represent us on inmate number 336, he opens up the jacket in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Right? jail, people have a great number about Bubba. So he's kind of joking around about that any. And he says something like, you know, I came into this league with gold teeth, and I'm exiting with a gold jacket. And the gold jacket is what you get for being in the whole thing. You know, it's just, it's just a message to people out there that don't think that they can do it. People that have gotten into trouble. You know, maybe, maybe they're not the smoothest childhood. And then you see all these people that have such talent, but they kind of just go in a different direction. And they fall off the railroad tracks, I start to get into some trouble. He's proof you can get back on those tracks. Right? No matter what happened, you can get back on the tracks. And you don't got to make the Hall of Fame. You don't have to be the best ever. You got to be the best you right and this stuff, just like I mean, it just goes on and on man just motivates the hell out of me. I mean, when you're struggling, you're down, go. Go to YouTube and type in somebody's crate and go find a video of them talking about how they got there. What they do to get there. It's I mean, there's so much out there. I mean, if you want to do it in your own, your own industry have somebody that is a model of yours yet, do it. But it's all out there. I mean, Peyton Manning was also inducted. Now. Pay Manning was quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts later he got injured and went on to go win a Super Bowl with Denver Broncos. So you want to both the Colts and the Broncos, but he was a poster child number one pick. He was always like, I just whole life growing up. He just I don't say has it easier. But uh, you know, he was destined for the NFL when he was four years old. His father was an NFL quarterback. He has like, I think three or four brothers. Now Eli Manning, obviously, I'm a giant fan. So Eli baby love Eli best brought so much happiness. You know, for he may not have been the best quarterback of all time, Eli. But there were moments where, when pressure when the game was on the line, you wanted nobody else holding that football, other than Eli Manning, you knew he was going to come through just something special about him. Someone that steps up, when you need him. You live in love them. I love that we can go into that other time. But so Peyton Peyton was interesting, right? He talks so much about all of the belief and, and all the hard work to get to where he needed to be. And I think it's probably because of what I just said, right? Like his father's NFL quarterback. And he was playing football at a young age. And he excelled just so rapidly. It just came easy to him and he was the best. Everybody knew about it. It was normal to pick, right? He was best in the nation is best in the nation in high school and college comes out. And he's the best thing in the NFL. So everywhere he's going, he's succeeding, he's the best. So it's not surprising that when he's talking about stuff, he's talking about the future, he's talking about making an impact, changing people's lives. So he says something like this, when we leave this stage tonight, it's no longer about us. It's about cultivating the game that has given so much to us. Right now he's talking about like, All right, we've we're all here and it changed our lives, football. So we need to get back big, take that with anything, something that has helped you, you now you almost have the responsibility to go back and, and help it and make sure that other people have that same opportunity that you did, because you know what it can do for you, you know what it can do for that person. And that's powerful. He says, The future is ours to shape. We just need to take tomorrow on our shoulders as readily as we done our pads before each game. So he's saying that all the guys on stage, right, all these guys that are great, you know, you've accomplished something amazing. Now it's time to make an impact, and move forward, and help others. And he finishes with finishes, he said a ton of things. I mean, he paid a tribute to his father. He says a legacy is only worthwhile. When there is a future to fuel. It's pretty awesome. The whole point of a legacy is to help others to guide and create a path for others to create belief for others. Sure, there's status involved with that, right? There's people that have goals, and, you know, reasons, why you want to create a legacy, is because you want to be remembered for and want to live on forever. That's pretty powerful. But the result of that is that you're going to help somebody else, you're going to help somebody else with your story with what you do. Because you have the power, the belief, you have the strength to know that it is possible. And if you do that for one person, if you can get one person to believe in themselves because of what you did. It means something, right, john Lynch is saying it means something, you change one person's life, it means something, right? So, I mean, I feel like a lot of us, we just kind of like we're gliding through life. And we forget about all this stuff. And these are the reminders we need. Right? There's moments in your life, wherever you are in your life, whether you're the person that's needing to believe in yourself, needing to take action, put a plan together and take action to be great. Or you've already achieved greatness, you need to hear that you need to be reminded of that. And today, I'm reminding you, so come on. If you've done something amazing, make other people believe put yourself out there, pay it forward, give back. If it's you, who needs to believe in yourself, well then do it. It's it's easy to say it but do it now. Don't mean just like, Alright, commit yourself to believe. Do it. Make yourself believe how do you do that? Well, get to work. Knowledge, work hard, right? Calvin Johnson said that. Excellence isn't just God-given ability. It's you got to put the time in and you got to work hard to achieve the wishful outcome that you want. You can do it. You just got to you got to go after it. You know, so, I mean, I don't know for me, I love that stuff. I mean, it motivates the hell out of me. I create motivation myself. Personally, there are times where I have to figure out how to get myself thinking, you know, and getting myself motivated to create some greatness to get myself working hard to motivate me. Right? You got to learn what, what motivates you. I was watching the last dance with Michael Jordan. And there were one of the episodes was Michael Jordan was playing against the I forget what the guy's name was someone on Washington, Washington Wizards and Michael had a bad game. And this one guy played well. I think he scored 37 points on Michael. Michael looks pretty embarrassed. And Michael Jordan, after the game says that he came over to him, he put his arm around him and just said, nice game, Mike. Nice game. As we said to reporters after that game, it just so happened that the next night, his balls played Washington again. And he said, Okay, okay, you wait and see. Next game, we'll see. So he played a crap. He, in his own mind, embarrassed himself. And this guy killed it. He's not better than Michael Jordan, because he had one good game. But Michael Jordan, the greatest player in the world used this nice game, Mike, as motivation for himself in his mind to come out the next game and destroy him. Man, he ended up scoring 36 points in the first half. The guy scored 37, the day before he scored 36 points in the first half. He ended up embarrassing this guy in front of like 20-30,000 people just embarrassed the hell out of him. Crushed him, showed him, "I am Michael Jordan!" "I am the greatest basketball player of all time!" And killed it. And the kicker to this whole thing was someone asked him years later, "Did that guy really come and put his arm around you and say good game, Mike? And Mike goes, "Nah, I made that up." I mean, really, he made it up! All these reporters thought that that happened. And he did that to motivate himself. He never showed him up. He never went over. And was like, "Good game, Mike!" like, you know, rubbing it in. Mike made the whole thing up! And he didn't admit that to like, years, years later. The point is, is like Michael Jordan, the greatest of all time, he used that to motivate himself. So whatever it is you guys need to do, to get yourself to perform, to go after it - trick yourself! Okay, we are all different, right? We don't all act the same way. So whatever that is, do it, do it. But I wanted to show that to you guys. You know, I thought that was really cool, it helped me, it always helps me when I see that stuff. And, you know, wanted to come on today and just kind of, you know, make sure those messages were heard. Because this is coming from some of the greatest people in the whole world of creating just life for themselves, and achieving success for themselves. That is undeniably awesome. It's time for you guys to do that exact same thing for you to do it. For me to do it. We all need to do it. So that's my message for today. Hope this was helpful. If you liked it, subscribe. If you think somebody wants to hear this, pass it along. Forward this message, somebody that you think needs to hear this. It's always helpful. Comment, if you have any questions. If you believe that this is real, yeah. If you disagree, tell me why. You know, give me some comments. Let's start to engage. If you want to text me now 917-636-1998. Lots of ways for you to get in touch. So with that said, appreciate your time. Appreciate your listening. Appreciate you being here. I appreciate you. Be blessed. Have a good. Bye-bye.

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